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Anime Review: Gin Tama (and Why It's the Best)

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Krishna is a self-proclaimed otaku. She loves reading manga and watching anime. She has been an otaku since her childhood days.

Gin Tama in a Nutshell

Gin Tama may be known as one of the best running gags in the anime world. The first time I laid eyes on Gin Tama was the time Gintoki and other characters were complaining about the end credits in their own show. You see, the wall doesn't exist between the characters and the production crew of their own anime. You will be able to watch the characters talking about their lines, their popularity, end credits, the opening song, etc. In fact, even Hideaki Sorachi the creator of Gin Tama is one of the characters in the popular anime.


Watching a few episodes of Gin Tama might give the impression that it is a running gag with no essence to others. However, I realized that as you watch a few more episodes, the anime series gets better.

This anime offers many surprises that many viewers surely did love (that's why it has many seasons with a lot of episodes). As I watch further, this show managed to make me cry and at the same time laugh out loud just from a single episode. I can say that Gin Tama might be the best anime that I ever watched so far. Why? Here are some of the reasons:


Gintama's story revolves around Sakata Gintoki, who is a (many adjectives could be said but) idiotic, free-spirited, but strong man who is a samurai in the past with a big heart. Together with Kagura, Shinpachi, and Sadaharu, which is a big dog, this trio offers to do various jobs together as a freelancer to pay their monthly rent. The plot may seem simple, but each character has a deep storyline especially with their past which will be unveiled as the story progresses.

The plot is set in Edo which has been conquered by aliens named Amanto.


The Characters

In this anime, every character has a flaw but at the same time, everyone has a good characteristic. Just like in real life, Gin Tama shows the good and bad side of every character. Almost every character in the series have good character development, you will surely root for them as the series goes on. No one is left out. Even the sidekicks, enemies, and even their pets have their own storyline and they grow on you.

Together, they make the show memorable. Its cast is adorably hilarious. The rest of the cast is wide and varied. Each has his own charm for the audience to remember. There are too many characters but here are some: the shogun, a homeless man, incompetent terrorist, mayonnaise-lover police officer, stalker ninja, very strong sister, a robot, funny old lady, someone wearing a bird costume, the author himself, and many more.


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This is its genre. Gin Tama's characters have the best chemistry with each other. In this anime, no one is left out. With Gin Tama, you will surely be entertained. Gin Tama's comedic elements know no boundary.

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It is naturally funny. Even the recap episodes are incredibly entertaining. The parodies are all made well. You see, it is hard to keep the audience interested especially if you are using too many jokes, but Gin Tama managed to keep its audience coming back for more with its glorious humor.

Most of the cast have their usual joke but it is spread over the series to avoid monotony. Gin Tama embraces all form of humor, be it with toilet humor, a need for tissue paper, or even the quest for the powerful balls.


Action Scenes

Gintama offers one of the best anime action scenes that you can watch. I can say that most of its action scenes are better than most of the anime out there. The plot of the story is well-developed leading to the action scene. You see, the leading characters have a strong soul that leads them to protect others no matter how hard it is.

Gin Toki might be one of the strongest humans out there. Every character has a strong personality no matter what their point is (for example, Shinpachi is weak physically but strong emotionally). The action scenes are well-choreographed and you won't expect anything less.


Unexpected Deep Storyline

Most of the time, you will meet new idiotic characters in Gin Tama. However, as the story goes deeper, each character together with their storyline will offer something deep for the viewers to ponder on. Sometimes, you will shed a tear or even cry a bucket of tears.

One will be able to learn a lot of moral lessons about friendship, strong will, love, and many more in Gin Tama. The characters will teach you how to find the beauty in life even if it is a tragedy.



Gin Tama is not a shoujo manga, nor a yaoi or yuri manga. There are some hints of romance in the anime series, for example, Hijikata and Mitsuba, Umibouzu and Kouka, or even Gintoki and Tsukuyo. Its romance, just like in real life, is beautiful but bittersweet.

There are times when those hints of romance in some of their episodes are enough to make your heart warm.



As the story of Gin Tama develops, and the series gets long - it gets good. Watch a few more episodes and you will surely be hooked with its amazing storyline. If you stop watching because you find a few episodes too cringey because of its comedic elements, then you are missing how good of a masterpiece this anime is. Watching Gin Tama is surely worth it.

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