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Genesis - The Last Domino?

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The three amigos


GENESIS: A brief history

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The beginning of the end

On Saturday 26 March 2022, Genesis played what it would seem their last concert together.

A bittersweet experience for those [like me] who have followed this band for years. But if Phil Collins' threat is true, well, I believe I was lucky enough to experience a milestone moment in Prog Rock history.

In an age where ageing rockers are still grafting it with a vengeance, it is sad to see Genesis will be no more.

As rock statesmen in their early 70s, one can see why they want to wind down a bit; but adding Phil's fragile health of late, it is also understandable, and sensible too.

Although it's true he was not at the top of his game, the fact he's defied excruciating pain to go on stage, is a testament of his resolve to say farewell to live gigs with a bang. The fact he is no longer able to play his beloved drumkit adds an even sadder element to this farewell. His son Nic however, deputised magnificently on the skins. Certainly, a gift passed from father to son.

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The Cast

Mike & Tony as expected were sharp, skilful and tight in their performance. The ever-faithful deputy on-tour guitarist Daryl Stuermer as always, at the top of his game, alternating 6 & 4-string duties with Mike Rutherford.
On drums, there was a young lad, one Nic Collins.

At only 20 he deputised magnificently beating those skins as if he were three times his age.

Oh, did I mention he also happens to be Phil Collin’s son?

Certainly, a gift passed from father to son.
Finally, aiding Collins on vocals were Daniel Pearce & Patrick Smyth who, as well, albeit in the background, added that little dimension in the singing.

Words are definitely surplus to requirements here, simply enjoy the images and sounds. Let the music do the talking…

A farewell fit for kings...

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All things Genesis

Genesis back catalog

A brief history

Genesis was formed at Charterhouse School in Surrey in 1967 by Tony Banks (Keyboards), Mike Rutherford (bass, guitars), Ant Phillips (guitars), Chris Stewart (drums) and Peter Gabriel (vocals).

Like many rock bands, Genesis went through some personnel changes, especially at the beginning of their career.

Chris Stewart was replaced by John Silver, who after the recording of their debut album From Genesis to Revelation was replaced by John Mayhew. He too lasted one album Trespass, and was eventually replaced by a young West London kid, one Phillip David Charles Collins.

This line-up lasted two albums before Ant Phillips, who was averse to touring and the prospect of a nomadic life as a band member left to pursue a solo career. In came Steve Hackett.

This formation went on to record Nursery Cryme (1971), Foxtrot (1972), Selling England by the Pound (1973) & The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974). Following the supporting tour of this last album, Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975, also to pursue a solo career.

Without their charismatic frontman the band was left to audition a replacement.

After countless candidates, which didn’t seem to appeal to the band, Phil Collins, who up until then besides drum duties, also contributed to back-up vocals, decided to give it a go as lead singer on some material they were working on.

And it all stayed within the band…

1976 saw the release of A Trick of the Tail, which signified the debut of Phil Collins as lead singer. Months later Wind & Wuthering followed, cementing him as the natural and frontman of the band. A massive world tour followed in support of those two albums and their fantastic Seconds Out live album came out by 1977. Collins by then was supported initially by ex-Yes, King Crimson drummer Bill Brufford, then Chester Thompson when Genesis went on tour. Thompson would remain integral to the band’s live shows for the next 30 years.

Changes however would remain a constant in the band. Steve Hackett would leave at the end of that tour in 1977.

He was not replaced however. Six-string duties fell on Mike Rutherford who alternated bass & guitar duties in the studio. On tour however, he would alternate with American guitarist Daryl Stuermer, who has been a constant with the band right up until their last shows in 2022.

Fittingly, And then there were three came out in 1978 out of which came their first top single Follow you, follow me.

They were propelled into the 80s with Duke, followed by Abacab (1981), Genesis (1984), and Invisible Touch (1986).

Five years later We can’t dance was released. Their fifth live album The way we walk was released in 1993.

In 1995 Collins announced his departure after 25 years in the band to concentrate on his solo career. Banks & Rutherford continued writing new material nevertheless and recruited Scottish singer Ray Wilson releasing Calling all stations in 1997.

Following a lacklustre tour, the band seemed to slowly dissolve into nothingness as Rutherford concentrated on his successful side-project Mike and the Mechanics while Banks worked on solo stuff and film scores, while contributing with other artists.

In 2007 Banks, Collins and Rutherford reunited for a world tour culminating in their sixth live album Live over Europe.

Again, a huge hiatus followed. All three concentrating on their own solo careers, always followed by rumours and counter-rumours of another reunion.

During that time however, Collins suffered nerve damage following a spine injury meaning he had to give up playing drums due to excruciating pain, not to mention numbness in his hands which curtailed his ability to play.

Nevertheless, in 2020 they prepared a [final] reunion tour. Covid-19 which pretty much turned off the world for the best parts of 2020 and 2021 saw their tour postponed till autumn 2021. This too had to be postponed in October 21 due to a member of the band testing positive.

They resumed the tour in early 2022 culminating in what is thought to be their final gig at the London O2 Arena on 26 March 2022.

Question is; will this really be their Last Domino?

The final bow?

A fitting finale

A fitting finale

© 2022 Ant Richards

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