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Getting Started in the Music Industry.

Andre has experience in the music industry, he offers assistance to upcoming recording artists.

“Music is a universal language”

There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t like music. Nowadays we have numerous genres of music to choose from. Some of us can relate to almost all of them, whether it is the way it was composed. Good music can soothe your soul, make you feel at peace with yourself and those around you.

Fans are always searching for new releases from a particular category or a special artist. New music is released regularly such as albums and singles, loyal fans around the globe just can’t get enough.

The music industry is an ever-growing business; there is always room for new talent. There is no age limit when it comes to pursuing a career in music. If you can sing very well you have a chance of making an impact depending on the genre. This is a very competitive business; it is only those who prioritize and truly enjoy composing music, make it to the top.


Getting started

To have a successful career in music is not just a walk in the park; you must be good at your craft. Take your time when arranging your lyrical content; ensure it is what a general audience can relate to. if you are a new artist. One of the best things to do is record yourself during rehearsals, listen to that recording in person and make changes where necessary.

Archive all of your Demos

When you have felt enough confidence to allow other people to listen to your music, this is how you will seek their opinion. Allow family members and close friends to listen to your recordings. Ask them what they think about it; let them give their honest answers. If they are amused at what they are hearing, feel free to ask those questions.

Would you buy my music?
Would you share my music with other people?
Would you come and show support at my first gig?


Take things to the next level

With high confidence in yourself, you are now ready to record music on a professional level. It’s time to start looking for an affordable studio, recording sessions cost money and can go on for long hours. Find an experienced sound engineer to work with; you want your music to be the best of quality. The sound engineer is to; guide you along during the recording sessions, hence the reason to work with people who know what they are doing.


Build an audience

This is where the real work begins. Getting your music heard publicly can be very challenging when you have no clue of, how music promotions work. One of the easiest ways I’d recommend is that you try to find your first gig. Start by talking with people in the entertainment business, go to the local pubs, clubs and, restaurants in your area. These establishments usually have talent nights such as karaoke, open-mic contest.

Find out where the next concert will be held get in contact with promoters, ask them to book you for the show even if you have to do it for free, what you are looking for is exposure.


Make use of social media

Never underestimate the power of social media; this is where lovers of music and players of instruments hang out. Fans like to feel some sort of closeness; they want to stay up to date. Social platforms are a great way to boost your music career because there are various tools incorporated to help upcoming musicians.

On any social media, today information travels fast, people will interact by using the like and share features; help to spread content to a wider demographic.

Getting Airplay

Do not hesitate to send your music to radio stations. Broadcasters are always in need of new music for their playlist, thousands of listeners all over the world will hear your track.
Keep contact with Disk Jock’s give them free Dubs and Jingles they can play anywhere they are booked.
Burn and label about 200 Cds and give them away when you are on the streets.

If you are an upcoming act that is looking for his or her big break in the music industry. I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful.

© 2021 Andre Mckay

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