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'Greenleaf Series Finale Spoilers-'Behold'

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The fate of this couple is in jeopardy.

The fate of this couple is in jeopardy.

A tid bit spoiler

On the Flix has confirmed that the series finale of Greenleaf will be on Tuesday night August 10 at 8 PM Central time and 9 PM EST. No specific details have been revealed, but, only a few teasers. The only real fact that was gleaned from OWN is that the final episode of season 5 will be titled "Behold." The Greenleaf clan will come to realize they must leave their past behind, in order to find out what God has for the future. This does not let faithful viewers know whether or not the family loses the house, the church, both or neither. It does not address whether or not the family patriarch lives or dies. Episode 8 will conclude the series that has grown on viewers during the past 5 seasons. The Seventh Day left devotees with questions they can only hope will be answered in one final night.

What we know thus far

At the end of episode 7, Lady Mae did not initially realize that her husband was having some type of medical emergency. He was sitting upright but unable to speak and she kept talking to him and embracing him. Eventually, she took notice and it looked as though he were suffering from a stroke. He motioned for a pen and wrote "I do," alluding to the fact that they are supposed to remarry. He fell over and at the very end, with no camera's on them, Mae could be heard screaming which could indicate that Bishop Greenleaf is dead. There is also the possibility that James may simply be unconscious. During season four the Bishop had a heart attack and the following scenes looked as though the family was mourning his death, but he was very much alive. Bob Whitmore and his daughter Judee have walked away, hopefully for good. Tasha said she never wanted the house, only for Bishop to admit his sins and Charity has kicked Phil to the curb so what is next?

What the future holds

The fate of the Bishop will probably decide everything for his family and once this is dealt with they can all move on. One thing that sticks out in my mind is regarding AJ. There was a trailer for season 5 that I cannot find now that had a brief scene with Grace and AJ inside the church and he was dressed in all white. His grandfather has been talking to him about accepting Christ, so perhaps the highlight of the finale might be that he does. AJ getting saved and baptized would be a wonderful way to end the series. This is only my personal thought and not a spoiler. Another thought that comes to mind is from the television series North and South. In the end, after the Civil War, those who remained from Orry Maine's family all walked away with the big plantation home looming in the background. Perhaps the Greenleaf clan will walk away into something new. Speculation does no good, and may not pan out, but without definite spoilers, it's fun to ponder.

Now behold

Many Christians are familiar with Kirk Franklin's song, "Now behold the Lamb," which is about the birth of Christ the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Not to compare the flawed Greenleaf clan with the Savior who knew no sin, but as a reference. The dictionary indicates that the word "behold means "To see or observe (a thing or person), especially a remarkable or impressive one. In other words, look at what has taken place. There will obviously be something spectacular, (good, bad, or both) that takes place in the season finale. There still remain a lot of unanswered questions that viewers are pondering. Surely they all cannot be answered in one, hour-long episode. Perhaps those that are not addressed will be handled in the spin-off series. Fans still want to know who caused the death of Darrell James, and if possibly James Greenleaf is his biological father. Who was the young man that died and got AJ off the hook, and is Bassie Skanks alive and well somewhere? Some, unfortunately, may never be given clarity. Make sure you tune in Tuesday night because whatever is coming will surely be worth the wait. The family has fervently prayed for future direction and now viewers will behold where their faith takes them.

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