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Greenleaf Fans Ponder the Season Finale and Consider That A.j. Might Have Died

DID  A.J. die?

DID A.J. die?

A.J.'s fate has Geenleaf viewers stumped

The OWN network's Greenleaf completed season four on Tuesday night November 5th. The big question on everyone's mind is regarding the fate of Grace's son A.J. The Facebook page dedicated to the show is abuzz with the speculation that Grace encountered her son's spirit or an angel during the final scenes. By deconstructing the facts we may be able to reach a conclusion but the truth will not be revealed until 2020. Once upon a time, there were only three major television networks; ABC, CBS, and NBC. Each of them began a new season of programming in September that ran until May. The summer was filled with reruns until the next season began. Now television shows begin and end practically anytime.

Several things have stood out as odd about the season finale of Greenleaf and fans have been left with a true cliffhanger. As Grace was about to preach her Sunday sermon, she saw her son walk through the doors of the church. Immediately she told the congregation that she was stepping down as pastor. She caught up to A.J. in the vestibule and he told her that he was going to turn himself in and admit he stole the drugs. Grace was troubled but A.J. seemed to have made up his mind.

A.J. ponders his future

When told he could get 10 years in prison, A.J. seems unconcerned. Initially, he insisted that he would never go back to jail and this is when his mother lied to protect him. He tells Grace that both she and Sophia have been blowing up his phone, so he seems to not want to cause his mother to end up in prison. At one point he tells his mom that by tomorrow at that same time she will not have to worry about him. This may have meant that he would turn himself to the authorities, or a hint that he was about to end his own life.

While talking with Sophia a little later, the young man says he is going for a walk. When his sister asks if she can come along he shouts "no." A.J. walks out of the house and later, after some unrelated scenes, his mother is shown in the area of the Greenleaf land where her sister Faith is buried. Grace is crying out to God, and praying for various family members, specifically for her son. She looks up and sees a young man who resembles A.J. walking towards her from the woods.

She asks how he got on the property as if the direction from which he came were inaccessible. The young man responds that he just started walking and ended up there. He looks visibly different as he is standing upright and his usual countenance is one where his head is slightly tilted to one side. His complexion seems a little lighter and he has a very odd look in his eye as if he is on a mission or has some purpose. As they talk. this character asks Grace if the grave she is looking at belongs to her sister Faith. GiGi is stunned and questions how he knew that? The young man. points to the headstone and replies that he read the dates.

DId Grace Greenleaf encounter her son's spirit?

DId Grace Greenleaf encounter her son's spirit?

A.J.'s life is being debated by viewers

Near the end of their conversation, the A.J. look-alike says, "Everything has an expiration date, everything." Grace seems to be distracted and instead of seeking the identity of this individual, she tells him to follow a nearby path. As A.J. begins walking away he says, "See you around Grace." She just stands there staring as if she is dumbfounded by all that has transpired. The season finale final scene ends with A.J about a block away, waking down the road.

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Was Grace Greenleaf having an encounter with her son's spirit? When the A.J. Delajae look-alike said that everything has an expiration date, was he referring to himself? If he is deceased, how did he die? When AJ walked away from Sophia did he go somewhere and take his own life? Is it possible he stole the medications from the drugstore because he was terminally ill? If he ended his own life was it to spare his mother from being prosecuted for lying to the authorities. The answers to these questions must wait until next year unless there is a leaked script or an accurate spoiler alert. Until then curious viewers will have to debate and speculate. As of February 22, 2020 there have been no new updates.

It’s April 2 and the world is dealing with the coronavirus. This will no doubt affect scheduling for Greenleaf as it was for other television programming. Stay tuned for updates when they become available.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on November 09, 2019:

It looked like two different actors but Grace called him AJ so we will see. Thanks for reading. I missed your article Margaret, I will look it up.

Margaret Minnicks from Richmond, VA on November 09, 2019:

WOW! Cheryl, I wrote about Season 4 finale of "Greenleaf" as well. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. While we covered some of the same concepts, we expressed them in different ways.

You focused on the AJ story in more detail than I did. I gave a short summary of the other cliffhangers along with the AJ story at the end.

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