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Media: Friend or Foe for Gender Equality

Friend or Foe

Alright my dear readers, as discussed earlier in the summary, this article deals with the effects of media on gender equality, be it be good or bad lets discuss both. To know more please continue reading.

Women:just a 'Glamour Doll'?!

The Power of Media

Media (medium-sing.) explains all about itself. It is a means of communication to, for, and by the people. It has developed from print media to audio-visual and to whatever we have today. Obviously, the power of media is boundless and unimaginable. It has huge effect on people and social issues and gender equality is no such exception.

Gender Equality

"Gender Equality is the unfinished job of 21st century"

Effects of Media on Gender Equality

First of all, I should admit that media has done enormous efforts to bring equality among gender through movies, programs, and so on to list some. But I should also bring it to your notice that it has contradicted the same. Be it be in movies or whatsoever women are mostly portrayed as glamour doll or some way or the other submissive to men. Now for those who think that there are movies for women, I wish you also should remember that gender equality is not feminism, it is treating every gender equally without any restrictions and reservations too. It is also worth mentioning that no. of women in media increasing at a satisfactory rate. Women should empowered with getting their access into media. Also the media should change the idea among people on gender equality from feminism to humanism. In a country like India, where conservative ideas are still prevailing, there is a long way to go in this regard and of no doubt media can help a lot, I mean really a lot. Having said that, we also should understand that reserving seats for women is not a solution to about bringing equality in gender but rather it is giving privilege to a class in society. What I mean to stress upon is basically to change the perspective of understanding gender equality.

Gender equality is nowadays seen in terms of salary and positions only but it is very much necessary to see it as a enlightenment in society which should begin from individual heart. We all say that support gender equality but we actually don't follow it. One should also know that gender is just a biological state of a human and does not define the social behavior of a human being. Not only women, men also also have limitations in the society say, he is not allowed to be too expressive or cry and that. Having told that let me also take you to a another world of human being who have broken these social ethics. Yes its the transgender I'm talking about.Whenever we talk about the third gender, we imagine hijras crossing by with loud makeup, cracked voice and clapping in a distinct manner. Let me prove you not, check out the remaining article.

"Don't look for society to give you permission to BE YOURSELF"

Transgender and Media

ANJALI  AMEER:  The first transgender actress in India to play a lead role in a debut film 'Perambu' with Mammootty.

ANJALI AMEER: The first transgender actress in India to play a lead role in a debut film 'Perambu' with Mammootty.

Transgender and Media

Transgender, a very vulnerable minority group, who are isolated from the other people just for their choices. We human are social animals and we make our own choices because that is what sets us apart from other animals. It is not humane to disrespect someone for their choices because that makes no difference between humans and the rest of animals. Not surprisingly we frequently prove that we also come from animals and so is in the case of acceptance of transgender. we all claim that we respect them, we treat them equally, we respect them and that but do we at least separate public toilet for them, moreover they are the ones who roam street more often then us. We have disrespected them for choosing their life and realizing who they really are from within. Media is also responsible for the same. Transgender had been trolled and the worst part is we enjoy them. Of course they go unnoticed but they mean a lot to them who feel the pain.

One should also give the credit to media for uplifting them to a considerable standard. Gladly transgender also have laid their platform in media. Readers here I would like to bring your attention to address few greater achievers;

Transgender Achievers in India










Let's All Join Hands for Gender Equality

What I want to conclude here is media can change the way we perceive things about gender equality. I also have a request to my readers is that don't let media or anyone to define a gender because everyone are unique in their own way. Hope you liked my article and please write the comments below anything because you have the right to do it.

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Pavithra on February 16, 2019:

Well done Abishek . Really very nice article and need more of public awareness. Keep going. Still expecting more. Good effort. God bless u

Thennila on September 09, 2018:

You rightly said about the gender equality. It is an excellent article. But still need awareness among the people. There is equality in thinking, no one is to be under estimated. All should respect each other. Good effort. Wish you Good Luck.

M.Nitinprabhu on September 07, 2018:

Dear Abisek, it's really a good effort. I appreciate it. I'd like to suggest you to read more articles, journals, magazines and book. These may help you to think and write a lot. The more you read the more you explore. Surprise us more. All the best gentleman.

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Great work... Hatts off

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It is a nice article.... Make it more interesting. There are more things u make us think.. Like public toilets for transgender...hope u would write more articles..... Keep doing.. All the best

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Well done

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Eye opening article

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