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Interesting Fun Facts About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season Two DVD Boxed Set cover.

The Walking Dead Season Two DVD Boxed Set cover.

The Walking Dead is a unique television series that follows a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse. Set in Georgia, a band of people led by policeman Rick Grimes, wanders the state looking for refuge and supplies - all the while fighting for their very lives.

On October 14th at 9:00 PM, EST, The Walking Dead will usher in its third season. It has already become the single most watched show on cable television, and is the channel AMC's highest rated show in the history of the station.

I was challenged to write a hub about some of the fun facts about this show, and I learned that there are many, many things to write and talk about where this program is concerned. I've included only the most interesting.

Please note that there WILL BE SPOILERS ahead. If you have not seen seasons one and two in their entirety, you may want to read no further.

The Walking Dead Season One Official Trailer

The Walking Dead Trivia

  • True to it's genre, The Walking Dead's very first episode premiered on Halloween night, October 31, 2010.
  • In the very first episode, Days Gone Bye, Carl Grimes, Rick's son, is wearing a Science Dog t-shirt. Science Dog is a character created by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead.
  • Daryl Dixon, unlikely fan favorite of the show (played by Norman Reedus) uses a specific type of crossbow, a Horton Scout HD 125. This thing retails for about $300.00 (US) and Reedus has said that he takes it home with him after filming. Dick's Sporting Goods says that the Horton Scout HD 125 is for 'individuals who want a smaller crossbow with a lighter draw weight.'
  • Zombies in TWD are never referred to as 'zombies.' There are different terms used for them, especially in the comics, with walkers being the most prevalent. They're known as roamers, lurkers, floaters, 'the herd,' and biters. In the show, the characters T-Dog and Glen often refer to them as geeks.
  • Though it's not widely known, the character T-Dog's real name is Theodore Douglas in the show. He is played by the actor IronE Singleton.
  • In the world of The Walking Dead, walkers outnumber the living about 5000 to 1.
  • In episode five of season one, we learn that it has been five and a half months since the walkers took over the world.
  • The fact that walkers will eat animals other than humans is a nod to Romero, who's living dead would eat any warm-blooded, living creatures. In The Walking Dead, walkers will not eat anything that has previously expired. Walkers have eaten deer, chickens, rats and dogs on the show.
  • One big theory is that the virus that causes people to become walkers upon death is not contagious, everyone already has it, or it's somehow in the air or the water. It is speculated that the walker's bite, and possibly their scratches, however, are always fatal. People who expire for reasons other than zombie bites or scratches will also reanimate, unless their brains are severely damaged prior to death.
  • In season one, special effects guru Greg Nicotero played not one, but two walkers! He was the walker who bit Andrea's sister Amy as well as the zombie eating the deer right when Daryl Dixon was introduced to viewers. The super-gross bloated 'walker in the well' from season two was played by makeup artist Brian Keith Hillard.
  • According to Jenner, the scientist at the CDC in Atlanta at the end of season one, the deceased will reanimate in as little as three minutes, or as long as eight hours depending on the physical and mental conditions they were in at death. That character's full name, by the way, Edwin Jenner, is a nod to the English scientist who developed the smallpox vaccine in the 1790's. His name was Edward Jenner.
  • There was a lot of controversy about what Jenner actually said to Rick Grimes just before the survivors left the CDC at the end of season one. In the BluRay edition of TWD season one, if you turn the center channel audio up very high, you can actually hear Jenner say: "It's in your blood. We're all carriers." Rick doesn't divulge this information to the other survivors until the end of season two.
  • Frank Darabondt, the executive producer of TWD's first season, is an accomplished film director. His credits include The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist. He also wrote the script for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, among others. A little extra trivia: Darabondt was born in 1959 in a refugee camp after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and his family immigrated to the US when he was a baby. Darabondt is now the executive producer for a TNT show called LA Noir, starring Jon Bernthal, who played Shane in TWD.
  • Actor Jeffrey DeMunn, the guy who played Dale on TWD, was also a cast member on all of Frank Darabondt's movies.
  • In season one, the scene where Merle Dixon starts shooting off his gun on the rooftop caused a little bit of real-life chaos. Some people did not know they were filming, thought that Michael Rooker was a sniper and called the police. A SWAT team actually showed up. Fortunately no one was arrested!
  • The character Rick Grimes is from King County, Georgia, which is a fictitious place. It was named in honor of Stephen King, who is a very good friend of Frank Darabondt's.
  • TWD is not Robert Kirkman's only venture into comic books. He also wrote for Marvel comics, for the titles Marvel Zombies and Ultimate X-Men. TWD is distributed by Image Comics, as is his title Invincible, about a Superman-like character called Invincible, who is an extra-terrestrial with amazing super powers. There is a rumor that he will be working the Dixon brothers into the TWD comics, as they are original characters to the show and do not appear in the books.
  • For Sophia's final scene in season two, the actress Madison Lintz was subjected to a variety of different make up and special effects procedures. She had to swish a liquid in her mouth to turn her gums zombie-black. Greg Nicotero stated on The Talking Dead, TWD's after-show, that Madison's solution was specially flavored to make it less gross.
  • Glen Mazzara, the TWD show-runner, has said that the now famous massacre at the barn scene is affectionately referred to as Barn-ageddon.
  • In the show, Andrea had a little bit of a love affair with Shane, who hated Dale. In the books, though, Shane met his maker very early in the series and Andrea and Dale are the two who hooked up.
  • Though we saw Michonne at the end of season two, saving Andrea's life, her actor hadn't even been hired when the episode filmed. Actor Danai Gurira has some pretty big shoes to fill, since Michonne is one of the biggest badasses in the comics.
  • The season two series finale attracted nine million total viewers, making it the most successful episode of the show so far.
  • Because of the success of seasons one and two, AMC has ordered eighteen episodes for season three. Season two had thirteen, season one had only six.

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Penninah Muthoni from Kenya on July 07, 2014:

@Georgie Lowery this is a nice review about this TV show. I really liked it. Thumbs up.

dragonflycolor on January 17, 2014:

Waiting for February's mid-season premiere!!!!!

Sammy Kikwai from Kenya on January 06, 2014:

My favorite show after Game of Thrones

Jim Laughlin from Connecticut on October 22, 2013:

Awesome! Great show and a cool Hub! Thanks.

The darn show is ssoooo addicting.

Kari on October 01, 2013:

Love this. My husband is a huge fan and we can't wait till the next season starts. Some cool facts here - you should update it! :)

Mel Carriere from Snowbound and down in Northern Colorado on July 05, 2013:

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Nice collection. It took me a while to get into it, but now I really like the show. Did you mention that the title actually refers to the living characters, not the walkers?

Elizabeth Parker from Las Vegas, NV on June 07, 2013:

Good info. I was told I'd love the show, but have only been able to catch the first two from the first season on Netflix, so I haven't 'gotten into it' yet. I'll remember your facts if I go back to it! Thanks - voted up and useful!

Carlo Giovannetti from Puerto Rico on May 23, 2013:

Interesting and cool facts.

FantasyGirl from USA on May 19, 2013:

Thanks for a great hub with tons of cool information. I thought my work writing the zombie blog Zombielibrarian kept me up to date, but you have a few factoids in here that I missed. Great job and please do more with the next season!

Lisa from WA on April 25, 2013:

I love The Walking Dead! Unfortunately, I have a really hard time getting family and friends to watch it because of the whole zombie thing. This was a fun read. Thanks for sharing!

summerberrie on April 10, 2013:

Michonne is by far my favorite. I like the term Barn-ageddon (had no idea). I was reluctant to watch the last show of this season because I'll thought they'd make a muck of it, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Nice hub.

Keith Abt from The Garden State on April 09, 2013:

Hey Georgie - great hub on one of my favorite shows.

Re: the trivia about Jeffery ("Dale") DeMunn - I had no idea who he was till he started appearing in "TWD," but ever since I've been watching show, he suddenly seems to turn up in just about everything else I watch. In recent months I've watched two vintage horror flicks - "Christmas Evil" (1980) and "The Blob" remake from 1988 (which was also written by Frank Darabont) and when he popped up in both I said to myself, "Hey look, it's Dale!" Haha.

Melanie Chisnall from Cape Town, South Africa on February 28, 2013:

This is one of my favourite shows at the moment. It's so original, the acting is great, and the story line is awesome. Can't wait to see what's in store for season 4. I didn't know any of these facts, thanks for sharing them!

John Paolo B.Magdaluyo from Philippine on February 23, 2013:

Cool. i am a huge fun of it. But the facts that you stated blown me, truly interesting nice job.

Ardeedia Sapphire on February 18, 2013:

@healthyfitness But you can't deny that her facial expressions set a mood that is probably better conveyed that way than speaking :)

Rick Grimes on February 16, 2013:

Awesome article! I honestly can't stand michonne sometimes though, just the awkward staring gets me!

Ardeedia Sapphire on February 15, 2013:

Awesome Hub! I love TWD and the trivia was cool. I'm glad you threw the one in there about Sofia's zombie gums solution. I knew that one. Ha!! But Dale and Andrea I'm glad that didn't happen in the show!

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on February 14, 2013:

Geprgie Lowery: Thank you for the bit of Trivia! :) I love The Walking Dead....very strong cast and creative writers/plot. Didn't know SWAT was called when they were filming the sniper roof scene in Season I I bet the responders were relieved and excited at the same time. Thanks again....If you are interested I have a five part zombie story under my hub!! Happy Valentine's Day

MissBrando from DC, MD, VA area on February 13, 2013:

This was awesome!! That Dale/Andrea hook-up through me for a loop! I love it! Thanks Georgie!!

Mitch Turnure from South Jersey on January 15, 2013:

Big Walking Dead Fan! Great Hub! I love the little "bite sized"facts. Walking Dead Easter eggs.

It has been revealed that walkers do indeed slowly decay and call "fall apart".

Keep Hubbing!

Renee Collins on January 04, 2013:

Raven Biker, I don't think it's possible for them to necessarily die from starvation since they are already dead and hunger isn't necessarily the motivation for eating. They found out with Michonnes walkers if she cut off their arms and jaws they loss all urge to feed. I do wonder however, since they do decay, could they decay to a point where there is no tissue (brain, muscles and organs) and they could function?

Can't wait for February, Sunday nights are so boring now.

THE BLACK ALPACA on January 02, 2013:

One of my favs show on television. Great info.

RavenBiker from Pittsburgh, PA. on January 01, 2013:

Big fan of the show which is unusual. I don't necessarily care for zombie story lines! Nice Hub!

I do have a question, though: Do zombies die as in starve to death?

billd01603 from Worcester on January 01, 2013:

Great Hub. My wife and I are big fans of this. Thanks for the facts. We can't wait until the 2nd half of season 3 which starts in Feb.

glenn wallace on December 04, 2012:

Great hub! I love this show, and loved the comic series before that. It's very cool to learn about all these little tidbits.

amandajoyshapiro on November 19, 2012:

Your hub has some great information. I like the population statistic towards the top. It's a wonder how that many people turned so fast and how their world changed in just less than six months. The only other zombie series better than Walking Dead is Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide and WWZ books, not the upcoming Pitt movie.

Renee Collins on October 12, 2012:

I love almost anything that has to do with zombies, but this show is one of my all time favorites!!! I can't wait to start reading the comic books (I read the first 5 on youtube) and so happy that they strayed from the plot line a little so that you can watch and read at the same time. Can't wait for Sunday!!!

madelineyochum on October 08, 2012:

This show has the best zombie effects I've ever seen in movies or TV! It is crazy how amazing the half-lady looks in episode one! I want to read the graphic novels, but I haven't made it to a comic book store. The way Sophie walked at the end gave me chills!

Ken S Harris from Richmond, KY on July 02, 2012:

I must say, a lot of these facts I did not know. Very interesting! LOL! Thanks for sharing. I love The Walking Dead.

Georgie Lowery (author) from North Florida on June 07, 2012:

Thanks Amanda108. I love the show too, and can't wait for it to come back for season three! :)

Amanda from Michigan, United States on June 07, 2012:

Love this show so much! This was a fun and interesting hub to read. :-)

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