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Fuuko Yagura Japanese Girl Singer of the Group Nmb48 Who Has Worked With Miru Shiroma

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A first look at Fuuko Yagura of NMB48


Who is Fuuko Yagura?

  • Date of birth is February 24, 1997 (23 years of age)
  • Her hometown is Osaka.
  • She is listed as being 156 centimeters tall.
  • She is signed to the agency Yoshimoto Kyoraku.
  • She is also a member of AKB48’s Team A.
  • She made her entertainment industry debut in May 2011.
  • Her hobbies include reading shoujo manga, watching movies, and shopping.
  • She has a very soft body.
  • She is athletically skilled and knows how to run short distances, do hurdles and perform the jump rope.
  • Her favorite food is ice cream.
  • She says that her future ambition is to become an actress.
  • She is a member of the Drama Club headed by Mariya Nagao and Captain Mariko Nakamura. Note: The previous time that I had updated this written piece Mariya Nagao had announced her graduation from AKB48.

How did Fuuko Yagura join NMB48?

Even though she joined NMB48 as a research student in May 2011, Fuuko Yagura was promoted to that group’s Team M on January 26, 2012. She is also a member of AKB48’s Team A since April 28, 2013. She was one of the newest Japanese idols like Rina Kawaei. She is known by the nickname of Fuuchan.

Why should Fuuko Yagura be noticed or given consideration?

The question on the minds of many might be why should Fuuko Yagura be given consideration and noticed even though she is only 19 years old? This is because she got a big break in her career when she appeared as a bikini model! Once a celebrity gets a modeling contract, you know that they have been seen as something special. It was in the winter of 2013-2014 that Yagura appeared in Girlspedia Vol. 4 Winter Issue as a bikini model. She was seen with the following Japanese idol singers:

  • Sae Murase
  • Kanako Kadowaki
  • Yui Takano

In a culture that is obsessed with cuteness, it is no surprise that Yagura made that modeling appearance.

A look at the career of Fuuko Yagura

Her debut with NMB48 came when she took part in the single called Oh My God! Her debut single with AKB48 was the one called Gingham Check. Other singles she has participated in as a member of AKB48 include Eien Pressure, sayonara Crawl, Koi suru Fortune Cookie, Heart Ereki, Mae shika Mukanee, Labrador Retriever, and Kokoro no Placard which was released on August 27, 2014. But the success for Yagura will not stop there. On September 30, 2014, this Osaka Japan based girl group finished their first nationwide tour and wrapped things up at the venue called Pacifico Yokohama. It was then announced that Yagura along with Miru Shiroma, 16, will be the two centers for the group’s 10th single which was released on November 5, 2014. The single did not have a title at the time I first started to cover Yagura’s career. It is called Rashikunai!. This single will have 22 girls taking part in it. Shiroma and Yagura were both very happy to be named as the centers for this single. But Yagura was more excited because of the fact that until now, she has had to watch Sayaka Yamamoto and Miyuki Watanabe perform as centers of so many of the songs. Yagura has now been chosen as the center and she says that she will devote every ounce of her energy and get NMB48 up to the top in order to meet the expectations. At 19 years old, Yagura still has lots of potential. Members Nana Yamada and Yuki Kashiwagi smiled when they heard the remarks of Shiroma and Yagura.

A LIVE version of the song Rashikunai (Miru Shiroma is the other center for this song)

More about Yagura's career and how she did in the AKB48 General Elections

Fuuko is also a member for the group’s single called Don’t Look Back released on March 31, 2015. She is definitely prettier than Team N co-captain Kei Jonishi who is only 20 years old. With the coming graduation of AKB48’s Rina Kawaei, hopefully the fans can pay attention to this girl from Osaka. Although she has participated in the 2013 and 2014 Senbatsu Elections, Yagura is one of the less popular girls of these idol groups. In the 2013 General Election, Yagura ranked at #44. In the 2014 General Election, she did a little bit better ranking at #41. In the 2015 General Election, Yagura was ranked at #40. That election finished with Rino Sashihara being voted as the most popular member of these groups.

Fuuko Yagura with Miru Shiroma and Yogi Keira

With Miru Shiroma (left).

With Miru Shiroma (left).

Fuuko Yagura is being kissed by Yogi Keira. How cute!

Fuuko Yagura is being kissed by Yogi Keira. How cute!


A few more reasons why Yagura should be noticed

Starting off 2015, Yagura has appeared with her friend and band mate Miru Shiroma in Young Jump Magazine. And late in 2014, she appeared with the cute Miyuki Watanabe in a photo shoot as well.

Fuuko Yagura Announces Graduation Plans And Retires From the Entertainment Industry

Update: As of October 2017, Yagura has announced that she intends to graduate from being an idol singer. Once again, a graduation of a member is going to make news. She has no specific plans for the future as of yet but she did say that she intends to stay a member of NMB48 until March 2018 which is just around the corner. The announcement was made during a 7th anniversary concert for the group in Osaka.

As of April 2018, Yagura has graduated from NMB48 and she has also retired from the entertainment industry.

A look at Fuuko Yagura in photos

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