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Grind `em All (Part II)

Teo Marcelo is art geek from Ukraine. He is a passionate rock- and movie-lover since childhood and has a profound knowledge in this topics.

VIII. Xysma

And again the Scandinavians, only this time the Finns. You see what an atypical list I have. Xysma is a little-known group that has little public attention. However, this only makes their material better for me. This time I will not recommend albums, which the collective has only a couple of, but a compilation of their works from different periods of creativity "Xysma" (2004). The music featured on this album is not always in the Grindcore genre. Basically, the guys from Naantali play Goregrind of Carcass's excellence, but here and there the Scandinavian melody and outright experimentation make themselves felt. This, of course, is not Finnish Children of Bodom (R.I.P. Alexi Laiho) or some kind of Amorphis, but the Death'N'Roll influence of the Swedes Entombed and simply win-win musical moves in the spirit of Black Sabbath can be traced quite clearly. Yes, in the track "My Mind Like A Heron" even blues keyboards are used in the manner of The Doors or Deep Purple. As you can see, the musicians did not hesitate to choose original musical solutions.

My Mind Like A Heron

Guitar, Vocals [Growl], DrumsGuitarBass


Olli Nurminen

Vesa Iitti


VII. Exit 13

Who will be outraged that there was no place for Brutal Truth in my list, I am pleased to present to you grindcore project Exit 13, where, at different times of its existence, many musicians from Brutal Truth managed to take part. In their texts, the group raises the issue of external pollution, environmental protection and social problems. They also openly support the activist organization Earth First! and advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Listen, this is not a set for a grindcore band, but for some stoner rock band. Indeed, there is a certain similarity in the sound of guitars, with a downtuning and giving a viscous and mushy sound. This is not at all bad, and not only the usual instruments of the genre are used, but sometimes wind instruments, adding the necessary comic. The melodies extracted by the group from their instruments are quite florid and, again, suggest Pattonism, with a characteristic reference to circus music. The best album for the first acquaintance, I think "Don't Spare The Green Love" (1993). The only remark is that the disc doesn`t have good cover, I would have changed it if I were a designer.

Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum

VocalsBassGuitarsDrums (Tracks 6-25), Vocals (backing)Drums (Tracks 1-5)

Bill Yurkiewicz

Joel DiPietro

Steve O'Donnell

Pat McCahan

Bill Shaeffer


VI. Brujeria

Satanismo comunismo, camaradas!! I love these guys with all my heart. They were the ones who introduced me to qualitative Deathgrind. The general conceptual idea of ​​this supergroup (consisting of members of other outstanding collectives) was in many ways an ironic stigma for some rabid drug lord terrorists from Mexico and to exploit stereotypical conspiracy fears of conservative American rednecks, broadcasting about the depopulation of the States and settlement them by wild radicals from countries of the third world. To tell the truth, in their performance it even sounds very convincing, despite the general absurdity and taking into account the fact that Brujeria itself is a Mexican band. Only a fine line of irony makes it clear what the humorous message is. The Spanish language in Brujeria's songs, given the fact that it is generally very rare in rock and metal music, sounds truly ferocious and vicious. The vocalist perfectly plays with a rough voice and creates real mini-performances, while generally speaking, without resorting to extreme growling or screaming. Among other things, the band's music is strongly influenced, specifically in the guitar work, of Industrial metal. And this is obvious, because no one else is on the guitar like Dino Cazares himself, the guitarist of the Fear Factory, which I adore. I recommend listening to the first three recordings of the group, but I will single out among them, as for me, the most successful "Raza Odiada" (1995). Taking into account the early demos and the first Deathgrind album, the non-canon Fear Factory "Concrete" (2002), it can be argued with the lease that when Factory moved to Groove Metal, Dino still kept the early developments and embodied them in this extremely interesting project.

La Migra (Cruza La Frontera II)

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VocalsGuitar / BassBass / Guitar / DrumsDrumsBass / Vocals

John Lepe, Pinche Peach

Dino Cazares

Shane Embury

Raymond Herrera



V. Naked City

I have a soft spot for really crazy music like the Naked City jazz band. This team of versatile creators of the musical avant-garde was assembled by saxophonist John Zorn. I learned about this from Mikael Haneke's movie "Funny Games", where the grindcore composition “Bonehead” was used as one of the main musical themes of violence and cruelty. The creative self-expression of these psychos sometimes takes the most grotesque and unusual forms. The compositions published by their instruments have a complex jazz structure, most often including elements of Grindcore and Serf Rock. And here everything is so confusing and complicated. It is rarely possible to understand exactly what genre this or that "song" belongs to. In one – light Surf Rock mixed with Jazz, in the second – there is an allusion to the famous Hollywood soundtracks, and in the third – elements of the same Jazz are imperceptibly interspersed into insane Grindcore. Zorn and vocalist Yamantaka Eye randomly alternate between seemingly incompatible musical choices, thus testing the power of a standard Jazz ensemble. The style of the group changes from album to album, taking the musical into a completely unexplored wild jungle of pure unknown Dionysian art. But since our article topic is Grindcore, let it be the heaviest and darkest album "Torture Garden", full of hardcore miniatures. The title of the recording refers to Octave Mirbeau's French decadent novel “The Garden of Torture”.


alto saxophone, vocalsvocalsguitarkeyboardsbassdrums

John Zorn

Yamatsuka Eye

Bill Frisell

Wayne Horvitz

Fred Frith

Joey Baron


IV. Carcass

Well, how could I pass by these charming Britons? They are rightfully considered the founders of the Goregrind genre, a more death-metalized version of Grindcore, the lyrics of which are full of disgusting pathological terminology and descriptions of all sorts of disgusting human dismemberment, in the style of low-budget horror films of the 80`s. The vocals in this subgenre take on a radically deformed and distorted, more reminiscent of some kind of uterine gurgle or the alien language. Unfortunately, or fortunately (more likely the second), Carcass released only two Goregrind albums of meat thresher, and then went into Progressive Death, Melodic Death Metal and Death’N’Roll. Every album is discovery of a new genre. I recommend both the first albums "Reek of Putrefaction" (1988) and "Symphonies Of Sickness" (1989), although I like the first one more.

Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)

bass, lead vocalsguitars, co-lead vocalsdrums, backing vocals

Jeff Walker

Bill Steer

Ken Owen


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