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Ghostbusters (2016) Like the Original But Awful

Summary in short; this film sucks a lot.

Summary in short; this film sucks a lot.

Ghostbusters: The Controversies Behind the Movie

Those basement dwelling nerds as you called them gave you a lot of bad reviews, fatso.

Those basement dwelling nerds as you called them gave you a lot of bad reviews, fatso.

Ghostbusters The Mockery: The Dumb Main Characters Studio and Director

NBC Universal is responsible for producing terrible shows like SNL(for the past 20 years), The Office (after season 2 because it shouldn't have been 20 seasons long and it just got boring as heck), and other terrible comedy tv shows produced by NBC Universal. And Sony has also made several horrible movies like Jack and Jill, the terrible Total Recall Remake, After Earth, The Smurfs, the last two Men in Black movies, The Smurfs movies, and Pixels and now we get ghostbusters another terrible comedy with bad CGI produced by Sony.

Let's start with Melissa McCarthy, one of the worst actresses alive all her movies are terrible, dumb unfunny, and of overall poor quality. Kate McKinnon has some of the worst jokes, looks like a dumb buffoon with some ugly gaudy, garish, looking glasses trying to play a "Smart" scientist. Kate McKinnon sucks and is unfunny and ugly, Kristen Wigg also sucks, is unfunny and plain-looking, Melissa McCarthy sucks, is unfunny, ugly fat and stupid, and Leslie Jones also sucks, is unfunny, ugly and stupid. All the main actresses, if you can call them that, were some of the worst parts of SNL and other NBC shows. Kristen Wigg is boring and unfunny and is also a dumb moron pretending to be a smart scientist. Leslie Jones does look like a gorilla but because she's fat ugly and dumb, not because she's black. Melissa McCarthy is also a dumb ape, and she's white and an ape because she's dumb ugly and fat.

And there are plenty of white men who are evolutionary throwbacks, however, they are not the only ones who hate this film, there are plenty of those who objectively find this film stupid, and not just because the cast's genders are switched around. Speaking of evolutionary throwbacks, the Jokes all fall flat and everyone in this so-called film sucks at comedic timing. The special effects in this film are all garish ugly and cheap-looking, the special effects from over 30 years ago, are better than the ones in this film. This film has the same level of special effects, as the live-action scooby doo movies and television show, which also looked bad and out of place. The music in this film is also terrible and dated and doesn't fit into the corresponding scenes, which helps to ruin them further.

Chris Hemsworth from Australia (Ausfailia) sucks as Thor, and I can't say I've liked in any film he's ever been, in including this one. But he's certainly not the worst part of the film, the female leads are by far the worst, but most of the male actors also suck. Bill Murray hated being in this film and was mocking unfunny man Jimmy Kimmel and the female cast of this version ghostbusters on Kimmel’s show. Too bad he didn't decide to star in a new ghostbusters movie before Harold Ramis died, who was the funnier of the two so that we could've had ghostbusters 3, instead of this terrible film. At least we got a great ghostbusters video game, in place of a film, before Ramis died.

I hate all the female leads, especially McCarthy who constantly mocks fans of the original film throughout this movie. She is just nasty like a younger somehow even worse version Rosie O'Donnel. The villain is bad and forgettable I can't remember what his motivation was other than he's sad or something. The Walter Peck and Mayor stand in secondary antagonists also suck it seems like everyone is an antagonist in this film and it feels so jumbled garbled and confusing because of a lack of cohesion. The Director, Paul Feig was probably the worst part of the production of this film his original concept for the film was terribly stupid and is also an unfunny hack who can't direct all the scenes feel rushed and poorly directed and very unfunny and bad. Paul Feig and some lady wrote this pile of green slimy technicolor vomit, it looks like a bad scooby doo movie from 20 years ago with similar levels of acting boring dumb plot.

Bill Murray depressed on jimmy kimmel sitting next to 4 unfunny female hacks and a dumb talk show host.

Bill Murray depressed on jimmy kimmel sitting next to 4 unfunny female hacks and a dumb talk show host.

Ivan Reitman Also Hated the Film 'Ghostbusters' backlash is about more than misogyny, says producer Ivan Reitman

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And So Did Ernie Hudson "...I think (it) would be a bad idea. I don't think the fans want to see that."

An Analysis of Ghostbusters 2016

Sony Paid Journalists Paul Feig and the Cast of Ghostbusters Attack Fans of the Original Ghostbusters Film

The Dumb Plot

The film starts with a boring looking man making dull jokes, then a spooky ghost appears. Then an old man tells Wig that his mansion is haunted with more boring jokes. Then fake Ghostbusters go examine the ghost and get Nickelodeon slimed. Then fake ghostbusters start their own business in a worse less funny way than in the original Ghostbusters. I never laughed, not even once during this train wreck of a film.

The film takes what seems like 2 hours to finally get to the actual ghostbusting, but it is only 45 minutes it's just such a slog to get through because it's so unfunny boring and dull. Along the way, the main cast meets Leslie Jones' character who is a subway worker and tells them she found a ghost, who then replaces two more great characters from the original film, Winston Zedimore and Ms. Dana Barrett, played by two infinitely better actors than anyone in this film. Then Chris Hemsworth also fails to replace Jennine Melitz another better original character, like all the other actors and actresses in this film portray. They then blast a ghost in the subway tunnel, and have more bad jokes and get slimed again.

Then they get their first job at a rock concert, and we get more terrible CGI and bad jokes, they capture a dragon looking ghost and then stupidly release it later to impress Bill Murray who is one of the only decent part of this film and like his original cast he clearly, did not want to be there and is only in 5 minutes of the film. And probably wishes he could've mocked the faux Ghostbusters longer, or perhaps the entire running time of the movie.

Then there are several stupid, boring fake scientific weapon testing scenes which just seem needless and dull. Also, forgot to mention the villain is a nerd who the film mocks and ridicules much like the cast and crew of this film, mock the fans of the original. They steal the plot of the first film, and the video game, and fail on all plot and storytelling levels. Then I don't know how it ends I forgot what happened during most of the film because it was all so boring bland dull and forgettable.

Oh wait there was something about a nerdy guy and the female Ghostbusters, who make fun of him and call him a basement-dwelling loser, and he kills himself because he's sad. After all, some ugly girls just made fun of him. Then the nerdy guy takes control of Chris Dumbsworth and summons ghosts, and also makes the police department do a stupid disco dance move, another instance of this film using terrible dated music that died 50 years ago. The nerdy man turns into the Ghostbusters logo, and the bad Ghostbusters shoot him with a gun and the movie ends, how boring. And there are some more bad jokes, and this film is so dumb it thinks that it will get a sequel, by having a mid-credits scene teasing a non-existent sequel.

look at all those empty seats you fat B%&$#!

look at all those empty seats you fat B%&$#!

"F%$# You Fatso"

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