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Gemma Atkinson Beautiful British TV Actress, Supermodel, & Fitness Enthusiast

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A First Look At Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson is present here at FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Launch Party in May 2013.

Gemma Atkinson is present here at FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Launch Party in May 2013.

Gemma Atkinson is a young and beautiful British TV actress and supermodel. She is best known for her role as Lisa Hunter in the English soap opera called Hollyoaks. She has been acting in this series since 2001. Gemma Atkinson entered the world on November 16, 1984. She is a native of Manchester, England. She attended Castlebrook High School where she was very active in participating in the school’s programs. It may be no secret why she is also making sure to live a healthier lifestyle. She is also known to be a big fitness enthusiast.

Gemma was born just days after Japanese supermodel and actress Yoko Mitsuya. Gemma was involved heavily with athletics during her school years and she was known as a very popular girl who had lots of friends.

However, acting and modeling was not even on the top of the list for Gemma because she was a bigger sports fan. Gemma got involved in the entertainment industry because of her mother. Her mother actually deceived her into getting involved with her first audition. Gemma began her career acting in commercials and doing what is called photographic modeling. Soon, her face and natural beauty made her popular enough for her to get attention. In 2001 at the age of 17, Gemma’s role in the TV series Hollyoaks really made her famous and she became a recognizable face almost instantly. Due to her success on the show and her large fan base, producers created a short-lived show called Hollyoaks: After Hours in 2004. This program turned Atkinson from a teenage star into a widely popular sex symbol.

Gemma Atkinson's movie career in brief

She starred in two other similar shows called Hollyoaks: Let Loose and HollyOaks: In the City. Atkinson also starred in a theatrical production of Peter Pan at the Manchester Opera House in December 2008. Her co-star John Thomson played the role of Captain Hook. She has had other roles in television including as herself in Plus One. This is part of the pilot series called Comedy Showcase. It was in April 2009 that she finished filming for her role in an episode of The Bill. In that episode, she stars as the girlfriend of a drug dealer. She also played in a UK gangster film called Baseline. That was back in March 2009. Another role for her in the theatrical production of Calendar Girls became a reality. That performance lasted from July through November of 2009. In 2010, Atkinson had a role in the film called The Sweet Shop. In 2011, she starred alongside Pamela Anderson in the film called How to Stop Being a Loser. The film made its premiere on November 14, 2011. Gemma took her talents to Bollywood, starring in the film called FEVER in September 2013. In the previous month of August 2013, the film called The Dyatlov Pass Incident was released in the UK. She also made an appearance in the video for the song called Skip to the Good Bit by Rizzle Kick. Atkinson also stars in a medical drama called Casualty where she plays the role of a paramedic named Tamzin. Filming for the drama finished in May 2014. In 2015, Atkinson starred in a program called The ABBA Christmas Party. In this program, she performed as herself.

Gemma Atkinson at the National Maritime Museum

Gemma Atkinson poses at the Sun Military Awards in London England.

Gemma Atkinson poses at the Sun Military Awards in London England.

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Gemma Atkinson and her modeling career

As Gemma’s popularity has reached stratosphere like levels, she has been photographed and featured in basically every single English magazine from Arena, Zoo Weekly, Maxim and Loaded. Gemma is also known as a woman with a very open and liberal personality. These qualities have allowed this 31 year-old British movie star and sex symbol to transform her acting into a very successful modeling career. She has also agreed to become a regular sex and relationships columnist for Zoo Weekly! She has also been the main face of fashion brands La Senza and Ultimo’s D-G range. She has also been able to open Ultimo stores in cities like London, Belfast, and Glasgow. Gemma Atkinson has released calendars every year since 2006 with the 2008 and 2009 editions being done in Thailand. Gemma Atkinson appeared in a bikini photo shoot in the Dominican Republic showing her awesome bikini body! This is similar to the way that former AKB48 singer Yuko Oshima showed her bikini body in Spain after leaving AKB48.

Gemma's personal life, exercise and fitness routine and charitable work

In addition to her acting and modeling work, Atkinson has also dedicated her time to health and fitness. In 2007, she took part in a 5 kilometer run to raise awareness for breast cancer. She has dated soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. As of this writing, she is now dating Olly Foster who works as a personal trainer and he was a former rugby player. In 2007, she became the main face of British Grand Prix. Gemma Atkinson joins Rachel Stevens as the other famous British celebrity to dedicate her time to charitable causes. Stevens who is now 37 appeared in a commercial warning men of the dangers of testicular cancer. Atkinson has also taken part in the Great Manchester Run in 2009, 2010, and 2011. But in 2011, her performance was the best of those three years because she finished that run in 55 minutes. Atkinson attends Muay Thai classes two times per week.

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