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Greenleaf: "Behold"

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Few series finales will make you shed tears like Greenleaf. The culmination of all things begins in Bishop and First Lady’s living quarters and ends with Grace leaving in the same manner by which she came. Here is an overview of what happens in the episode, “Behold.”


The End Of An Era

The scene opens with Lady Mae beside her deceased husband. Bishop Greenleaf suffers a major medical emergency at the end of episode seven, which leads to speculation of whether or not he actually died. Wondering is put to rest, unfortunately, as Lady Mae interrupts Grace’s phone call with Ann, who offers her the opportunity to interview for a job in New York. One look tells the viewer everything he or she needs to know: The Bishop has passed.


From The Grave To The Dinner Table

Charity sings one of the Bishop’s favorite songs at the gravesite as the family joins in on the tune. Kerissa, who moves out of the mansion in episode seven, serves as a pillar for Mae as the family makes their way back to the house from the gravesite.

A.J., who is Grace’s long lost son, starts the conversation at the table by saying, “I just don’t understand how I can miss someone so much that I barely knew.” The 24-year-old was just getting to know his grandfather and looked forward to building the GTO the Bishop had given him. “I’m going to build that car,” A.J. declares at the dinner table before Lady Mae is called away on a phone call from Misty Williams. Meanwhile, Grace gives a final salute by raising her glass and saying, “To the Bishop.”


An Invitation

In another room, Lady Mae is asked to return to Calvary on Sunday to preach. She is quite shocked at the invitation given the fact that Misty and the deacons’ board made it abundantly clear they wanted nothing to do with the Greenleafs after the many public mistakes of the first family. Bob Whitmore and Harmony & Hope (H&H), however, were the bear no one saw coming.

“We need to come home to Calvary,” Misty tells Lady Mae. “We need to gather together as a family in faith. And we need someone to remind us of where we’ve been, and what we’ve achieved, and what a blessing it all was.” Lady Mae agrees without saying a word.


One Happy Family

Grace gets a tour of Noah’s new home, which is both fabulous and expensive. Grace is concerned about the financial aspect before learning that Noah has gotten a job as Director of Campus Safety at Rhodes College.

“Isabel is not asking for any alimony so it’s a clean break,” Noah tells Grace. “I want him to have a nice place,” he adds before A.J. enters the conversation with good news. The 24-year-old’s health is improving, thanks to his mom’s intervention and push for him to see a doctor. “Praise God,” Grace says before leaving Noah’s house with A.J.

Grace gets a phone call from Darius who asks to see her. A.J. overhears the conversation and asks his mom when he will get to “check this man out.”


A Happy Ending?

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Kerissa tells Jacob she does not think their son fully understands “that grandpa will never really be coming back.” Jacob invites Kerissa to have a seat. She ignores the gesture and asks Jacob if their son can stay with his dad for a few days while she looks for a place to stay. “Wink needs to be close to his dad especially at a time like this,” Kerissa tells Jacob. He agrees.

Jacob invites Kerissa to stay in the mansion for the night instead of residing in a nearby hotel. “I don’t want to confuse Winkie,” she says. “I don’t want to confuse you, either,” Kerissa adds. Jacob gives his estranged wife a weird look before saying, “I’ll call you in the morning.” Kerissa proceeds to leave but not before saying, “I know it might not seem like one now, but this is our happy ending.” Jacob says, “I know.”


What Happens When You Live

In the cabin, Sophia and Zora discuss the notion of death while A.J. casually listens. His back is turned towards the girls, though he finds Zora’s explanation of the afterlife quite interesting. A.J. has the perfect response when asked to explain what he believes takes place when a person dies. “I don’t know,” he says. “I still want to see what happens when you live.” Zora responds to the response by saying, “Right on.”

In the mansion, Grace grapples with the phone call from Ann while spending the night with Darius. “What do you have to lose,” Darius asks when Grace expresses reluctance in accepting the interview. “Everybody’s an adult,” Darius says in response to Grace bringing up the notion of her kids needing her to stay in Memphis.

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“If you got a job in New York, I would consider accompanying you there,” Darius tells Grace when she asks about their relationship. The offer makes Grace take a different perspective on the matter.


A United Front

Lady Mae tells Jacob, Grace, and Charity that Calvary has invited her to return for a special service on Sunday. Charity offers to sing while Jacob also lends his support in any way possible. “I want us all to have a united front,” Lady Mae says.

Grace gets distracted by her ringing cell phone. Ann is calling to follow up about their conversation. Charity snaps her out of the moment by telling her, “Mama is talking to you.” Grace tells Lady Mae that she is onboard with whatever plans are in the making. “Full speed ahead,” Grace says. It is evident, though, that Grace is still in limbo about the job prospect in New York.


Back To The Beginning

Lady Mae is welcomed back to the church by Corinne and others who have missed her presence since the H&H takeover. “I’m so sorry to hear about Bishop,” Corinne tells Lady Mae. The first lady asks that the Bishop’s name not be spoken. “We will honor him richly on Sunday,” Mae tells Corinne. The first lady needs a moment alone upon seeing the Bishop’s old office set up the way he had it when he presided over the congregation.


Call It Even

Jacob visits Tara at her outreach center. She expresses condolences for the passing of The Bishop. Jacob asks if the family could have three months to vacate the mansion given the sudden death of the Bishop. Tara actually has something else in mind.

“Can we just call it even,” Tara asks Jacob. “I can’t throw your mother out of that house or let her leave; not when I know exactly how she feels, or how you feel,” Tara reveals. Jacob is shocked at what his ears are absorbing and is ultimately left with no words.


Answer The Call

Grace grapples with Ann’s offer and asks for advice from her half-brother, Aaron. “For the longest time, I tried to be straight,” Aaron told his sister. “I tried so hard but I couldn’t stop being gay. One day, my friend said, ‘What do you get out of believing that this is a choice?’” Aaron ultimately tells Grace to answer the call and let destiny lead the way. “Either way, you’ll never let not taking a call be your answer,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Jacob tells his mom about Tara’s decision to let her keep the mansion. “She really is who she says she is,” Lady Mae tells her son. Jacob agrees.


Something New

Jacob catches Tara heading into Calvary and thanks her again for letting his family keep the mansion. She tells him, “I’m rich in blessings” before heading into the sanctuary where Charity is singing with the choir.

Lady Mae takes the spotlight to render her message about “Something New” after the musical selection. Grace has an enlightening moment during the message, which ultimately causes her to realize that her time in Memphis is done. A.J. is so moved by the sermon that he decides to come to the front of the church in hopes of receiving “the new” that Lady Mae talks about in her message.


Time To Move On

Grace tells Lady Mae that she “got the church back.” Mae, who is sitting in Bishop’s former office, gives a humble answer. The first lady is not ready to accept Grace sharing her plans to leave Memphis. Lady Mae’s daughter, however, tells her mom, “Let us trust him” before reiterating, “It’s time for me to go.


Full Circle Moment

Grace says her goodbyes before heading off to New York for the television show interview. “God’s going to do something special with you; something new. I can feel it,” Charity says. Lady Mae ends the segment by thanking her daughter for “sowing discord in the fields of my peace. They needed it,” Mae says.

The moment comes full circle for Grace when the driver identifies her as Pastor Greenleaf. She says, “It’s just Grace Greenleaf now.” The driver responds by saying, “I hope that’s the way you want it.” Grace says, “Me too.” The episode ends with Grace looking back at the gate closing.

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