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Alison Brie Fashionable and Talented Actress With Amazing Red Carpet Style

Hunter observes popular culture and celebrity women that inhabit it who wear fashionable, stylish and sexy attire for public appearances.


Talented Actress

I first became aware of Alison Brie in the NBC comedy, Community, in which she played conservative, yet sexy, co-ed Annie Edison. The show has been one of my favorite comedies yet only established itself as a cult item and never really enjoyed mainstream attention.

Alison was quite entertaining in the show as her character played the college life straight but was surrounded by friends who were a bit less serious about the studies at this sad and pathetic community college. It was fun watching her sexuality become explored in various episodes were she could be counted on to wear appealing outfits and costumes.

Many people remember her from Mad Men were she played married housewife Trudy Campbell. This role gave her the opportunity to explore her dramatic potential. She played an interesting character that was subjected to the pre-sexual revolution of the 1950s and whose purpose she viewed as wife and caregiver.

As her roles in Mad Men and Community overlapped it was interesting seeing the skill Alison had in juggling the two acting parts. Through it all I marveled at her beauty as both a 1950 young housewife as well as hot young college co-ed.

She’s been in several movies, playing bit parts that were unfortunately mostly forgettable. Opposite Will Ferrell in Get Hard she has since enjoyed Tumblr notoriety from her scene in which she modelled sexy lingerie complete with stockings and garter belt. Many gifs have been made from that one scene alone.

Today she is enjoying critical success as a female wrestler in Netflix’s GLOW. The series focuses on the 1980s phenomenon Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It is mostly a dramedy and quite entertaining for those interested in 1980’s pop culture.

Following the positive reception of GLOW Alison has suggested that she will be focused on taking more meaningful roles in the future. Her personal life saw her marry Dave Franco in 2017.

Since her 2010 appearance on G4TV’s now canceled geek gadget show, Attack of the Show, she has been the subject of numerous so-called lad magazines. She has had vast appeal to the college set as a pinup seen both as a funny cool chick and sex object. She seems to roll with the characterization well both embracing her sex and geek appeal.

I think maybe her desire to be taken more seriously will see her moving away from geek icon though. As she gets older and takes more demanding acting roles, remaining a college co-ed sex object will likely diminish.

Red Carpet Beauty

Alison makes incredible appearances on the red carpet. She seldom has a fashion misstep typically getting just the right amount of sex appeal and class with her fashion choices.

She certainly enjoys showing off her toned legs in revealing attire and sky high heels. Her curvy frame is typically displayed as well in various curve hugging style pieces. She is certainly one of the more entertaining celebrities for red carpet viewing.

Suffice to say she is a favorite of the fashion critiques following big award celebrations and high celebrity fashion. I can only imagine she is a favorite of the fashion houses trying to get their wares on elite talent.

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Alison Brie blistering the red carpet in a high thigh slit curve hugging dress and sky high platform open toe pumps.

Alison Brie blistering the red carpet in a high thigh slit curve hugging dress and sky high platform open toe pumps.

Alison Brie in a high side slit pink dress and high heels

Alison Brie in a high side slit pink dress and high heels

Cover Girl

Her beauty and popularity has obviously caught the attention of various glamour and style magazines. She models for both mainstream fashion magazines as well as alternative style and culture periodicals.

I find her one of the most beautiful women in entertainment. She seldom has a fashion misstep and I have never seen a classless moment in her stylish dress. At a time when the mainstream Hollywood red carpet culture tends to drip with overtly sexual attire Alison always keeps her class in her manner of dress.

She has a fantastic body as evidenced by her recent appearance in the fitness magazine Women's Health. She appeared on the cover and various inner photos showing off her fabulous physique that only an aggressive exercise and diet regimen could create.

Stunning in Women's Health magazine showing off her physique

Stunning in Women's Health magazine showing off her physique

Favorite Guest of Media

I tend to seek out her media appearances on late night and daytime TV when possible. She always comes dressed to impress in low cut, short dresses and sky high heels. She has an impossibly natural curvy body that she seems to enjoy showing off but only in the classiest yet feminine manner.

Her legs are toned and she obviously loves her heels. The higher the better seems to be the case particularly when she will be appearing in front of the camera.


A Few Facts You Might Not Know About Alison Brie

  1. She used to work as a clown at kids' parties.
  2. Her full given name is Alison Brie Schermerhorn.
  3. She first appeared on TV in an episode of "Hannah Montana"
  4. Her accent was so good during her role in The Five Year Engagement she tricked Judd Apatow into thinking she was British.
  5. Interestingly both of most well-known roles on Mad Men and Community were based on her older sister.
Alison Brie sexy legs in a mini dress and high heels on the red carpet

Alison Brie sexy legs in a mini dress and high heels on the red carpet

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