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General Hospital: Nicholas Alexander Chaves Updates Fans About His New Role

Nichols Chaves will be on Tubi.

Nichols Chaves will be on Tubi.

Nikolas Chaves sets the record straighht

Nicholas Alexander Chaves was recast in the role of Spencer Cassadine on General Hospital in the summer of 2021. It took some time for fans to warm up to him because GH viewers adored his predecessor Nicolas Bechtel who grew up in front of the camera. Chaves has grown on the viewing audience and his character is currently involved in several front-burner storylines. Those who watch the ABC soap have become invested in. Chives and were troubled by an announcement he made during the first week in March. the actor shared that he has a new job and his followers have been worried that he is leaving the ABCs soap. The actor confirmed he has a new role but he is not leaving his current job. This is good news because GH has gone through a lot of recasts lately and fans don't want to hear of another. Briana Henry left her role as Jordan Ashford and was replaced by Tanisha Harper and Sydney Mikaya is going to focus on her college classes so Tabyanna Ali will now portray Trina Robinson. Patricia Garita recently filled in for Inga Cadrenal as Harmony Miller, Asante Jones portrayed Marcus Taggert in February but Real' Andrews said he will be back, and Lindsay Hartley temporarily replaced Kelly Monaco as Sam Mc Call. Thankfully Chaves set the record straight so his fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Spencer will not be recast

Spencer will not be recast

Chaves joins Crushed on Tubi

The General Hospital cast member's new gig is on Tubi, a Fox Entertainment ad-supported streaming service. Tubi recently announced that Chavez had been cast as one of the leads in a new series titled Crushed. This is a comedy series and coming of age show that follows Kate (Bebe Wood ), a high school senior. Chavez. portrays the object of her affection and Kate is crushing hard on him. She is described as a romantic who attempts to get Jason to notice her during their senior class trip. Unfortunately, everything gets out of hand and this is the basis for the show.. The Tubi original series also stars Bailey Stender, Kylee Russel, Valerie Azlynn, Lisa Yamada, and Meg Wright. Crushed comes to Tubi from Cartel Pictures and is produced by Eric Scott Woods. and Stan Spry. The series was written by Heidi Lux marking her screenwriting debut is directed by Niki Koss. Chaves will be doing double duty so fans should be on the lookout for 4he first air datr of Crushed.

Spencer has come a long way.

Spencer has come a long way.

Spencer has his hands full

On General Hospital, Spencer has trouble on every hand and things will get worse before they become better. He believes himself to be in love with psychopath Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) but is developing feelings for Trina. “ Spence” is estranged from his father Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Columba) and hates his stepmother Ava Cassadine (Maura West). Spencer is serving time in Spring Ridge where serial killer Ryan Chamberlain is also a prisoner and has no idea his girlfriend is the demented doctor’s daughter. Spencer has come a long way since the days putting fake blood all over Ava's Art considering reconciliation with Nikolas and is being heavily influenced by his great uncle Victor Cassadine, (Charles Shaughnessy). Esme is working with her dad so he can obtain access to both Ava and the tCassadine fortune. Spencer has no idea of the trouble heading his family’s way and also has no clue how devious his great uncle is. When all of this is over he might find that Ava cares more about him than either Esme or Victor. General Hospital fans have waiting to see Spencer with Trina but now that Sli is taking over the role viewers will need time to warm up to her and see if they duo had chemistry. Betrayl and heartbreak are coming to the Cassadine Prince and he will probably lean on Trina for support. Congratulations to Nicholas Alexander Chaves for his new role in Crushed. Be on the lookout for General Hospital updates related to the perils of Spencer Cassadine.


Nikolas Chaves has a new gig

Crushed cast

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