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27 Movies About Geniuses

A film buff who enjoys watching a range of different films from funny rom coms to intense thrillers.

Whether it is taking a historical approach, modern, classic and regardless if it’s action, comedy, fiction or drama or romance, there are things that make the audience greatly hooked with movies about geniuses.

There are movies that delve to serious struggles and then shed the light of what it really feels like to a tortured geniuses, movies about individuals with genius minds showcasing extraordinary abilities of the human mind or movies featuring people with special intellect in physics, mathematics, and other fields.

The following are incredible movies about geniuses that will surely leave you with a great impression, deep realizations and of course, ultimate movie viewing experience.

27 Genius Movies List

  1. Bad Genius
  2. Amadeus
  3. The Imitation Game
  4. The Theory of Everything
  5. Pi
  6. Limitless
  7. A Brilliant Young Mind
  8. The Man Who Knew Infinity
  9. Hidden Figures
  10. 21
  11. Genius
  12. The Royal Tenenbaums
  13. Antitrust
  14. Proof
  15. Good Will Hunting
  16. A Beautiful Mind
  17. The Legend of 1900
  18. August Rush
  19. Copenhagen
  20. Bobby Fischer Against the World
  21. Real Genius
  22. October Sky
  23. Enigma
  24. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  25. Baby Geniuses
  26. The Social Network
  27. Catch Me If You Can

Bad Genius is a very interesting movie that will appeal to the heart of student viewers. However, another group of the audience will also appreciate this. This movie mainly focuses on the character of Lynn, a genius and brave high school student making money out of cheating during examinations.

One of the tasks that she needs to do is to head to Sydney Australia, take the STIC (SAT) Exam, complete it and then send the answers to her friends in Thailand before they take the exam in their home country in exchange of money. Bad Genius is a movie that opens the minds of viewers to the realization that there can be real life scenarios wherein some students can make use of their talents and wit just to earn money. This might be a scenario that is now happening in real life.

If you love a movie that includes biography, history and drama, Amadeus is a good choice. This center around the success, troubles and life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Antonio Salleri believed that Mozart’s music is miraculous and divine, and he wishes himself to be like Amadeus so he can compose and praise the Lord.

But he was really shocked upon discovering that Mozart is a vulgar creator and confused why God favors Mozart and chose him to become his instrument. Because of envy, he created an enemy of God. He took revenge on Mozart and God’s musical mediocrity.

This is a historical thriller movie launched in 2014 under the directorship of Morten Tyldum and screenplay exclusively by Graham Moore. This is based loosely on Alan Turing Biography and Andrew Hodge’s Enigma. The Imitation Game movie casts Cumberbatch as Alan Turing; a cryptanalyst who helped resolved the Enigma Code and was prosecuted later for homosexuality.

The screenplay of this film has topped the yearly Black List for the Best Unproduced Hollywood Scripts in year 2011. The movie garnered more than $23 million all over the world. No wonder, this was considered as one of the best movies about geniuses and one of the highest grossing film of its time.

This film is based on Traveling Infinity: My Life with Stephen, Jane Hawking’s Memoir. This tells a story about the life of Stephen Hawking played by Eddie Redmayne. The movie does not just focus on Jane Hawking’s Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS progression.

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ALS is a known neurodegenerative disease causing him to be in the wheelchair and just speak by means of a computer system. This also shows Stephen Hawking’s ex-wife, Jane Hawking which is played by Felicity Jones. The movie also tells the story about his success especially in Physics. The ALS is just shown as part of the extraordinary life of Hawking.

This is another great movie about geniuses featuring a paranoid mathematician searching for the key number which is set to unlock universal patterns in nature. The story tells that In China Town, Max, believes that all things can be understood through numbers.

As he looks through the patterns, he suffered headaches. He plays with his former teacher and then fools around using a modern computer system installed in his apartment. Both the Hadistec sect and Wall Street became interested in his works, but he was disrupted by paranoid delusions, hallucinations and blackout attacks.

Because of mysterious pill allowing users to access a hundred percent of his unique brain abilities, a struggling writer turns out to be a financial wizard however; this positioned him in a world with numerous strangers.

Limitless is a very interesting action thriller movie mainly revolving around the character who takes an experimental drug (NZT) to make use of his mind completely. As the man evolves to become better version of himself, situations marked him as an assassin. But he was able to overcome his unpleasant situation and rises to the top of the financial world making billions.

This is another best movie about geniuses featuring a socially awkward teen math prodigy who finds new friendship and confidence when he landed a spot in the British Squad at International Math Olympiad. In a world that is so hard to comprehend, the lead cast Nathan suffers from connecting with the people around him.

However, the number gives him comfort. When he was brought under wing of an anarchic and unconventional teacher in the name of Mr. Humphreys their partnership paves the way for extraordinary friendship. Nathan’s amazing talents put him in place of UK’s team at International Math Olympiad. Along his journey, Nathan also develops complex relationships as he was confronted by love’s irrational nature.

This is an interesting story about the life and the academic career of Srinivasa Ramujanan, an Indian mathematician. This movie also depicts about his friendship with his mentor named Professor G.H Hardy. Srinivasa Ramujanan is known for his limitless intelligence and even miserable poverty of his Madras home in India can’t crush. It is his brilliance, intelligence and boundless confidence that attract the attention of Professor G.H Hardy. This professor was the one who invited him to develop his skills and computations on Trinity College of Cambridge.

This is movie telling a story about one team that is composed of African American mathematicians serving vital role in the NASA during the earlier years of the United States space program. In Hidden Figures, Mary Jackson, Katherine Gobels Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan crossed different race, professional lines and gender while their desire and brilliance has firmly cemented them in history of US as real American Heroes.

This is a somewhat fact –based film about the six MIT students who were trained to be experts when it comes to card counting and took Vegas casinos subsequently for millions of winnings.

Ben Campbell is a brilliant student who needed quick cash to pay for his tuition bills. He then joins other students and they make use of their excellent math skills to win a lot of money in Vegas. All-round 21 is a great entertaining watch that inspires, delivers plot twists and has sound character development.

This is a British American biological drama movie written by John Logan and directed by a renowned director Michael Grandage. This is based on the National Book Award winner of 1978 the Max Perkins: Editor of Genius exclusively by A. Scott Berg. This movie cast Jude Law, Colin Firth, Dominic West, Nicole Kidman and Guy Peace. This movie was set in New York. Maxwell Perkins, a successful and talented editor and discoverers of talented and brilliant authors Ernest Hemingway and Francis Scott Fitzgerald lives outside the city in a small cottage with his five and his five daughters. One day in the office, he read Thomas Wolfe novel entitled O Lost. He was hit by the contents and decided to publish it and work in collaboration of the author.

This is a delightful and engaging adult comedy movie with lots of sense of poignancy and quirks. Numerous critics have praised the performance of Hackman. The Royal Tenenbaums stars Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Huston and Ben Stiller. The movie is directed by Wes Anderson. The movie was set in New York where Tenenbaums occupies a big house. This got enough space to accommodate each who wanted to hide and nurture personality that is completely incompatible with the others.

This movie portrays talented and idealistic programmers and features NURV, a large corporation offering significant salary, informal work setting as well as creative and interesting opportunities for talented and qualified individuals who are willing to work with their organization. NURV’s charismatic and charming CEO (Tim Robbins) is also good-natured but the newest employee and the protagonist Milo Hoffman played by Ryan Philippe starts to unravel terrible truth about the operations of NURV. This movie is packed with scenes that will surely engage a lot of viewers.

This movie falls under drama and mystery genres. This is a story of a brilliant but a mentally disturbed knowledgeable mathematician with a recently deceased daughter who tried to come to grips with a possible inheritance: his own sanity. The complicating matters are the ex-students of her father who wanted to conduct thorough searches on his papers as well as her sister who has been separated from them and now shows up to resolve his affairs.

So if you are looking for a movie about maths geniuses, then Proof certainly falls under that category. You might just be surprised as to who turns out to have the genius mind after all.

The movie revolves around Will Hunting, a janitor working in the M.I.T. This man has an amazing gift for math. However, he needs help from psychologist s in order to find purpose and direction in life.

This is indeed a touching story about a young man who seriously struggles to find his real identity, living in this world where he can solve problems but except the one that brews deep into him. One day, he comes across his soul mate who significantly opens his heart and mind. The Good Will Hunting Movie stars Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Robin Williams.

A brilliant but asocial mathematician and economist John Nash accepted the cryptography works but his life takes its turn for nightmarish. From peak of notoriety up to the depths of depravity, he experienced all these. As a real genius in mathematics, he successfully made these astonishing discoveries earlier in his career and have stood firm in brinks of international recognitions.

However, the handsome yet arrogant Nash eventually finds himself in a complicated and painful self-discovery journey. After long years of struggles, he eventually succeeds and overcome the tragedy and later received a Noble Prize. The movie stars Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe. A Beautiful Mind is directed by Ron Howard.

This is a story about Danny Boodmann, stoker in the American liner. He is a Virginian who unexpectedly found an abandoned baby on the ship. He named that child Danny Boodman T.D Lemon 1900. He raised the child and treats him like his own until Danny’s death resulting from an incident in the ship.

That child never left the ship since then and he became a musical genius particularly when it comes to playing the piano. As an adult, he befriends Max Tooney the ship band’s trumpet player. After a few years in the ship, he left and relates the story of 1900 to the music store owner.

This movie is about a cellist Lyla Novacek studying at Julliard School. She lives under the very strict rules and regulations of her father. On the other hand, Louis Collony is the lead singer of an Irish Rock Band named “The Connelly Brothers”. Louis and Lyla met at a party after finishing their respective concerts and they have this intimate encounter at the rooftop.

A day after they were separated and couldn’t maintain the communication since Lyla was brought by her father to Chicago. Lyla knew that she was pregnant then. After an argument with his father, they met an accident and due to trauma, she gave birth prematurely. She thought that her son died but truth is her father puts him to adoption secretly.

This movie was adapted from a stage play about meeting between Warner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr in Copenhagen. The young Warner Heisenberg during the time was leading a German Research about nuclear energy while isolated Bohr was in communication with the allied agents and holds a position of amazing influence in the community of nuclear physics research.

The meeting was set to discuss their past friendships and their works. Another concern of their meeting is revolving around the role of Heisenberg in German Atomic Bomb program during World War II.

These features exploring bizarre and tragic life of Bobby Fisher, the late chess master. This includes the dramas of his career. He had undeniable troubled childhood. This also talks about how he reached his rock star status a Cold War Icon and World Champion. This is indeed another quality picture that will leave you guessing what would happen in the next scenes and of course will make you entertained with its unique storyline. This is one of the masterpieces of Liz Garbus that is proven to be a powerful and compelling movie.

This is a very old yet interesting movie about teen geniuses dealing with their abilities to develop high powered laser for their university project requirement. The moment their professor revealed that their works will be turned to military weapon, they ruined their professor’s plans.

Mitch Taylor is one of the youngest students ever accepted in a university widely known for its amazing programs for the gifted and geniuses. She works in partnership with his roommate Chris Knight in the project of developing lasers. These teens employed their intellects in pursuit of deeper understanding of what a genius really means and many other bigger blasts.

This movie follows interesting college tropes and has that optimistic streak which puts audience all the way to side of Val Kilmer. A lot of movie critics have different stand on this movie. Some state that humor is somehow smug, relentlessly cruel and disconnected from the real sense on how human beings may respond or behave in the same scenarios.

This movie according to some will make you wonder if US education system’s drive is to really develop weapons made for mass destruction though the movie of Coolidge is more hazily good natured to somehow capitalize on tougher components of materials.

But many viewers will agree that Real Genius is a movie that contains lots of pleasures however, one of the great convictions is that American campus has a life as people know it.

This is a Homer Hickam true story. He was the son of a coal miner who was significantly inspired by the launch of first Sputnik taking up rocketry which is against the wishes of his father.

The mining town was called Coalwood in1950s and Homer Hickam is a kid with just one future envisioned and that is to work as a coal miner just like his father. Nevertheless, in October of year 1957, when Sputnik, the very first artificial satellite goes to orbit, everything changes. Along with his friends and Homer the local nerd, set to do this through trials and so many errors.

Majority of individuals in the town including the father of Homer believes that they are just wasting their effort and time. Only a teacher completely understands their hard works and efforts and told them that they can be contenders in National Science Fair that also comes with college scholarships.

A young and a real genius races against precious time to crack the enemy code and resolve mystery that surrounds the women he loves. Amid World War II in March 1943, the crypto analyst at the code breaking center in Britain has discovered the creepy horror that is said by NAZI U to have modified their enigma code.

The authorities include the help extended by such a young brilliant man Tom Jericho. The chances of spy in the British code breaker rank looms and Tom’s great love, Claire had vanished. In order to solve the mystery, Tom seeks the help of Hester Wallace, Claire’s best friend. In the course of investigating the personal life of Claire, the two discovered international and personal betrayals.

With his amazing talents for highly discerning scents, Jean Baptiste Grenouile is one of the finest 18th century perfumers in France. He completely becomes obsessed with searching and capturing the best and most elusive aroma which is shockingly the scent of young ladies.

He took the darkest turns as he searches for the perfect scent by killing 12 young ladies. When the remains of these ladies were found, this had caused panic to families who just wanted to lock up their daughters and just protect them from Jean Baptiste Grenouile, the killer. This movie stars Alan Rickman, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Whishaw and more. This is directed by Tom Tykwer. This is a movie that brings suspense, mystery and drama.

The movie relates a story wherein super intelligent babies were held captive by a scientist. However, things begin to take turn for the worst when mix up happens between the baby genius and its twin. This smartest baby is sly who happened to escape from the lab and aims to unites babies in the outside world and help those babies trapped in the lab.

If you are fond of watching movies about geniuses and looking for films with the most interesting characters, why not check on this list? The characters in in these movies can be fictional; can be robots, lovers and ghosts or characters with crazy, wild yet ultimately intelligent mind. In this list, you can surely find variety and you can choose the movie that suits your preference and taste. There is certainly something in these movies that will convince you to include these in your must-watch movies bucket list.

An entrepreneurial movie, The Social Network follows how Mark Zuckerburg formed the dominant social network of today, Facebook. Mark played by Jesse Eisenberg scored a perfect 1600 SAT score and soon went to drop out of Harvard to move to California to create what is the giant company that almost everyone has an account on.

It follows the trials and tribulations that he went through during that period, facing multiple lawsuits and social breakups - but ultimately goes on to triumph through creative genius implementing new ideas to bring socialization online. A truly inspiring story for any entrepreneur out there.

"Catch Me If You Can" is an all time personal favorite of mine. It follows the events of a true story of Frank Abagnale whose genius doesn't only lie in his intellect but his utter confidence under pressurizing situations. He first cons his way into being the teacher (despite just being a student) to an airline pilot, doctor, and lawyer.

A fascinating story of wits that sees Frank on the run across the US by FBI Agent of equal intellect Carl Hanratty. An overall, truly great movie that is certainly worth watching. If you really enjoyed this film, we recommend taking a look at White Collar which is basically the TV series based from his life.

Genius Movies

Genius Movies

These are the best movies about geniuses that you can watch and enjoy. There are still a lot more movies to choose from. All you must do is conduct your own research online and discover more movies that are not included in this list. With the millions of individuals all over the world who are avid fans of movie about geniuses, viewers can expect more movies under this category in the future.

Of course, if there are any movies that you think should be on the list, then please let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to add them (after watching them of course).

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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