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Grounded For Life: Trivia Challenge, Fun Facts and More for the Biggest Fans Only

John Bridges is a published author of history, and politics. His doctorate is in criminal justice. He's a fan of Grounded for Life

Grounded for Life


Grounded for Life is an American Situation Comedy following the lives of the Finnerty family. Sean and Claudia Finnerty are a young Irish Catholic couple living on Staten Island with their three children who go to the same catholic school they attended.

They are young parents, having had their oldest daughter while still in High School. They want the bet for their family but also struggle with enforcing rules since they can clearly remember doing the very same things as their children, just a few years past.

Sister Helen, a nun who works at the catholic school has strict rules for all students, but Claudia and Sean often feel their children are singled out due to their own past behaviors and interactions with Sister Helen. Much of the show revolves around conflict between the family and Sister Helen as well as Sean and Claudia still feeling as though they are students when they are in her presence but feeling obligated to act as parent protectors for their children.

Sean's brother Eddie and father Walt add an extra level of lunacy to the family as they offer conflicting versions of bad advice to the family.

Meet the Parents


Sean Finnerty is played by Donal Logue. Logue was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Irish missionary parents from County Kerry, Ireland. Much of his early education was in catholic schools.

Logue graduated from Harvard University as a History major, but his passions were in entertainment. He began his career as a road manager for several mid-level punk bands and as a stage manger for traveling acting companies. He got his first big break while auditioning for his first profession role in the movie Sneakers. He held his composure during the audition despite the presence of acting giants, Robert Redford and Ben Kingsley.

Logue has a long list of television and movie credits to his name. He also owns a Hardwood company and a trucking company in Oregon. he holds a Class A license which allows him to drive single, double and triple trailer trucks.

Logue was formerly in a long-term committed relationship with Kasey Walker. They have a son named Finn, and a daughter, Jade, who is transgender. In 2017, Jade had gone missing. Two weeks later, Jade found in North Carolina and was returned home safely with the help of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Megyn Price played Sean's wife and former high school sweetheart, Claudia Finnerty. Price was born in Seattle. She went to high school in Oklahoma before graduating from Stanford University with a degree in economics and communication. She worked for a year as an investment banker in San Francisco before deciding to pursue her passion of becoming a professional actor.

She began her career with small parts in Quantum Leap, Will and Grace and The Drew Carey Show. She has an extensive resume of movies and television shows to her credit.

Price was married to Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs. When they split, Price remarried a friend from high school, who is an emergency room doctor. The couple have one child together, a daughter named Grace.

In real-life Megyn Price is only 12 years older than her show-daughter Lynsey Bartilson.

Trivia Challenge Part One

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. The show was originally pitched under the name...
    • "Don't Get Me Started"
    • "Nowhere Near Communion"
    • "The Finnerty's"
    • "Troublesome Sister"
  2. In the pilot episode the Finnertys have...
    • A cadillac
    • A box of unopened report cards
    • A dog
    • 4 children
  3. What is Claudias Maiden Name?
    • Bartoni
    • Batalucci
    • Bustamante
    • Bernaducci
  4. What is Claudia's father's name?
    • Tony
    • Guido
    • Leonardo
    • Giovanni
  5. In the final episode, what did Claudia name the baby?
    • Rose
    • Hope
    • Faith
    • Grace
  6. What is Sean's Mother's name?
    • Catherine
    • Emma
    • Grace
    • Rose
  7. What is the name of the bar that Sean purchases?
    • Red Door
    • Red Boot
    • Red Brew
    • Red Harp

Answer Key

  1. "Don't Get Me Started"
  2. A dog
  3. Bustamante
  4. Tony
  5. Grace
  6. Catherine
  7. Red Boot

Meet Lily and Brad (The Sometimes Couple)


Lynsey Bartilson played the Finnerty's eldest child Lily. The character Lily is constantly trying to find way to be popular with her peers. She is smart, cunning and connotative; especially with Sister Helen. She often creates situations for herself that end up being overwhelming.

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Bartilson was born in a small town in Minnesota. She got her start in entertainment at the age of 7 hosting the television show, Kidsongs. At the age of 12, she earned a supporting role in the hit television show Married With Children. She has a lengthy resume with film, television and voice over credits.

Bartilson has been a member of the Church of Scientology since childhood, and is active in a number of Scientology-related organizations.

Her character, Lily has unusual relationship with Brad O'Keefe, her neighbor. Sometimes they are friends, some time enemies, sometimes frenamies, and in time end up as a romantic couple. Lily decides the nature of the relationship day to day, with Brad just catering to Lily's whims, although he has always had a crush on her.

Bret Harrison played the nerdy and lovable Brad O'Keefe. He was born in Portland, Oregon. Harrison appeared in five episodes of That '70s Show as Charlie Richardson, a character intended to be a replacement for departing cast member Topher Grace. He turned down the role in order to pursue a different series, The Loop, which was short lived.

Harrison has maintained a busy acting schedule, but still finds time to play drums in his indie band, Big Japan.

Trivia Challenge Part Two

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is Lily;s middle name?
    • Madonna
    • Cher
    • Mamacass
    • Katherine
  2. Originally Sean and Claudia planned to name Lily....
    • Michelle
    • Penny Lane
    • Eleanor
    • Yoko
  3. She was named Lily after...
    • The Flower
    • A Chinese Restaurant
    • Tiny Tim's wife
    • Run DMC's dead dog
  4. In what city was Lily born?
    • New York
    • Toronto
    • Philadelphia
    • Newark
  5. Lily was born in/at...
    • A taxi
    • A concert
    • A supermarket
    • A hospital
  6. Brad is President of which club?
    • Chess club
    • Math Club
    • Sciencenaut club
    • Debate club
  7. Brad's mother;s name is...
    • Connie
    • Joy
    • Katie
    • Catalina
  8. Brad's mother once had a fling with...
    • Eddie
    • Sean
    • Walt
    • The mailman
  9. When Sean catched Lily and Brad making out in the car, what does he do?
    • Throws a shoe at the car
    • Denches them with a hose
    • Throws chicken at the car
    • Tries to ground Brad
  10. What is Brad's fathers name?
    • Dan
    • Don
    • Tom
    • Tim

Answer Key

  1. Katherine
  2. Eleanor
  3. Run DMC's dead dog
  4. Philadelphia
  5. A concert
  6. Math Club
  7. Connie
  8. Eddie
  9. Throws chicken at the car
  10. Dan

Meet the Boys


The Finnerty's have two sons, Jimmy and Henry. The eldest son, Jimmy is played by Griffin Frazen. Jimmy is for the most part, the sensible part of the Finnerty family, and as such receives less attention than his more mischievous siblings. When Jimmy does act out, it is for attention and more often than not, he does not actually commit the actions he pretend to commit. For example, when he is suspended from school, his family thinks he has run away, but in reality he sneaks back into the school so his learning will not suffer. He also pretends to shoplift, but actually pays for the items he "stole".

Frazen has a few credits to his name both before and after Grounded for Life which included one time appearances on The Drew Carey Show and Son of the Beach. Frazen was born in Los Angeles. He graduated from New York University and Princeton University's Graduate School of Architecture.

While Frazen has mostly disappeared from acting in front of the camera, he has not left the entertainment business completely. Today he focuses his creative attention more on directing music videos.

Jake Burbage played the younger Finnerty son, Henry. Henry is more impulsive than Jimmy and is easily influenced, especially by his uncle and his grandfather. He is extremely impressionable and curious.

Burbage has a very limited on screen resume which began at the age of five with work in commercials. At age seven he had a voice over role on Dora the Explorer. Burbage continues to do semi-professional acting, mostly in stage productions and hopes to eventually return to acting as a profession.

Burbage did not appear in the final season of Grounded for Life. His family felt his grades were suffering and pulled him out of the show, returned to their home in New Jersey to focus on his education.

Unlike other shows that deal with the departure of a main character by providing a reason such as boarding school, or killing off the character in some freak accident, the writers of Grounded for Life took a very unique approach. They simply kept the character of Henry in the show, with family members occasionally mentioning him but of course never appearing on screen. In other words they simply acted as though he was still there. This approach would have allowed them to bring back Burbage to the show if his family had a change of heart. They didn't.

Trivia Challenge Part Three

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Why was Jimmy suspended?
    • Cheating on a test
    • Vandalizing Sister Helen's car
    • Didn't finish his homework because Sean took him to concert
    • Stealing the Baby Jesus from a manger scene
  2. Sean does not want to take the boys to see kids movie, what movie does he take them to see?
    • Die Hard
    • Scarface
    • Exorcist
    • Dusk to Dawn
  3. The microwave in the Finnerty Kitchen...
    • Is always unplugged
    • Is always flashing
    • Has 34 seconds of time left on the display.
    • Is always open
  4. Who is shot with Jimmy's B.B. gun?
    • Henry
    • Walt
    • Eddie
    • Sean
  5. At the fair, Henry's face is painted as what?
    • Zebra
    • Panda
    • Tiger
    • Snake
  6. At the fair, Jimmy;s face was painted as what?
    • Zebra
    • Panda
    • Tiger
    • Snake

Answer Key

  1. Didn't finish his homework because Sean took him to concert
  2. Exorcist
  3. Has 34 seconds of time left on the display.
  4. Walt
  5. Tiger
  6. Zebra

Meet Uncle Eddie and Grandpa


Eddie is Sean's younger brother played by Kevin Corrigan. He is carefree and often gets himself into trouble. He seems to have many "associates" and often comes up with ill-advised and sometimes illegal schemes. He frequently uses Sean and Claudia's house his antics, including hosting a casino night and filming a pornographic film. When he and Sean bought a local bar, he planned to burn it down for the insurance money. It is often implied that he is involved in illegal activity but still seems to be his father's favorite.

Kevin Corrigan was born in the Bronx and is married to actor Elizabeth Berridge (Amadeus, The John Larroquette Show). They have one daughter together. Berridge also played he character of Crazy Amy, a former girlfriend who is obsessed with Eddie, on Grounded for Life. Corrigan is of Irish and Puerto Rican descent. He plays both comedic and dramatic roles. Corrigan has an extensive resume with many television and film credits including Goodfellas, The Departed and Superbad. He also plays bass in the band Crystal Robots.

Sean and Eddies father is played by Richard Riehle. He's a widower and often comes to the house or the bar to see his kids and grandkids. He's very judgmental, of his own sons and is far from the ideal father. He lacks parental skills and resorted to scaring his children when they were young in order to guide their behavior.

Riehle was born in a small town in Wisconsin. He has a very extensive resume of dramatic and comedic roles in television as well as on screen. His credits include blockbusters such as Casino and Deuce Bigelow. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and then went on to complete an MFA at University of Minnesota.

Reihle was considered for the role of Cliff Clavin on Cheers.

Trivia Challenge Part Four

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What type of car does Eddie drive?
    • Yugo
    • Pacer
    • CommutaCar
    • Gremlin
  2. What is Crazy Amy's last name?
    • Pressley
    • Roth
    • Manson
    • Lennon
  3. Where does Walt work?
    • 52nd Street Subway Station
    • Statue of Liberty Gift Shop
    • The Dump
    • Staten Island Ferry Terminal
  4. Eddie's name is short for what?
    • Edward
    • Edgar
    • Edmond
    • Edwin
  5. Who once threw Eddie out of the house?
    • Sean
    • Claudia
    • Lily
    • Walt
  6. Who is Walt's favorite barber?
    • Tony
    • Tommy
    • Timmy
    • Teddy

Answer Key

  1. CommutaCar
  2. Roth
  3. The Dump
  4. Edwin
  5. Claudia
  6. Tony

Meet Sister Helen


Miriam Flynn plays the role of Sister Helen. She is a nun and the principal at Lily, Jimmy, and Henry's school. She was also at the school when Eddie, Sean and Claudia attended the school. She frequently tries to tell Sean and Claudia how to raise their kids, whom she is always berating at school, partially because of their own behaviors and partially because she remembers the even more disruptive behavior of the now adult members of the Finnerty family.

Flynn has an extensive resume of playing character parts and voice overs. She is best know for her roles in the movies Vacation, Christmas Vacation and Vegas Vacation.

She was born in Cleveland. She is married to actor and writer William Porter (Back to School, Avenging Angelo). The couple has two children.

Trivia Challenge Part Five

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What school does Sister Helen work at?
    • St. Ignatious'
    • St. Gustav's
    • St. Finnian's
    • St. Michael's
  2. The show was nominated for many awardsbut won ony one. Who won that award?
    • Miriam Flynn
    • Griffin Frazen
    • Kevin Corrigan
    • Megyn Price
  3. The show is set what part of New York?
    • Brooklyn
    • Bronx
    • Queens
    • Staten Island
  4. Who butcher cut Henry's hair prior to a school concert?
    • Eddie
    • Walt
    • Sean
    • Jimmy
  5. Henry didn't want to play soccer but Sean signed him up anyway. What did Henry want to do?
    • Tap Dance
    • Magic
    • Chess
    • Model U.N.
  6. Lily's fake ID has what name on it?
    • Claudia Finnerty
    • Mary Poppins
    • Ulyses S. Grant
    • Lilian Winterhaven

Answer Key

  1. St. Finnian's
  2. Griffin Frazen
  3. Staten Island
  4. Sean
  5. Tap Dance
  6. Lilian Winterhaven

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