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Funny Swag Quotes and Jokes for Facebook

A teen swag quote


Funny Swag Quotes

These funny Swag quotes are inspired from teen guys and girls making new fashion trends. Swag does not mean wearing funky clothes, hats, bags or making stupid looking photographs for your Facebook or Instagram bios. It's a new word meant to ring a bell in a person's mind that you really got only one life, so make the most of the day you have.

Swagger Quotes:

  1. Can you like Swag girls in swag Life & Demi Lovato forever in less than 5 seconds?
  2. Fresh new swag is looking like a BOSS and its all from the Kim Kardashian cloth line.
  3. Swag doesn't pay bills, it only sags pants.
  4. I lost my swag style and I don't want it back.
  5. Play clash of clans and join (swag in a bag) when you make your clan castle.
  6. Like, you have all that "swag" apparel, but you're apparently too broke to buy chips that cost like $1.00+?
  7. Don’t play with me; I've got an invisible swag.
  8. Swag doesn’t come economical, but it's also not luxurious either.
  9. Swag doesn't involve being rude to cute girls.
  10. I just saw a shirt that read, Swanson Swag. Freshmen can be so cute sometimes.
  11. You couldn't step your swag up if I gave your body my old clothes.
  12. Who need swag when you got house bills?
  13. Niggas be posting pictures on Facebook wearing snapbacks, diamonds and stay on that "Swag" look, but behaving stains on their shirts with pictures.
  14. It’s time to go to my Instagram because I have bugs bunny swag now.
  15. It is truly the end of the world when some idiot gets on Facebook wearing a Swag hat and a Yolo t-shirt and starts trolling everyone that they're not straight.
  16. Okay, it's time I'm honest with you all. Yes, I am Beyonce. Yes, I have Swag.
  17. I love the way when my girlfriend calls me Swag Fag.
  18. I will hide my true feelings from you unless I see your Swag style.
  19. Maybe I'll turn my Swag down some day, so you haters can catch your breath.
  20. Do I have enough SWAG to work at McDonalds?
  21. My five-year-old sister knows how to spell going. It's like this "going" Not you swag fags spelling it like junk. Please stop.
  22. Rather have class than swag; rather be a gentleman, not a player.
  23. My boss can ruin my career, but he can't ruin my swag.
  24. When I went to my room with my Swag hat the house was full of people, then I came out and about 20 minutes later there is no home.
  25. If by Swag you mean, invisible laser cannons under the hood of my car, then yes, I have mad swag.
  26. You may have a strong swag, but you cannot afford to smell my fart.
  27. Ever since I removed the name "Swag" on my Facebook ID, people stopped treating as before.
  28. Why is having swag better than having a set of skills nowadays?
  29. She said I am smart and I said you are cute, I said swag then she got mad.
  30. Drake's new songs are now uncomfortable for me; I went off from his music slightly since he became a mainstream icon of swag.
  31. The word "swag" use to mean much before it was widely used, even I feel dumb when I say it nowadays.
  32. When I inbox you and say "Swag "it doesn’t mean I want to get with you, I just don’t want to embarrass you and write it on your wall.
  33. A female having an abortion because the doctor said, your kid won't have swag.
  34. Santa: Does doing drugs make you a superhuman? Banta: no it just makes you swag. Santa: Yolo!
  35. Yeah, my voice needs pitch correction. Sorry kids, Santa Claus aren’t real swag.
  36. I have a Drake song in my iPod, but that doesn't mean I am Swag! Most of these Facebook rappers don't seem to understand that.
  37. I'm trying to sleep, but I've just got too much swag.
  38. One of my classmates told me I have Sherlock Holmes swag. That's pretty cool I guess, but damn I feel old.
  39. My boyfriend just left me because I’m using the words "Swag" and "Yolo" as descriptions of cool and extreme in my daily life.
  40. My friends tried making their password "Swag", but it says password too weak.
  41. People who say bro after everything, for example, Hey bro, Want to fight bro? Got beef bro. Look Swag Fag, I'm not your brother and if I was. I'd kill myself. Plain and simple!

Are you Swagger?


Martin Kloess from San Francisco on March 01, 2013:

Well we certainly got our share of swag, Thank you for this.

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