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'Greenleaf' Finale Brought Closure to Many Issues

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Many finales leave viewers hanging until the series returns months later. That was not the case with Season 3 finale of OWN's Greenleaf. The writers gave fans a Thanksgiving gift by providing closures to some of the issues that had plagued the characters.

While Greenleaf will not be back on the air until next year, fans do not have to wonder what will happen about the problems surrounding the characters because all of them did have individual problems they were dealing with.

The title of the finale episode was This New Life with 9.7 million watching. That ranking was up from previous weeks. The title was appropriate because most of the problems the characters had encountered throughout the season were resolved. Now they are ready to embark on a new phase of their lives in Season 4.


Bishop James Greenleaf

At the beginning of the finale, Bishop James Greenleaf, played by Keith David, had a gun pointed at him by Basie Skanks. The patriarch of the Greenleaf family was told to get ready to meet his maker.

Karine comes into the room and Basie points the gun at her until Bishop persuades him to let her go. Basie ends up not shooting the bishop after all. Before leaving, he compliments James in his arrogant way by saying, “Oh Bishop, you’ve got some amazing faith. Too bad it’s misplaced.”

When Lady Mae and other church members rush in to see about James, he tells them not to call the police. He said he was okay even though he was still shaking as he sat in his chair.

The bishop finds enough composure to apologize to Lady Mae for not going to hear her preach during her special program, but he heard that the celebration went well. His ex-wife appreciated the compliment so much that she invited him to dinner.


Lady Mae Greenleaf

Lady Mae, played by Lynn Whitfield, made some changes in the finale of Season 3 of the popular series, Greenleaf. Over dinner, she blurted out that Grace is Lionel's daughter. The bishop didn't react as Lady Mae thought he would after she has been keeping the secret all those years. He was surprisingly calm and forgave her without making a big deal about it. In fact, he said, "Well, now we're even."

Lady Mae invited her ex-husband back into the house. He accepted on the condition that she would heal the bitter relationship she has had with Grace since she was born. He tells her there is no use moving back into the house if they can’t live as a family.

James got sick and fell out while he was preaching. Again, his family rushed to his aid. He was hospitalized for two weeks. After that, he did move back into the Greenleaf mansion.

Like James, Lady Mae accepted that she will not be the pastor of Calvary after Deacon Connie had gathered 2,000 names to remove her from the megachurch. She accepted that Grace was going to be the interim pastor when she initially had fought against the idea.

Jacob and Kerissa Greenleaf

Jacob and Kerissa were discussing getting a divorce. Jacob explained to Kerissa that he only kissed Tasha. Then they were interrupted by two things. One was bad while the other one was good.

Joseph from the accounting department called and told Jacob that he was out of a job at Triumph after the FBI raid. Since they were living in the house provided by Triumph, they are now homeless.

Finally, Jacob and Kerissa get some good news when they saw their daughter Zora walk through the door. She had previously run off with Isaiah, her abusive boyfriend.

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Zora and Sophia Greenleaf

While Zora and Sophia took a walk on the Greenleaf property, viewers learned that Zora is getting therapy because of the way Isaiah treated her. She is thinking of auditioning to go to a school in New York. The two young women agree to never stop talking to each other again no matter what.

The conversation was more about Zora than Sophia. Viewers didn't find out if Sophia had dealt with her crisis of faith.


Calvary, Triumph, and Harmony and Hope Church

During the finale, viewers learned some things about the future of three churches: Calvary, Triumph and Harmony and Hope. From what it appears, Harmony and Hope will be a major part of Season 4.

Grace is going to be pastor of Calvary, at least for one year. That is making Connie and other church members happy. James bowed out gracefully especially after falling out sick while preaching and spending two weeks in the hospital.

In spite of her successful Lady Mae Day, 2,000 members signed a petition for her not to run Calvary even though Bishop Greenleaf offered his support. Lady Mae fought the decision to the bitter end, but she finally relented.

Basie Skanks, Tasha Skanks, and Rochelle Cross

We may not see Basie Skanks, Tasha Skanks, and Rochelle Cross again. Their stories on the show might have come to an end.

Tasha is trying to start a new life by working with the FBI to resolve the case of the missing $2 million. She refused to accept some of the money Basie offered her.

Basie and Rochelle drove off into the sunset with a loan shark in their rearview mirror.

The Table Scene of "Greenleaf" Finale for Season 3

The Table Scene of "Greenleaf" Finale for Season 3

The Final Scene of Season 3 Finale

Forgiveness and reconciliation were obvious during the finale. The final scene was just like one of the first scenes in Season 1 when the entire family was sitting around the table when Grace returned home. She was questioned about her faith and the purpose of her return.

Jacob, Kerissa and their family had moved back into the mansion. Charity's ex-husband Kevin was sitting at the table alongside his partner Aaron. Aaron has a double role because he and Grace just found out they are siblings.

Lady Mae had criticized her own daughter for three seasons. An example of showing that she has changed, she asked Grace to say the blessing. A stunned Grace said the final words of the season by thanking God for food, family, and faith. She asked God to allow all three to sustain them enough to “take back what is ours!”

What to Expect in Season 4

Even though closure was evident in a lot of situations with family members, there are some things that will be addressed in Season 4. At least at the beginning of the season, the family will still be together. The problems that have existed with family members for three seasons have been resolved to the point that they can all get along while living under the same roof and eating at the same table.

When Season 4 begins, the family and their church will have a fresh start. Calvary will have merged with Harmony and Hope, much to the delight of Deacon Connie. More than likely, the relationship between the two churches will be a major feature of the upcoming season. Fans of the show will be waiting to see if Calvary's autonomy will ever be realized again.

Season 4 will show how the merger with Harmony and Hope will work out. Viewers are hoping to see what happened to Darius and if he and Grace will rekindle their relationship.

Fans are hoping to find out what Rochelle meant when she told Grace she knows what she did in Phoenix. Grace had a strange look on her face when Rochelle called her an unfitting name that is not a good one for a pastor of a church.

Watch Greenleaf when it returns probably in the Spring of 2019.

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