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Frozen Is the Movie True Story in 2010 Based on a What Would You Do to Get off the Stranded Chairlift?

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Frozen how would you get out of this situation

The 2010 Movie Frozen is a great movie a bit different from the run of the mill blow everything up type of movie. It is very intense and enjoyable watch and the movie done its job because after watching it i found myself asking the question what would i of done to get myself out of the situation the 3 college students found themselves in.

Frozen the movie is directed by Adam Green and stars Kane Hodder, Emma bell, Shawn Asmore and Kevin Zegers.The plot of the movie frozen 2010 is based around 3 college students who find themselves stranded on a ski resort chairlift in freezing conditions and probably not the type of film you want to watch unless you are wrapped up warm!!

The 3 students find themselves on the ski chairlift after getting on for one last ride to the top of the slope. But circumstances work against them and the operators shutdown the chairlift not realising the students are still stranded.

The dilemma the students face is that a storm is on the way adding to the already freezing conditions.They are too high up to jump off the lift without causing serious injury and with no one due to return to the slope for days and wolves circling below they are faced with the either getting off the lift or freezing to death.

Well its not for me to tell you what happens to the students in the Frozen movie 2010 and if they do or don't make it off the slope that you will have to watch for yourself.The question i have is how would you go about getting down from the chairlift and to safety oh and by the way there is no phone signal so just making a simple call is not going to get you help!!! It is a dilemma indeed.


2010 movie Frozen

Frozen the movie 2010

Frozen the movie 2010

My Solution to Frozen the movie

My solution to try to get out of the situation is what i would do and would not be guaranteed to be successful but i know one thing i wouldn't want to freeze to death so i think you would have to do the following.

Jumping is definitely not an option that's obvious so i would drop my snowboard or ski's to the floor then i would climb up on to the cable above and get along to the nearest upright pole and then climb down grab the ski's then ski down the mountain to get help for my two stranded colleagues. This decision would have to be reached quickly before you got too cold and weak and after all you may well have a pack of wolves running after you so time is of the essence.

So let me know how you would get of the chairlift to safety

Frozen the movie is a suspenseful drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat and a highly recommended watch but there are a few moments that are not ideal for under 15 years but even so Frozen is one of best movies of 2010.



Bill on December 30, 2019:

Zip line thing would kill you, you'd move way too fast.

2 options. Using all clothes, strings from jackets, scarf, shoelaces, bungies holding the seat on (shown in one scene)- could make at least a 30 foot rope. Test rope strength to hold your weight using the cable above. Girl goes down, she's the lightest least strain on rope and lightest fall. And if she breaks her legs, get on the damn snowboard and get down the hill anyways. I broke my leg on a toboggan hill once, had to climb up. If you're arms aren't broken you are not immobilized.

But before you do that. Gloves will not serve much purpose, best way to keep hands warm is to take them off and suck hands into coat and put in armpits. So take 2 gloves, tear one up best you can breaking it apart by melting bits with the lighter if you need. Stuff the tinder bundle you make into another glove. Light the works on fire and get it burning, toss into the pine tree. Someone will see a burning tree.

Nanna88 on October 07, 2016:

Yeah so I just watched the movie and now it haunts me.. My survival strategy would have been either a jump (with BENDED, not straight knees) after lowering the person as low as possible either with clothes or body strength or climbing the cable to the nearest pole and ladders. I'm not sure if the zip line-method would work, I think the impact of hitting the pole could make you lose your grip and make you fall. And when it comes to the wolves, I would like to think there wouldn't be any, if not for someone lying helplessly on the ground, bloody and screaming. Dan sounded like a wounded animal and that he was, I think he brought the wolves to the scene (understandably so, as he was in serious pain). But if they had worked quickly and silently as a group even the one going to start the lift or to get help, wouldn't have been attacked by wolves because there wouldn't have been a reason for them to be there. And when it comes to why didn't Dan try to fight them off.. I think he was brave as he used his last moments to make sure his girlfriend didn't watch him die and after all, what could he have done?? Even getting Joe's scarf was painful, not to mention he got attacked by 5 wolves, and at least 3 more joining. But after all this I said, I'm so terrified of wolves that if I'd heard them howling before getting down from the lift, I would rather have stayed up there and froze to death than be ripped apart and eaten alive. I actually liked this movie, although I can't stop thinking about it..and I live in Finland where we actually do have wolves so I'm terrified to walk my dog now! :D

Graham on September 28, 2016:

Perhaps the author would change the first paragraph into readable English. """Would I of done"??????? It's how lazy English spoken, but not how it should be penned.

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Raibrinder Gohalwar on November 29, 2015:

Well, I see this differently.

Being a sikh, we always tie a turban (5-8 m long) on our head and also carry a small dagger. In this particular situation, both those things would of great use. You can use the turban to get down to the ground and the the dagger to fight the wolfs. :)

Over top of that Sikhs have have long hair and facial hair which provide extra protection from extreme cold temperatures.

Such a coincidence, but HAY maybe next time take a Sikh friend on a Ski trip.

Ady on August 01, 2015:

Well here goes. First of all I wouldn't ever be on a mountain without a cell phone and a walkie talkie. Might just be me, but how easy it is to get lost off peak or any potential accidents, it's not worth the risk not to have something on you. If you're any kind of serious boarder or skiier, which the two guys seemed to be, this is just standard practice. Ok so let's assume we're stupid and don't have anything on us, and we get stranded on a ski lift at night as they do in the film. Well as soon as I saw the snowmobile, I wouldn't be leaving anything to chance. I'd take the guy's skies and poles and throw them one at a time in the path of the driver whilst they were clearly headed in that direction, just to try and make sure they knew we were there. If that failed, I certainly wouldn't be waiting around for much longer. I wouldn't be jumping and I wouldn't be trying to climb down people or a flimsy half make shift rope, because you'd end up falling anyway. I'd take my coat, tie it round my waist (with a bowline safety knot - survival 101) and loop someone else's coat through my own and over the cable, again with a safety knot. This would give me a better chance of not falling. I'd then take one of the snow boards put it over the cable in front of the jacket, bindings facing down. I'd hook my arms through the bindings and shimy/zip line across to the next chair. Undo, and repeat to get to the tower. The hard bit would be swinging onto the tower because I'm short, but the coats could possibly help with that as a pendulum. I'd drop the board. Climb down. Smash the biggest and first wolf around the chops with the board if it actually came anywhere near. I'd have a few attempts trying to throw the coat back up to those on the chair so the other person could stay warm. I'd then board or plough down to the start of the chair lifts and try and turn it back on, so the others could come back round and down to the bottom. Failing that, I'd then go get help.

Matt on June 28, 2015:

I would've used one of the skis as a zipline device and had half the binding on either side of the wire. I would wait for the wolves to leave and then taken the time to strap into my board. A guy sitting on a board had no chance of outrunning the pack. I think a paracord belt would make fast work of this issue as they can extend to 100ft and take 500 pounds.

James Forbs on February 10, 2015:

Most of you don't realize how hard it is to fight off wolves. I mean if Liam Neeson has so much trouble doing it, then how do you expect 2 untrained college boys to fight off a pack by themselves.

Matt on January 07, 2015:

They showed a pine tree pretty close to the chair - I wouldve tried to jump to that. Used to jump from pine tree to pine tree at my friends house when we were kids, sure you'd get covered with sap but it was fun.

Also Dan didn't even swing at the wolves, I wouldve at least tried to fight them a little.

Jumping straight down was idiotic. They were up there so long they shouldve been able to think of a better way.

Movie was kind of hard too watch but those are the ones that stick with us, I don't think I will forget this one for a long time. Especially since I plan to head to the slopes this weekend ;)

Maya on December 16, 2014:

This is one of my favorite movies! What I would do to get down would probably not work but I would have my skis/snowboard still on, I would jump down and start skiing down the mountain. I would bring some type of ski pole to hit the wolves.

Shadow on December 08, 2014:

Wow.. I think I would have to bring a rope along the trip just in case. Don't need a really long one tho. Better be safe than sorry. btw.. It's a nice movie :)

Thomas on October 21, 2014:

If we as going to jump at all, it should have been when the patrol was going up the mountain. He would've been hurt, but the guy would've seen him. Also he should've jumped with bent knees and his butt out so it would help to absorb the fall a bit and he could fall back on his butt. I don't know how well the rope idea would work but it's a possibility. Also if I was Joe at the end and had made it all the way to the ladder I probably would've tried waiting an hour or so for the wolves to leave. Wolves need to hunt to eat and if Joe didn't go down the ladder they would eventually have to find food elsewhere. Even if they left only one or two wolves behind to scout the area it would've been better than dealing with the entire pack. He also should've tried to scare them more. In the scene where Dan dies, if I were his friends I would have thrown him the ski pole so he could at least try to defend himself and not be completely helpless. I never ski without my phone and assuming there is cell connection I would never be in this situation. Also, if Parker had an overprotective mother as she said I would hope her mother would get worried and get people to look for her. Personally, I would probably try scaling the cable or jumping and grabbing onto a tree, but I would wait for the wolves to leave.

hezzxo on May 10, 2014:

I just watched this film thinking it was the disney film. And oh my god i don't think ive seen a more disturbing film! I could think of a lot of things 2 do but if it actually came 2 it id probably just have a mindblank and just stay sitting there.

I would not however have let dan jump! That was horrible the way he died.

Donna Holmes on January 08, 2014:

I would probably freeze to death im not athletic at all.. @ for a jump that high you most definitely have to be confident in the jump, and the pack of hungry wolves beneath me would keep me on the lift ENTEE WAYS!!!! Im funna watch it now

Ella on January 05, 2014:

To be honest, I couldn't watch past the guy getting eaten by wolves. It was just.. well, time for my survival option!

So, there are three people on the chair, right? One person hangs on to the bottom of the chair with their arms, and another person hanging on to that person's legs with their arms, while the final person hangs on to that person's legs with their arms, then jumps. This eliminates at least about 15 feet. Not to mention, if the chair tilts from the weight, even more.

The person jumps with their legs BENT, trying to land like a frog on the snow. Even though it's dark, they can still get help. Ahem, and this person will still have their skies on for defense. The other two shimmy up onto the chair. IMPORTANT: this may not work if you are unable to do a pull-up, Joe.

Two people remaining. One wearing gloves climbs on the wires hand over hand until they reach the ladder, on which they climb down and jump the way I said earlier from the relatively safe(r) height. This person meets the other and two go back under the chair.

The last person slides off the now barely hanging on chair and into the arms of the two people below, taking all of the remaining equipment.

Now, hey. Don't get crazy on me, asking why one person didn't just get help. Having everyone together at once must help.

So, that's it. But for the record, if I were in this situation, I'd forget all of this and react the way Parker did.


Denise on January 02, 2014:

I just watched Frozen last night. It was somewhat predictable knowing the girl was going to be the only survivor. I thought that he should have exchanged his gloves to the opposite hands when he was hanging on the cable. It was dumb that they never attempted to cover their faces too from the elements. Too bad they're wasn't more closure at the end too.

It was an ok movie.

Claire on January 01, 2014:

I've seen some movies but this tops the lot. Edge of my seat viewing or what!!! I know I won't sleep tonight thinking about what I would have done, and at the moment, I haven't got a clue!!!

Von on December 29, 2013:

I saw the movie awhile ago...interesting solutions for the posed topic. However, I don't think any ideas would work unless the were acted upon immediately because in such weather conditions hypothermia begins to set in, as noticed in the movie. Hands begin to freeze, thinking becomes irrational, too high above the ground to jump, no one's coming to help for days, no means of communication...So, what would I do in such an unthinkable situation? CALL on JESUS!

jeny on December 21, 2013:

is very awesome movie

m ray on December 15, 2013:

how does it end do they get help the two that are left .?????

Johnnytsunami on December 10, 2013:

Terrible movie, yet I couldn't turn it off. I like the zip line type of escape,

brew on December 05, 2013:

This whole scenario would never happen, ski resorts don't close for the week because of a storm and the resort would certainly not be abandoned if it was closed. Plus ski patrol checks the lifts to make sure nobody is on them before they head on for the night. Who ever wrote this movie was a zeaching gap. It was a shitty movie.

cat on November 24, 2013:

Lift Cables are not sharp and there is no reason the guy would have cut his hands on them trying to climb to a lift tower.

Anonymous on November 23, 2013:

Having something between the cable and the gloves/hands would have certainly helped.

They also shouldn't have waited for so long.

I find the movie really disturbing. Not worth a watch at all.

Maros on November 19, 2013:

I am watching the movie right now, am in the middle. I was once or twice in a quite difficult situation. Once freezing outside whole night, trying to keep warm in the mountains. The other time caught in the snow storm with dislocated shoulder and frostbites.

Now, watching the movie, I am contemplating what I have learnt so far ever since my accidents, when I started to think its good thing to know basics of climbing and mountaineering along with survival skills when you get into such situations.

My thoughts are following: They are about 12 meters/35feet/ above the ground.So first Jumping options:

1. If you jump, then only chance is to jump either to deep powder which might have been on the sides of the track or if on hard ground, jump with the crawl upfront to consume energy of fall like Parkour style.

2. You could jump towards the trees, with a chance to hold to one of the branches or slowing the fall down at least. Swing into powder sideways.

3. strongest guy would stay on liftchair and lower other guy by leg, then girl could move down, that would lower by 4m/12 feet, or tie some clothes and use ski poles to lower.

4. Climbing options

You could climb up on the metal cord with your jacket around your waist tying a knot on top over the cord to keep you suspended, take off skiboots, and swing legs up on the cord and move in direction of poles then downclimb.

Or use anything to tie to body and suspend on it on the cord then move.

The problem usually is that people do not belive their own eyes, and never expect that worse is coming, then it is often too late to do something once almost half frozen, hard to move, no energy left.

Also I do not see them conserving warmth by ziping clothes all the way up..etc.. or covering face against frost bites.. guess that was for entertainment sake..

btw. in Touching the Void Joe Sipson crawled down the mountain with broken leg. I assume perhaps the guy could crawl down or on snowboard crawl down..

wisconsinKid on October 10, 2012:

I just came across this post and I agree immensely with the latest post. It seems to me this would be the absolute best survial idea or anything that revolves around this idea. KUDOS to TUBER...:)

The movie was of great interest to me because it sustains interest and tension with a great plot and misfortunes for the subjects.

TUBER on October 10, 2012:

I would have climbed up on to the cable and get along to the nearest pole with the latter, get down watch my guard and use a ski stick for protection against the wolves. Once course is clear I would sprint to the next pole and the next until I can find help for my friends.

coltranejoelfan1 on September 06, 2012:

This movie was of interest to me because my friend Wray is the prop master, and because it was shot at a resort here in Utah that we know. I know its hypothetical and all, but it snows at around 30 degrees so it would actually be warmish compared to sub zero temps everyone is thinking of. The Biggie here is that a lift cable is not sharp, so getting to the tower would require strength and some stamina, but it isn't inherently injury- causing. Also, lifts carry thousands and thousands of pounds at one time and the pins, screws, cables etc would never come undone or split away from a tower.

What I want to know is why didn't he strap into the bindings with his ski boots?

Tru on August 16, 2012:

Thing Is, The Rope Clothing One, You Can Pull The Rope Back Up And Put The Clothes Back On...

SIJO1 (author) on July 04, 2012:

Dax and Sarah thanks for the comments i like both the ideas and Think you would both be on your way to safety.

Creepyoldman on May 13, 2012:

I think I would go for the other cable on the sky lift tower. It would probably break away from the tower slowly.

I once fell from a second story roof and rode a coaxial cable I grabbed to the ground.

Sarah on May 10, 2012:

I'd put the snowboard over the top of the cables and hold the bindings and zip line down climbing over the chairs until I reached the stairs, drop the snowboard then climb down, as for the wolves, given that they are a member of the cainie family they have a pack leader which would probably be the one to come and check me out as dinner, give the wolf a smack across the jaw with the snowboard and he will back off taking the rest with him, go down the mountain and get some help

Dax on May 07, 2012:

Why not bend the ski pole into a metal zipline. Slide down the cable and save his hands. Also he needed to attack more wolves with a stick and scare them more. Any canine would run after a toboggan.

SIJO1 (author) on April 21, 2012:

Good thought but i don't think a hood cord would hold body weight!!Thanks for the comment!

SIJO1 (author) on April 21, 2012:

Thanks for the comment Emma but would be interested in your thought of getting out of the chairlift to safety?

SIJO1 (author) on April 21, 2012:

Hi Karen it is a great movie yes thanks for visitng my hub

Karen Louisot from milford, PA on April 18, 2012:

FROZEN-This mmovie is the absolute BEST. SURVIAL !!!

Emma Bell on April 05, 2012:

I play Parker in the movie frozen it is not based on a true story

run4848 on January 30, 2012:

no shoe laces when you have ski boots on. but maybe a cord in the hood of a jacket.

Christal on July 11, 2011:

You could have also used the ski poles, skis or boards to slide down the cable to the next chair, & again to the ladder.

CaptainAwesome on May 16, 2011:

well jumping is out of the question so i would first try to get the other people on the lift to climb the rope to the ladder. If they refuse then i would make a rope out of the gear available.

1 jacket (3 ft.)

1 pants (3ft.)

2 shoe laces (3ft.)

x3 people


= 36ft

I doubt they're higher than 50 feet so that leaves 14ft and they have numerous other items they could use such as the ski poles.

SIJO1 (author) on January 10, 2011:

Thanks MacGyver that's good advice!!! Watching the Movie Frozen though it seems as they are trapped in the chairlift quite high possibly 20metres so even with the ski and snowboards there will still be a large drop but could be enough to possibly make it. In the movie one of them jumps and breaks both legs.Thanks very much for your response!!

MacGyver on January 07, 2011:

You can tie a knot with the ski pole straps to connect them by the straps, that's 3 metres.

Snowboards often have leashes(1-2 metres)

That combined with Mat turvey's advice should have been sufficient. Some clothing could might have been transformed into a rope.

You should also think about tying the knot as low as possible on the lift.

If you had no option and was forced to jump, you should first climb down to the lowest point of the lift and hang there with your arms. By doing that he would have reduced the fall by at least 1 metre

SIJO1 (author) on December 29, 2010:

Thanks Mat Good Idea and all angles would have to be thought out to stop you getting frozen and frost bitten.As you say though time is the major factor for survival


Mat turvey on December 29, 2010:

Again this would have to happen quickly, but I would tie all the clothing we had together and then lower one person down and ski down. Time would obviously be of the essence as the remaining people would only have a short period before thet froze...

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