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Gumtree Conmen and Rip Off Artists Scam Customers On Internet Site, Name & Shame.


Conmen on Gumtree.

Gumtree is a fantastic site enabling many people to purchase many pre-used goods at a reasonable price.

As internet fraud grows on a weekly basis, Gumtree customers are increasingly finding themselves being duped into many different types of fraud.

Conmen or scammers, will use any means at their disposal to scam and relieve anyone of their money, no matter who it is. Being ripped off is a common occurrence.

The Housing Con

Adverts state that a person has a flat or house to rent. The rent usually appears to be quite good for the area that it is situated in.

On calling the 'landlord', prospective tenants are left slightly bemused.

The 'landlord' indicates that he is working in another part of the country. He says that he has already traveled back several times to show off the flat or house to prospective tenants. But all the clients were time wasters.


This is when he or she will ask the Gumtree customer to give him the train fare back, which will be refunded when he sees' you.

The train fare is never refunded because you never see them.

The accounts are usually traced back to email addresses only, with no hope of tracing the perpetrator. Gumtree have tried to find them on many occasions, but have failed.

Even whilst on the phone, the supposed landlord does not even know the area where his supposed house or flat is.

Ask him or her a question about the area and they begin to falter and make excuses.

These scam people are called the 419's, which is the Nigerian Penal code for Fraud.

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Left Counting The Cost

Left Counting The Cost

Electrical Goods Conmen


The second hand business scam.

This is a big one. When purchasing second hand or used electrical goods on Gumtree, you are literally taking a gamble.

Purchasing an item from a private person is taking a chance. You can never tell how much life is left in the machine. But then why are they getting rid of it?

Buying from a business which sells used electrical goods and promises a full year warranty may make a person think that they are in good hands. WRONG!!

Not all secondhand companies are upright and honest.

In Manchester, England, Gary from Radcliffe buys and sells major appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, ovens etc.

The customer is promised a 12 month guarantee for any electrical goods purchased from their premises. The price includes free delivery and even fitting.

Once the machine is fitted, it usually works for a short period of time before problems arise.

Call him and he promises to come over and fix or replace it. Then he does not show up. He ignores your number.

Call from a different number and he makes excuses and ignores that phone number as well.

Many of his machines are thought to of been 'donated' through sites like 'Freecycle'. He simply collects them free and sells them for a hefty profit.

Now You See It, No You Won't

Now You See It, No You Won't

Buying It New- Deposit First Please

In August 2011, a Gumtree Conman was sentenced to prison for fraud.

He allegedly took deposits from trusting customers, and then just never showed up. According to other reports, he sometimes took the whole amount for anything purchased, and still did not deliver the goods.

Paying via credit or debit card does not protect a customer from purchasing faulty goods. It may give customers a receipt, but getting any money back may be a problem.

Some businesses are set up deliberately to defraud. Ridiculously low prices are advertised and after a few weeks or months, the company simply vanishes.

GOODS FIRST, MONEY SECOND. A general rule to follow.


Have your say on your experience with Gumtree in the comments box below.

Say who, why, and where you got ripped off by a conman on Gum tree.

You may save someone else losing their money.


Fraudster on July 19, 2014:

Got ripped off by a mattress guy saying that the mattress is ex-display and hardly used only to find out that the mattress is smelly, fake labelled and has broken springs. Its like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Only the exterior is new and every other mattress he sells has the same fabric but different badges.

billericky (author) from Plymouth on April 19, 2013:

PLEASE NOTE: The advert on Freecycle for Bolton, England for a free dishwasher is a con. An illiterate person from another country is pretending to be a Helen James. They cannot spell, have no sentence structure, and want a delivery fee via a courier. This ignorant person has the intelligence of a diseased gnat and requires a lobotomy or another brain cell for Christmas to keep their other brain cell company.

mandy and scott thomas on March 12, 2013:

Paid 400 pound for carpet and fitting carpet got more waves than the north seas my 6 year old daughter could of done better with a knife and folk its carpet and beds in cwmbran next to aldi,s don't get your carpet fitted from there it the new meaning to cow boys

beds and on March 12, 2013:

Beds and carpet next to in cwm

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