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Funny Facebook Addiction Quotes


Facebook Addiction

It’s a time to enjoy funny one liner jokes and quotes on Facebook obsession. Facebook addiction is the worst in all the cyber addictions. Many people psychologically addicted to drugs. Becoming a Facebook addict is common, especially in the beginning. Many people have to take a Facebook vacation from time to time. Most of us have deactivated our account for a day or a few hours only to realize we can't live without it. Thankfully, it never really goes away when we deactivate it. That means once an addict always an addict.

Facebook addiction statuses:

  1. Is there any healing program for Facebook addicted?
  2. I'm going to beat this internet addiction stuff if it takes every ounce of my strength...
  3. True story: Facebook is an addiction not a website!
  4. You know you have an Instagram addiction when you go on Facebook and double tap a photo.
  5. You may have a Facebook addiction if you... Get up to take a leak in the middle of the night and just have to turn your computer on to see if anyone messaged you in the middle of the night.
  6. 10,351 pictures on Facebook..... I may have a light addiction.
  7. As you know Facebook is just like a drug addiction so be careful.
  8. I'm thankful that everyone seems to be on Facebook today, instead of intoxicating themselves in order to cope with their families.
  9. Is there any Facebook de-addiction clinic somewhere!
  10. I don’t have a drug obsession but I have something worse which is called a Facebook addiction.
  11. My addiction to Facebook games has put me behind in homework. Please pray for me!
  12. I look out the window and the world has not changed whether I check Facebook or not.
  13. I am feeding my Facebook addiction, don’t laugh you're all addicted too.
  14. Twitter has taken over my Facebook obsession, damn if it's not one thing it’s another.
  15. I am thankful for Facebook for allowing me to stay in touch with old friends and new friends, also, for proving that addiction is real.
  16. I know it's a sign of addiction, but I get a little frustrated when I can't find someone on Facebook.
  17. Ok since I failed last time managing my Facebook addiction. Now I'm starting again and going to check my Facebook on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Wednesday.
  18. I recommend Tumblr to all Facebook addicts, incase Facebook compulsion continues after one week, and see your doctor.
  19. In response to my lack of creativity and obsession to Facebook I declare all of my online arguments are up for sale. Inquire elsewhere.

Facebook is like a Jail


Facebook Addiction Disorder

I think Facebook can either be too good or too bad for us, but the latter's got the upper hand. Though FB keeps us connected with Friends and family from all over & keep us more informed and closer, it becomes an addiction and very much attached to our livelihood, making it vulnerable for us to fall prey to more temptations and sins. FB was initially made for, to share files and details but now FB has become more of a photo & status liking & sharing site. (No doubt sharing of numbers, emotions, dramas, love & tears) It does beyond imagine what the future holds- excessive Facebooking & marriages on FB itself & more: "Teen girls have always obsessed over their looks. But social networking is pushing them to a disturbing extreme."(Says Randye Hoder) Many parents have seen this happen first hand! A daughter who is normally laid back, moral and shy will suddenly have pictures on Facebook wherein they look much older and immorally sensuous. Just as some young men act tougher behind the computer screen, girls are now acting more sensual to attract a mate. One can only hope this will be the last straw for some parents. It's our choice to either use or misuse anything given to us. Hope we learn together to curtail on excessive use of Facebook & only use it for the good of us & others all around.

Funny Facebook Obsession Quotes:

  • I wouldn't mind if Facebook shuts down; maybe it would end my infatuation. Oh, I need help.
  • Long ago people were addicted to things like drugs, alcohol and gambling. Nowadays persons have an electronic addiction to media such as Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger.
  • I'm thankful that Facebook addiction doesn't show up on a drug screen test.
  • My addiction for Facebook is 100% addicted.
  • The person above me probably has an infatuation with Facebook. Oh wait, never mind that's me.
  • It's official; I've replaced my Facebook habit with Pinterest. At least now I’m being productive and learning with my new addictions.
  • Really, I mean is Facebook status really even a status? Facebook I think I hate you so much you pretentious bastard, but I can't quite get myself to kick you to the curb.
  • I just obtained my 1,000th follower on twitter. Thank you everyone on Facebook who follow me. Keep feeding my social media addiction.
  • Facebook addiction problems: When you want to write a status but have nothing to write.
  • The Brain World magazine has an article about Facebook obsession. It does not apply to any of us of course.
  • This Share button that magically appeared on my Facebook is causing a bit of an addiction.
  • Facebook is a disappointing social network lately. But yet I keep checking up on it.
  • I am busy with feeding the insatiable Facebook obsession.
  • I have an addiction and that's Facebook creeping.
  • Hello, Welcome to Facebook Rehab. Please state your name and your addiction.
  • Dear Facebook friends, my girlfriend has recently been diagnosed with a chronic Facebook addiction please like her Facebook status to help her stay off of it, with your help we can make a difference.
  • What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I check Facebook updates every 30 or 60 minutes? It's like I have an addiction or something!
  • I am a little worried about my newfound addiction to Facebook 90 days could turn into a catastrophe.
  • Almost everyone first gets on their phone or computer they're just going straight to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Facebook is an addiction when each day passes it takes over the world around you and makes you an addict 24/7 by updating status and chatting.
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Facebook Addiction Test


Quotes Lover (author) on January 13, 2016:

So what are you doing here?

Harry on December 30, 2012:

Facebook is a scary drama for all teenagers and innocent girls.

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