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Ginny and Georgia: A Review


Ginny and Georgia piloted on Netflix on February 24th 2021. Despite being marketed as a comedy-drama, I find this show fits better in the teen drama/romance category. That's not to say it won't hold roots with an older audience but it seems to follow the tropes of media in that genre more than anything else. It also worth saying there is very little comedy in the show overall.

Georgia has been on the run since the age of 15, escaping one bad situation and landing smack in the middle of the next. The show follows the life of her 30 year old self and the lives of her two kids Ginny and Austin. While Georgia secretly fights of old demons, Ginny tries to navigate life as teenager in Welsbury. Never really knowing a stable home, she feels out of place in the wealthy upper class community. She struggles to catch up with her friends who are swamped with extracurriculars and college prep, while also balancing a budding and confusing love life.


Is it worth the watch?

Overall I would say Ginny and Georgia is pretty good show. I wouldn't describe it as binge worthy but the storytelling really does capture the audience's attention. Rather than obsessing over what would happen next, I longed to see everything work out for both of the show's protagonists. The show follows a basic teen romance formula but offers its own twists that keep you captivated. The use of flashbacks in this show reminds me a bit of This Is Us but instead being heartwarming, it's a heartbreaking window in to Georgia's past.

What strikes me most about this series is how well it handles serious themes. Topics of teenage pregnancy, body dysmorphia and self-harm can be difficult to address in media without seeming cheesy. Ginny and Georgia's writing handles these real life problems well. Every problem faced feels real and adds depth to the characters. I also appreciate that nothing is actually wrapped up in a neat bow by the conclusion of the first season. Real life is messy, depression doesn't just go away because you've had a conversation about it. Being a teen is not easy just because the dad is supportive.


Will There Be a Season 2?

Netflix has confirmed that the show will be running a second season. A date has yet to be announced. However, I will be patiently waiting to see what will become of my new favourite characters. My hope is that Netflix doesn't drag the show out for more than three seasons. Although the show is entertaining, I fear that anything more than three seasons would be overkill.

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