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Get Your Business Cards out: A Look and Review Into American Psycho



We start out with Patrick Bateman who is some sort of investment banker and when he is not eating at fancy restaurants he is killing people. This movie takes us through the progression of Patrick as he tries to keep his image up while his blood lust is begins spiraling out of control. He is a rich narcissistic sadist obsessed with greed and image. When he kills his self deemed nemesis Paul Allen (Jared Leto) this starts a chain of events that starts his downward spiral. In which Patrick goes on a rampage killing pretty much anybody he see's.

Review: "No real me just an entity"

Christian Bale takes this role and almost turns into a one man play. While I felt the acting overall was wonderful, Bale's performance just commands your attention. In a movie with such great, almost philosophical dialogue, it still manages to add thrilling moments and don't look away tension. Patrick blends into the high society fabric and passes for a regular human, while not having any humanizing emotions like empathy or compassion. Status is a heavy theme and is essentially Patrick only goal other than killing people. Patrick seems to be always one step away from snapping and shows awareness that his his normal person facade is peeling away. It is this character development where the movie really shines as Bale's character starts to unravel we see the different stages he goes through. At one point Patrick's blood thirst gets so unmanageable he turns almost into a vampire entity biting victims. American Psycho really shines with eerie shots that come off at times with a real Jack The Ripper Feel. In the scene where he is walking on the street and heads in the alley to commit his first murder, Could be a modern London with a Business suit version of Jack. If I had any complaints It would be the supporting cast, there wasn't a lot of memorable moments from the rest of the characters. They all kind of blended together and my biggest disappointment was I wanted more Dafoe. Dafoe is an amazing actor and I was excited to see him but it was for such a short time and he really didn't leave a lasting impression. The ending of this movie is one of the most argued over, and I personally like this fact. It leaves mystery and interpretation up for discussion.


The Result: "And Relief Washes Over Me In An Awesome Wave"

I found this movie captivating in a way that it makes you feel uncomfortable but you cant stop watching. Bale keeps you wondering how this is going to end. Which adds to it because Patrick is not a "good guy." Is this a movie for everybody well no in fact my wife left half way through, right during the business card scene. It will make you feel uncomfortable which I think that means it is doing its job. The ending hinders the overall movie in a way, the fact you cant for sure know if he did all these crimes and he obviously didn't do some of them adds uncertainty in the viewer. We walked through the highfaluting lifestyle of an American Psycho that will make you never look at business cards the same way again.

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