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Light-hearted Chick Flicks with Happy Endings


Some very non-critical thoughts....

My disclaimer is that I am not a movie critic at all! I generally don't even like most "critically acclaimed" movies or movies nominated for best picture on the Oscars. I just like watching movies that make me feel good or leave me with pleasant emotions or reflections. Life is too short for us to watch sad movies that make us feel depressed! I can watch the news for that! Or, just look around me for that matter to see people going through hard times! So, you are warned that I am not the most picky about movies. But, if you answer to a similar movie taste as mine....maybe you will find something you like in this hub! These movies are mostly light-hearted ones that left me feeling happy and cheerful after watching them.

Of the Cheesy and Made-for-TV Variety...

If you don't feel like searching and browsing on Netflix for what to watch, and just need a few quick are a few fun, light romantic comedies you can check for on Netflix Instant or Amazon Instant right now! These are more of the made-for-tv movie and cheesy variety but great for a night when you need a light chick flick to cheer you up and entertain you while you fold the laundry! Definitely not in the critically acclaimed group, but happy endings guaranteed!


Everything You Want (Love Surreal)

A cute and quirky rom-com. A girl and guy who both need to grow as people in different ways. He can be kind of a jerk and she has an imaginary boyfriend! Cute actors and characters. I have liked Shiri Appleby since Roswell and Nick Zano since What I Like About You. I ended up finding the story very endearing. And, of course, a happy ending!

*This movie is available right now on Amazon Instant Video.

FInding Normal

A sweet movie about faith and what is important in life. I actually saw it first on the UP network. It was admittedly pretty cheesy, but it is nice to have family friendly options out there. It is mainly an unlikely romance and character development of Candace Cameron Bure's character.


My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

When I read the description of this movie, I was not sure if I would like it. A girl falling for two different guys...? I really hate love triangles! But I took a leap of is a cute, sweet film! Frankly, I am a Christopher Gorham fan from Covert Affairs so I enjoyed seeing him in this movie role. I won't tell you much else so as not to spoil it. I liked the song at the end a lot, as well. I downloaded it from iTunes!

*This movie is available right now on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Just a lot of silly, fluffy, made-for-tv movie kind of fun. A lot of comedy mixed up with some romance. A mean girl that needs to get what is coming to her and a nice girl who needs to win in the end! "Revenge" in a fun not horror movie kind of way!

*This movie is available right now on Netflix Instant Streaming.

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More of the Hollywood Bigger Budget Variety...

Here are some other movies with romances that I really enjoyed. Don't worry they all have happy endings. These are more Hollywood quality movies with better acting and bigger budgets all around.

While You Were Sleeping

I LOVE this movie! If you have not seen it, you should! One of Sandra Bullock's much earlier films. This movie has it all for me. Likeable characters, humor, romance and a happy ending! Sandra Bullock plays Lucy a lonely transit worker who rescues a man she has been day-dreaming about from an accident. While he is in a coma, she is then mistaken for his fiancé and welcomed into his family. She enjoys so much being part of something and easing her loneliness that she keeps up the charade. And, much to her dismay, she finds herself falling for her fake fiancee's brother. There is a dinner conversation scene that really cracks me up. Reminds me of some of my own crazy family dinner talk. This is just a really funny and sweet romantic comedy that is definitely in my top 10 of that genre. It is also nice to watch around the holidays as it is set at Christmas time.

*This movie is available right now on Netflix Instant Streaming.



Penelope is a modern day fairy-tale. I especially enjoyed the way the cinematography and music enhanced the fairy-tale effect of the movie. A young girl is cursed with the nose of a pig until someone of noble blood can love her. Hence, the story of trying to find someone who can break the curse. In the process, the girl finds herself and love. I admit my enjoyment was enhanced because I find James McAvoy very charming. I love the music and colors at the end scene of the movie.

13 Going on 30

To start off, this movie had a winning recipe for me as I am already a fan of Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. Additionally, as a child of the 80's I can especially appreciate the time period references and soundtrack! The Thriller dance scene is especially a lot of fun! Jennifer Garner's character, Jenna is transported at her 13th birthday to the future where she is 30 years old. She discovers more and more about what her life has been like during the years between the ages she cannot remember. Sadly, she does not like what she sees. She has lost touch with her best friend who is played as an adult by Mark Ruffalo. She has been ruthless, dishonest and unethical. Along the way in the movie, there are lots of realizations and changes for Jenna resulting in a sweet and satisfying ending.

*This movie is available right now on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Leap Year

This is a cute rom-com featuring the charming Amy Adams in the beautiful setting of Ireland. I loved the scenery in this movie and listening to the Irish accents! The lead character sets off to Ireland to surprise her boyfriend who is on a trip and propose herself as is an old tradition for a woman to do the proprosing on a leap year. A story of a young woman who thinks she knows what she wants and then finds true love in the most unexpected of places and situations. Good closure in this one! This movie also really made me fall in love with Ireland! Watch out or you will be wanting to plan a trip!

*This movie is available right now on Netflix Instant Streaming.

To name but a few...

There are so many great chick flicks (including a few of these) on Netflix Instant Streaming or Amazon Instant right now. It is hard to limit it to just a few! I plan to add more hub reviews as I recall favorites. Hope you enjoy some of my recommendations. Would love to hear other's recommendations....though if the ending is sad/bad please give me a warning!

For extra movie fun

Which service do you prefer for Instant Streaming of Movies?


All of the movies were on Instant Streaming when I started but some have come and gone and then come again. Hopefully the one you want will be on a service as one currently streamed!

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