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Genera Hospital spoilers for Monday August 15

Nik, Ava, Esme, and Spencer are in for a lot of drama.

Nik, Ava, Esme, and Spencer are in for a lot of drama.

Oz is alive but can he save Trina?

General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that Monday's episode will be "Must see TV." There were several cliffhangers on Friday that will begin to be resolved next week. Oz will wake up from his coma so Portia Robinson's plan will work. The question is what condition will he be in and what will he remember? Could he slip back into a coma and all the sacrifices have been in vain? On Friday Jordan Ashford recalled her conversation with officer Rorey Cabrero who asked if he could not do his duty as a police officer and have compassion as well. Jordan flipped the emergency button on the elevator and Rorey left his post in front of the hospital room to investigate. Portia was just around the corner so she went into the room and have Oz an injection that will wake him up. The jury is about to render a verdict but it's not known yet what it will be. There is also the issue of Dex tampering with one of the jury members on Sonny's behalf. Hopefully all of this interference will pay off and Trina will be exonerated but no one knows for sure.

Nikolas lies to his uncle Victor and Spencer considers sharing his feelings

Spoilers say Victor Cassadine will notice something is off with his nephew and invite Nikolas to come clean. In order to protect Ava, the Prince will lie that he killed Esme. Nik is not to bright and will play right into Victor's hands. At some point, this confession will come back to bite him as Victor will no doubt use the information for his own purposes. In the meantime, both men only want what is best for Spencer and to keep him from going to Pentonville but "Spence" might have love on his mind. The young Cassadine Prince does not have to report to the prison for 2 weeks and he is going to show up at the courthouse to support Trina. Spoilers tease that he may consider letting her know how he really feels but don't say whether or not it will happen. Spoilers are noticeably quiet in regard to Esme so it's not known if she is really dead or will pop up somewhere later.

Will Joss fall for Dex and kick Cameron to the curb?

Will Joss fall for Dex and kick Cameron to the curb?

Is Joss and Cam's relationship in trouble?

On soaps, they often make a big deal about teenagers and their first time making love as was the case with Joss and Cam. There is this big buildup and once they become18 and have that initial experience things take a different turn. It's looking like this is what will happen now that Joss has noticed Dex. If she is anything like her mother she will choose the bad boy over sweet Cameron. Spoilers say Cam will get a bad feeling and try to steer his girlfriend away from Sonny's new hire. Perhaps he is picking up on the chemistry between the two but he might be fighting a losing battle. Joss is headstrong and now that she is no longer a virgin might be interested in an older more dangerous man rather than her stable boyfriend. Can anyone say like mother like daughter? Viewers should not be surprised based on her recent behavior if Joss becomes a worse version of Carly. Dex does not look like a keeper so Joss might end up getting hurt.

Confusion will abound in Port Charles

Trina has feelings for both Rorey and Spencer and Joss is drawn to Dex in spite of being Cameron's girlfriend. Nikolas wants to use the Esme card to keep Ava from divorcing him and Victor will do anything to gain leverage and control his family. Jordan has compromised her principles and Portia has broken her oath all in an attempt to help Trina. Be sure to t.une in Monday to find out what Oz has to say when he wakes up and what verdict the jury has rendered. Will Spencer and Trina both end up in Pentonville or will they both get a reprieve? be sure to tune in the General Hospital and to find out.

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