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July 4th


Jennifer Smith migh be a red herring

General Hospital fans believe the return of Jennifer Smith (Holly Gagnier) indicates that Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) is alive and well. The ABC soap has a creative license and can do what they want with the character. They could recast Luke but longtime fans will not be in agreement. If Geary were going to return someday it would make sense to tease about a possible comeback but he has made it clear he has no intention of returning. The iconic actor walked away from the soap and has said in interviews that he wanted Luke to die in a blaze of glory. He also said he did not desire Luke to live and return to Port Charles for special occasions. Every indication is that Geary is done and Luke is dead and Jennifer Smith is a red herring so let’s take a look at the facts.

Chaos hits Port Charles

Tracy Quartermaine ( Jane Elliot), showed up In Port Charles in January with Luke’s ashes saying he was confirmed dead in a cable car accident. General Hospital fans later found out that Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) was behind the crash and Luke’s death in order to get his hands on the Ice Princess diamond. Jennifer Smith showed up in for Luke’s memorial service which seemed suspicious. She has resurfaced and the diamond was found in her possession shortly after Victor said he was framing someone for Luke’s death. and Jennifer could be the fall guy. This would be so Victor can push his claim he is trying to live a better life. Smith could be convicted of the theft of the diamond and go to jail and never be seen again. If Luke escaped the crash and is faking his death would he turn to Smith and allow Tracy and his loved ones to grieve for him? Geary resides in Amsterdam where he says he can live his life in privacy without people in his business. Some General Hospital fans have taken this to mean he wants to live openly gay without the scrutiny that comes with being a popular celebrity in America. Geary has remained constant with two statements he had been making since leaving the ABC soap. He wants to be left alone and is done with General Hospital.

Believe Anthony Geary

General Hospital viewers are wondering why there is so much emphasis on Luke Spencer now that he is dead. Are the writers thumbing their noses at Geary or trying to increase ratings. Simply recasting the character at this point and having Luke return to Port Charles to vanquish Victor would never be accepted by devoted fans.Geary has only showed up once since his character went to Europe and my that was for les than 60 seconds. He was sitting in a Paris cafe when Traci walked in the door. It could be that bringing back Victor and Jennifer are only to drive the storyline but fans say they need closure. Viewers don’t want to have the possibility of a Luke return dangled in front of them only to find out it has only been a tease. There is also the possibility that the GH writers are not trying to con the fans and are not implying Luke is still alive. This could all be on the part of the wishful thinking of the fans and the need for spoilers to have something to report. Killing Luke off could be the writers way of letting the fans know that Geary’s character is over and done.

Victor Cassadine is the man to watch

General Hospital viewers should keep their eyes on Victor and also Jennifer if she surfaces again. She is working with someone on the West Coast who has not yet been revealed. Some who watch the ABC soap are convinced it is Luke but unless Geary had a change of heart and the price is right this will not happen. Anthony Geary is living a private life on another continent and has no desire to return to America where he feels he cannot be his authentic self whatever that might be. His GH character was killed in a traumatic manner which was kind of sort of what he desired. Some spoilers are teasing that Cyrus Renault ( Jeff Kober) is the mystery person that Jennifer is working for but this is only speculation. Fans should take Anthony Geary at his word and move forward looking for clues related to what is really going on in Port Charles.

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