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'Greenleaf Fans Still Waiting on News of a Spinoff

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When it was announced that Craig Wright and Oprah Winfrey were going to end Greenleaf after it's 5th season, there was an outcry from viewers. For this reason, the producers decided on a sequel. Advertisements for a new series named Delilah came forth and many assumed this would be the follow up with the Memphis family. It turned out Deliah is about a lawyer and has nothing to do with Greenleaf. The OWN network, however, has not given fans much information regarding the actual sequel. Lynn Whitfield who portrayed Lady Mae has teased that her character might have a starring role in the new program. There were rumors about this character coming into her own, now that she is a widow. Some fans were concerned that Mae would become promiscuous and or power-hungry now that the Bishop is dead. Other viewers have said the show should revolve around Grace and her future, and a few have suggested that Jacob might begin a relationship with Tara. At this point no date has been given, no plot nor a listing of which characters from the original would transition to the new series.

Lynn Whitfield/Lady Mae

Lynn Whitfield/Lady Mae

Unanswered questions

There were many questions left unanswered when Greenleaf went off the air, but there is no guarantee that a spin-off will answer them. No clarity was ever given regarding the young man Grace saw walking on the property, who knew her name. AJ seemed troubled when he looked at his photo and viewers believed there was a connection. The situation with Bishop Greenleaf and the woman who turned out to be Basie's mother was not cleared up to the viewers' satisfaction and some fans want to know if Lady Mae officially took over as pastor of the church. Jacob had an encounter with Alexis who had a 3 year old biracial child. She told him he was not the father but many who watched the show believe he is. Oprah and Craig Wright seem to enjoy keeping the fans in suspense when the loyal viewers of Greenleaf want some serious answers. The main thing to clear up is the fact that Delilah is not the sequel to Greenleaf as some continue to report. Surely Oprah and Craig Wright knew that there would be confusion when announced Deliah just as Greenleaf was ending and fans were seeking information about the sequel.

The cast members of Greenleaf

The cast members of Greenleaf

The future

None of the cast of Greenleaf has mentioned anything about the spin-off on their social media accounts so they are as much in the dark as the fans. They will probably go on to work on other projects and who knows if they will be available when Oprah and Craig Wright decide it's time for the spin-off. I am sorry there was really nothing new to report, but sometimes it's just good to know that someone is trying to find out. As soon as any factual news comes forth about the next series, I will do,my best to get the information to the fans as quickly as possible. Oprah, Craig Wright please do what you know is best for the fans and share some information.Don't leave loyal viewers hanging like this with nothing to go on.

Spin-off definition

The dictionary definition of a spin-off is: A byproduct or incidental result of a larger project."the commercial spin-off from defense research" a product marketed by its association with a popular television program, movie, personality, etc."spin-off merchandising" a subsidiary of a parent company that has been sold off, creating a new company.

Delilah does not have any characters that are associated with Greenleaf, so it does not qualify as a spin-off. If a new show is produced that stars Lady Mae, Grace, Jacob, Charity, or any character from the previous show then it will definitely be a spin-off. There is currently nothing on the homepage for the Oprah Winfrey Network that even mentions that the spinoff is in production. Some viewers are distraught that the way things went down, the impression was given that Delilah would be the follow up to life after Bishop Greenleaf died. A lot of viewers felt this way and many articles were written about the possibility. Only Oprah and Craig Wright know why they allowed this confusion, but it was not a good way to treat the viewers who made Greenleaf a success.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on October 11, 2020:

Yes Peggy that is so true.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 11, 2020:

I never watched this series, but you made it sound interesting. Sometimes spinoffs are great and take on a life of their own.

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