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'Greenleaf' Season 4: What Viewers Are Talking About So Far

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Greenleaf Season 4 premiered on OWN on September 3, 2019. People on social media have been commenting about the series since then. They are saying a lot on various Facebook groups and on other social media platforms.

It is interesting to read the comments because some people will mention something others might have missed especially since so much went on during the very first night of the new season.

The Church

Even though everything is centered around the church, very little was seen inside the church. There was a church service during the opening moments of the episode. Many members of the Greenleaf family sat in the second row of pews except Grace "Gigi" Greenleaf who is the head interim pastor. When she got up to preach, Bob Whitmore, played by Beau Bridges, told her to keep the sermon short.

Whitmore has taken over Calvary Fellowship World Ministries. Grace and Lady Mae are plotting to take the church back. For now, they have to play along with Whitmore since he is the president of Harmony & Hope which has control of the former Calvary World Fellowship Ministries.

After the service, Lady Mae confronts Whitmore about requesting a short sermon. She tells him the church shouldn't be like McDonald's rushing the people in and out. Whitmore admits that's the way they do it at Harmony & Hope Ministries.

The Greenleaf Mansion

Several scenes took place in the Greenleaf mansion where the entire Greenleaf family lives. They often bring their issues to the table literally. While they were sitting around the table during one scene, there were some intense arguments led mostly by Karissa Greenleaf. People got up and stormed away from the table and Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae were the only ones left.

Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae

The patriarch and matriarch of the Greenleaf family are divorced, but they still live in the same house in separate bedrooms. Lady Mae told the bishop that she still loves him, but she wanted to be made to feel special.

They say they still love each other. Bishop Greenleaf asked Lady Mae when they could share the same bed again. She tells her charismatic ex-husband, "When we are remarried."

Grace Greenleaf

This season, Grace will have more than the church to think about. In fact, she goes missing in an upcoming episode. She has received news that Noah Kendall is returning because of a secret they both share. They received a phone call from a federal prison in Phoenix, Arizona from an inmate claiming to be their son. More information will be revealed. Viewers believe it is Grace and Noah's son who was conceived when they were lovers before Grace left Memphis over 20 years ago.

Merle Dandridge who plays Grace says, This season will rock the church, rock the family and everything in between." She added that it is going to shake her faith and force her to peel back the layers in terms of her own issues and problems.

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Grace's long-buried secret is going to affect the entire Greenleaf family when it is revealed. Up to this point, Grace has been seen as the “golden child” in the family and in the church.

Jacob and Karissa Greenleaf

Jacob is the only son of Bishop Greenleaf and Lady Mae. He seems not to be able to satisfy his wife Karissa. Jacob was the pastor of Triumphant Church, but he was scammed by Basie Skanks and his sister Rochelle.

Jacob and Karissa live rent-free in the family mansion even though Karissa wants her own house. There are restrictions in the mansion, and Karissa doesn't want to live there any longer. She wanted to do her own laundry, but the housekeeper told her to have her dirty clothes ready on Tuesdays and Fridays. Karissa offered to do it herself, but she was told that Lady Mae wants only the staff to deal with the finicky machines.

Grace threatened not to be the interim pastor unless she could bring along her siblings as associate pastors. Whitmore reluctantly agreed that Jacob could be her associate but not Charity. Of course, Jacob and Karissa are delighted.

Charity Greenleaf

Charity Greenleaf

Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee

Charity Greenleaf is the subject of many of the comments on social media. Of course, she was upset and she went off after learning that she was not accepted as an associate pastor.

Charity accused Grace of not trying harder to get her the position. She was upset with the rest of the family for not supporting her. Her father tells her she was acting like a runaway hose spewing water every place. Jacob mocked her for preaching series whenever she does get a chance to preach. Charity said she wanted to preach a series about Satan's ways instead of singing in the church.

Before she stormed out of the room, she told her family, "Let's watch!" She is claiming that she going to be Pastor Charity Greenleaf one day. She was so upset for not getting an associate pastor position that she agreed to spy on the Greenleaf family and report to Philip at Harmony & Hope. He wants dirt on Grace so he can become the head pastor.

At the end of the episode, Charity calls Phil and says, "I'm in." She will spy on her own family to get Grace removed so Phil can be in charge. She thinks Phil will bring her on board as his associate pastor, but Phil has already said behind Charity's back that it would never happen.

Sophia and Zora Greenleaf

Sophia is on her way to college, and she promised her mother that she would keep her secret about the son in prison.

Jacob and Karissa's rebellious daughter Zora asked Lady Mae if she could move into the cabin Noah used when he guarded the Greenleaf mansion in Season 1. Lady Mae gave her the keys to the cabin. Based on Zora's past behavior, that might not have been a good idea.

Upcoming Episodes

Watch more episodes of Greenleaf on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. Notice that the series airs on a different day than it did in previous seasons. In the meantime, you can watch a missed episode On Demand. Join some Facebook groups to keep up to date about the show. You will be able to read viewers' comments as well as sharing your own personal comments.

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