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Synopsis of the Girl in the Mirror

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The Girl in the Mirror Movie From Netflix


Synopsis of The Girl in the Mirror, the Scary Story Behind the Bus Accident

The Girl in the Mirror is a fictional horror series that can be watched starting August 19, 2022 on Netflix.

This work by Kike Maillo stars a series of famous Spanish actors and actresses such as Mireia Oriol, Pol Monen, and Claudia Roset.

This supernatural thriller-themed series tells the story of a student named Alma who managed to survive an accident after doing a study tour. In the incident, almost all of Alma's classmates died on the spot.

Alma who survived was then taken to the hospital for intensive care. However, upon awakening, Alma does not remember anything that has happened to him, including his past which he completely forgot.

Poster From Film The Girl in the Mirror


The Scary Story Behind the Bus Accident

Arriving home, Alma's mind was filled with memories that didn't belong to him.

The trauma he experienced then had an impact on his mental health which made him terrorized by something scary.

The strange phenomena that Alma experienced could not be explained with common sense.

In the midst of these terrors, Alma tries to remember the accident that happened to him and his friends.

Alma was sure that the accident was caused by something he had never imagined before.

So, what really happened?

Find the answer in the latest Spanish horror film, The Girl in the Mirror, which you can watch on Netflix starting August 19, 2022.

Thank you.

The Girl In The Mirror Will launch on Netflix globally on August 19th

The wait is in the end over as Netflix has recently introduced the discharge date of the maximum interesting Spanish drama collection, The Girl In The Mirror.

It is a horror collection in an effort to make you nervous about your personal shadow. The trailer turned into dropped on thirteenth July 2022 at the Netflix authentic YouTube channel.

The collection may be aired on 19th August 2022 on Netflix globally. It become written and created via Sergio G. Sánchez underneath Sospecha Films.

The plot of the series is quite interesting and captivating. There is a possibility that this collection will either be a superb hit or an epic fail.

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It all depends on how properly the episodes are based and the storyline as well. Based on the earlier Spanish shows launched by Netflix, along with Money Heist and Elite, which had been huge a achievement.

We can expect this collection to be a comparable huge hit as properly. If not some thing, the fun and suspense will attract visitors closer to looking it.

Initially, Netflix announced the display’s manufacturing in 2018, however it has long been delayed. We might have to accept the already posted narrative. It’s uncertain if we're going to see the display most reliable and be part of Alma on her quest for exploration.

Some perception into The Girl In The Mirror

The collection is primarily based at the tale of a high faculty lady named Alma. After Losing her memory to a bizarre coincidence that kills maximum of her classmates, She attempts to resolve what came about that day — and regain her identification.

So a long way, we don’t have a lot information about the storyline but according to the trailer published at the Netflix legitimate YouTube channel, what we understand from the description of the trailer is that:

“After surviving a bus coincidence wherein almost all her classmates die, Alma wakes up in a health facility with out a reminiscence of the incident… or of her past.

Her house is full of recollections that aren't hers, and each amnesia and trauma reason her to enjoy night terrors and visions that she cannot make clear.

With the assist of her mother and father and buddies, unknown to her, she will be able to try to uncover the mystery surrounding the twist of fate at the same time as suffering to recover her life and her identification”.

What we know approximately the trailer

The trailer is pretty thrilling. It starts offevolved with a blonde-haired girl named Deva seeking to reach out to Alma.

She says, “we want to speak approximately what befell,” to which Alma replies: “not now, no longer here,” and the bus begins shifting down a hill.

It looks as if all the buddies are occurring a road journey. Suddenly the whole bus gets trapped in a cloud of fog, and the driving force loses manage.

We see some horrific snap shots of each person crashing here and there. Then Alma wakes up in a clinic, completely traumatized and dysfunctional.

The sequence of occasions following the catastrophe appears to include screams from the scholars, casualties scuffling with for breath, ambulances being sent to the twist of fate scene, and annoyed dad and mom and households grieving for their loved ones.

Then onwards, the tale will unfold in a few breathtaking horror scenes.

It is a mystery, ideal for all of us who loves the horror mystery style. However, in phrases of visuals and pics, we will decide from the trailer that it'll be well ready with some actual-existence scenes. This will make you bounce out of your seat.

Check official trailer From Netflix

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