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Godley & Creme Birds of Prey

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I am going to be honest, I had never heard of Godley and Creme. This record came in a box of vinyl I bought and this was my first time listening to it. Doing some reading on them, apparently this was the wrong album to start with since it's not indicative of their work really. They are childhood friends and former members of 10cc. The album is sort of electronic synth pop, it's very 80's for sure. It came out in 1983. From looking at the cover I expected something a little sexier, maybe with a bit more funk to it. I didn't know it was 2 British white guys at the time.

My Body the Car sounds like something you might hear from DaVinci's Notebook, which I guess might make this group ahead of their time. Worm and the Rattlesnake comes off like a 2nd rate Tears For Fears knockoff, but it's not awful. I did find myself wondering if it was supposed to be some kind of penis metaphor. Cats Eyes tried to be a bit more soulful, but doesn't quite make it. It's kind of like what it would sound like if members of Devo and The Eurythmics got together to cover The Temptations. Samson sounds a bit like Boney M. You begin to see the problem with the album as I heard lots of stuff that sounded like other stuff, but nothing that struck me as distinctively them. Save a Mountain For Me is probably the most original tune on the album. Unfortunately it's also a bit boring.

Madame Guillotine is probably my favorite song on here. It has a bit of a groove at the chorus and is the only one I can see myself maybe listening to on any kind of regular basis. Woodwork sounds very thin and generic. Twisted Nerve sounds like a 5th Dimension song if they had 80's synths to work with. Out in the Cold uses robotic voices and creepy tones to get an eerie feel, and comes pretty close to it's mark. It sounds like something that might be on a scary kids' movie. From all of this it might come across like I didn't like the album. That's not really accurate. It's not a bad record, it's just that it's not good enough for me to choose it to listen to over the hundreds of other albums in my collection.

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