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Goofy's Top Five Movies


Goofy's Influence

Goofy has appeared or been featured in hundreds of Disney projects. As one if the original Disney characters, Goofy holds a special place in the hearts of Disney fans young and old.

Goofy's lovable, clumsy and comedic style give him the ability to either address complex social issues or make simple tasks look extremely complex.

Goofy might be most know for his series of how-to film shorts which hilarious re-explain the explainable. Following are five films that help define Goofy's career on screen.

Mickey's Revue (1932)

This is Goofy’s film debut. Mickey's Revue, staring Mickey Mouse who as a band leader puts on a show for Clarbelle the Cow.

Goofy, then known as Dippy Dawg, is cast as annoying audience member number one and plays the part well, distracting the audience from the big show. This short film makes the list as it is the beginning of what is still a long career for Disney’s physical comedy star.

This is also the first time Clarabelle and Goofy were seen on film together and was the catalyst for their star-crossed romance as explained in “Is Goofy A Dog?”.

How to Play Baseball (1942)

The first of the “How-to” shorts staring Goofy is a hilarious look at the game of baseball through Disney’s favorite comedic clutz. This is a classic cartoon look at of America’s past time, offering parodies of popeular teams and players of the day. It offers a comedic look at the golden age of baseball.

Goofy once again comes to the rescue providing some much needed laughs for Americans were anixous about World War II.

Goofy would make many more instrcutional how-to videos for his fans which were featured and films short before the main feature or content for streaming services.

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Cold War (1951)

Goofy was never one to shy away from social issues. In “Tugboat Mickey” Goofy and the gang parody the Titantic sinking only to have Goofy foil the rescue effort by blowing up the engine.

In “Cold War”, Goofy takes on communism n the form of a cold virus, once again helping America laugh during anxious moments in history. Goofy’s lawyer, agent and close friend Biff Fischarski said “Goofy thought the cure for everything was laughter, even if it meant hitting himself in the naughty bits with a huge mallet.” Apparently even early ih his career Goofy had his finger on the pulse of America’s funny bone.

How to Hook Up A Home Theatre (2007)

In the Golden Age of the big screen, theatre goers were often entertained or informed before the feature film through the use of news reels or short films. In the ‘40’s this was Goofy’s bread and butter. He and Disney made six of his “How to...” shorts in the 40's that fluffed audiences before the main feature.

As the movie business evolved. Film previews served as the pre-feature entertainment, eating up much of the screen time that used to be Goofy’s bread and butter. As home video and later steaming services came onto the entertainment seen, there was a place for the short film again, spawning this addition to Goofy’s How to shorts. Goofy would produce many more for Mouseworks.

The story of how this short came to be is classic Goofy. Legend (or perhaps fiction) has it that Goofy had recently bought a large home entertainment system with Disney royalty check. Because he is also a clutz off-screen, Goofy contacted Disney producers and asked them to send a camera crew to his home to film his setting it up. He thought there might be comedic gold in watching Goofy in his natural environment. So what you see in How to Hook Up Your Home Theatre is Goofy actually setting up his own home entertainment system.

A Goofy Movie (1995)

Features Goofy’s on screen family based on the popular television series Goof Troop. Goofy star’s as a bumbling, kind-hearted Dad, who’s intentions are always good even though the results are not. This was the first of two movies featuring the Goof Troop after the sequel “An Extremely Goofy Movie” was releases direct to home video in 2000.

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