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Good Will Hunting: See Our Lives In Different Perspective


Some people may not feel unfamiliar with the old movie "Good Will Hunting". It is a 1997 film with Gus Van Sant as its director. The film is set in Boston, Massachusetts, where a man named Will Hunting has extraordinary intelligence. It's just that his intelligence is not accompanied by his behavior or character. Therefore, it is no wonder that throughout the film it focuses on the journey of a Will Hunting who is trying to find himself.



Director: Gus Van Sant

Writers: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

Producers: Lawrence Bender, Chris Moore

Starring: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Cole Hauser, Minnie Driver, Robin Williams, Stellan Skarsgard.


A 20-year-old named Will Hunting has a level of intelligence that few people might have. At first, he was a janitor at a university. Things start to change when he is accidentally found solving a math problem by a professor named Gerald Lambeau. However, at that time Will chooses to run away because he feels no interest in him. Seeing that, of course, this attracted the attention of Professor Gerald because no student could solve the math problem other than Will.

The story then continues at a time when Will spends time with his friends where they get into a fight with a group of other people. From here it is later discovered that Will's childhood was not as fortunate as others had which he was often beaten by someone since he was a child. Back in the initial discussion, as a result of his fight, Will is then arrested by the police and threatened to spend his time in prison.

This is where professor Gerald's role begins. He offers Will help to get out of prison but on condition that Will remains in the professor's control where he must see professor Gerald to help him with his weekly math problems. On the other hand, Will is also required to want to see a psychiatrist who is certainly to bring about changes to his behavior. Feeling like he had no choice, Will finally agrees.

The problem here is that Will is reluctant to see a psychiatrist. Even if he had seen a psychiatrist, Will would never have listened to them, he would have taken their talk as a joke. In fact, the first two psychiatrists chose to give up because of will hunting's poor behavior. This then became a serious problem for Professor Gerald so he had to ask for the help of his friend named Sean Maguire who was a psychology teacher and his roommate in college. Unlike previous psychiatrists, Sean is challenged by Will's closed nature.

Indeed, when the first meeting between them did not go smoothly where there was a bit of an argument because at that time Will insulted his deceased wife. However, the meeting does not make Sean give up on Will. At their next meeting, Will is silenced by Sean's argument about having a relationship with someone. He also mentioned about his wife where he felt happy and there was absolutely no regret in choosing her to be his wife. This prompted Will to establish a relationship with a woman named Skylar. This is also the point where the meeting between Sean and Will becomes productive where Will has already started to open up to Dr. Sean.

About his relationship with Skylar, initially all went well until there was a moment where Will felt it would only be a barrier to the success Skylar wanted to achieve. This thought is inseparable from Will's childhood condition that always gets violent. This is what makes him not want a woman like Skylar who in fact has high goals to have to connect with a man whose past is not clear. As a result of this condition, they eventually have to part ways because Skylar herself will go to California and Will does not want to go with her.

Sometime later, while Will is at work, Chuckie, Will's friend tells him about something that Will has that his friends don't have. Chuckie doesn't want the advantages Will has to just make his life like him, ending up working as a builder. Chuckie hopes Will can do more than that and he'll feel ashamed if his friend still remains the same person in the next few years.

Not long after, when Will was about to meet Sean for a conversation as usual, he accidentally overheard an argument between Dr. Sean and Professor Gerald. In the debate, Gerald felt he had to encourage Will to get his job immediately because he didn't want someone like Will with such extraordinary genius to not have success in his life. On the other hand, Sean argues not to be too hasty because they still don't know exactly what Will really want to do. Sean doesn't want Will to do anything because of the demands and compulsion that will make him feel failed.

When the debate stops, Will and Sean then tell each other about their past lives which turns out they were both victims of violence from their parents since childhood. This is the moment Will Hunting changed. At that moment, Sean helps Will by convincing him that what happened to Will all along is not his fault. This causes tears from Will unstoppable.

With that incident, Will then accepts the job previously offered by Professor Gerald. Knowing this, Will's friends reward him with a car on his 21st birthday which is also for a vehicle for Will if he goes to work.

What Chuckie had hoped for had finally come true. When he was about to pick up Will at his house and wait for him at the door, there was no answer from Will and even in his house there was no one. This signifies that Will has already taken a step forward towards his success and Chuckie as his friend is happy about it.

A few days later, Will sends Dr. Sean a letter in which he asks to tell professor Gerald that the reason why he didn't come for his job was because he had to meet his most beloved woman, Skylar. the woman he loved, even more than he loved himself.




Winner: Silver Berlin Bear


Winner: Best Screenplay


Best Film-Drama

Best Actor-Drama

Best Actress-Supporting Role



Best Actor-Supporting Role

Best Screenplay-Original


Best Music - Original Dramatic Score

Best Music - Original Song Score

Best Director

Best Actor - Leading Role

Best Editing

Best Actress - Supporting Role

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