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General Hospital: Selina Wu may be buying up Port Charles


Is Selina up to something?

General Hospital Spoilers have suggested that Nina Reeves ( Cynthia Watros) might purchase the Metro Court to get revenge in Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) but there is another scenario that might be more realistic and may have already been set in motion. Selina Wu (Lydia Look ) might already own part of Carly’s establishment and it may be part of something bigger. Wu has slowly but surely been making a name for herself in Port Charles since she returned from Asia after the first of this year. She has an understanding with Sonny Corinthos ( Maurice Benard) that keeps him from retaliating against her nephew Brad Cooper (Perry Shen) and Wu is responsible for Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Carly not being blown to bits on their wedding day. She is blackmailing Britt Westbourne with a secret from 2016 when Britt was on the run with Cesar Faison ( Andre Hovis). Dr. Westbourne was forced to steer Brad to work for his aunt instead of the hospital. Selina is hosting gambling games in the back room of the Savoy as Curtis is in her debt because she provided him information on Marshall Ashford ( Robert Gossett). The lady mobster may have tipped her hand when she showed up uninvited to the Deception launch party and it was revealed that she had purchased a large number of Deception stock.

Still waters run deep

Now it’s possible that Wu is behind the Stillwater company that bought Carly’s half of the Metro Court. Some spoilers are saying Sonny could step in and get the hotel back for his ex-wife or that a new owner might take over but it’s also possible that Selina owns Stillwater and is using it to funnel her mob money. If this is true she could end up owning the hotel. Carly said she had 30 days to buy back her shares but now she has no money because the merger between Aurora and ELQ did not go through. Anyone could be behind Stillwater but Selina is a top contender and it would be in line with her other recent decisions. Last week Brad watched as his aunt had one of her minions beat up Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) because he was cheating at gambling so Wu’s power in Port Charles is being extended. The fact that it was emphasized that she purchased Deception stock might play a role in a storyline down the road., Something could happen and a stockholders meeting is necessary and Wi might turn out to own the majority of the stock. If she is behind Stillwater there could be friction with Sonny if Carly does not get her half of the Metro Cory back. At one point Sinn said someone from the West Coast was trying to take over territory in Port Charles by neither he nor Selina could figure out who it was.

Selina has a plan

There is always a chance that this individual owns Stillwater and time will tell. If Wu is the ne who purchased half of the hotel she might in good faith work something or with Carly to keep the peace or she may say it’s only business. She also might put Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa Locicero) out of a job by buying her out and putting her own people in the Metro Court. Selina sees to get what she wants as she made certain Brad would be working for her and that Curtis would give her space for gambling. She made her presence known to the Deception team and is a major shareholder. Watching as Cody was beaten shows she is not soft and means business. Whether she owns half of the Metro Court or not remains to be seen but one thing is certain. General Hospital fans realize Madame Wu is a force to be reconded with and is no shrinking violet. She will keep a lid on whatever she knows about Britt unless provoked to spill the details and seems to be marking her territory as she goes along in Port Charles. Be on the lookout for General Hospital updates related to all things Selina Wu and keep watching General Hospital to find or what will happen next.

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