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Gravity Falls Review Grade: F

Gravity Falls, garbage in the form of a show.

Gravity Falls, garbage in the form of a show.

Gravity Fails, Overrated Puerile Dribble

Gravity Fails, is a boring, overrated terrible show, that only gets high marks only because it is a children's show and yet most of the fans and critics say it's for adults, which seems to be like having your cake and eating it too which is ridiculous. This show can't be free from scrutiny just because it's a children's cartoon and also be praised as great adult entertainment, it's my little pony all over again.

This show is nothing special it steals most of its ideas from either older TV melodramas like twin peaks, or murder she wrote, all terrible shows full of bad acting. There are numerous other examples of TV shows with weird towns that hold a dark secret or something from such as Derry, Maine from It, Eerie Indiana from the show of the same name, Cicely, Alaska from Northern Exposure as well as about 20 other popular shows about supernatural stuff.

It also steals a lot from other American sitcoms like the Simpsons which has a similar wacky city where extraordinary things happen. And like many other modern cartoons, it just uses the basic Caltech character face template with a sausage mouth and a smile with a few lines in between the white area to poorly indicate teeth. It also stole its main characters from The Simpsons as well, Dipper is a combination of Lisa Simpson and Bart Simpson, dipper being a whiny little know it all brat, who has to be the center of attention. He's a stupid little boy who for some reason wants to have a girlfriend who is many years his senior which just shows the creator's innate perversion seeping into this garbage. The sister Mabel is Lisa if she had suffered a brain injury and had suddenly become infatuated with pigs and glitter or Bart as a girl, but much less likable. The old man Stan with the stupid nickname (I refuse to say it's too stupid) he is basically the old man from UP mixed with the personality of Homer Simpson and the charm and wit of a rock.

Then a tortilla chip with a hat called, um, mister tortilla chip I think? I can't remember the name too stupid. Anyway, tortilla chip tries to take over the world or destroy/remake the world, but tortilla chip is fooled by the said idiot who looks like the old man from up with the wit of a rock and his slightly more intelligent twin brother. Oh right yeah twin brother person was introduced at the end of one of the seasons, I forget which they're all the same to me and he does stuff or something I don't care. The show also has an even uglier and stupider version of Chris from the equally overrated plot-less humorless and idiotic family guy. Fat, ugly, bad teeth bro is a friend of flipper and McElroy, as well as the older girl person dipsh*t, has a crush on and they try to save the world from a tortilla chip.

Gravity falls has none of the charm, humor or creativity of the classic Simpsons some of the convoluted plot. The show suffers from bad acting from twin peaks and murder she wrote as well as other TV melodramas as well as an idiotic villain who is easily fooled and defeated and a cliche, boring ending. I could feel myself getting dumber every minute that I watched this show. And don't forget a creator who is an alleged sex offender and there's the rapid vapid fan-base full of similarly minded morons.

But there are many other terrible shows like this made by similar un-creative hacks who steal ideas and can't draw or animate well and force Korean children in sweatshops to do it for them. Shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, The New Duck Tales Show, and most other modern cartoons produced by the Disney channel or cartoon network which are made up of the same group of morons. I so am sick of this animation style it's so ugly and lazy.

© 2019 Aaron James Hills

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