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From Renegade to R&B, the Movement of Tiktokers to Music


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With recent advancements in music editing software and easier access to producing equipment, creating music has never been easier, especially for those already in the spotlight. Now, TikTok artists who became famous for posting dance videos and other popular content have decided to branch out and release songs and albums. So far, they've received a pretty mixed response from their teenage audience.

Dixie D'Amelio's album cover for Roommates, her 2020 album.

Dixie D'Amelio's album cover for Roommates, her 2020 album.

Dixie D'Amelio and Be Happy

At first gaining a following due to her younger sister's sudden TikTok fame, Dixie D'Amelio was a typical TikTok star, posting dance videos and other content and joining a group of influencers to promote her content. On June 26, 2020, Dixie released her first song, Be Happy, a single produced by Christian Medice. Its response was generally good and hit the top of the Canadian Hot 100, partially due to the fan hype surrounding the young star's interest in music. After this, Dixie began to show interest in writing more music, and in August of that same year, she was signed by HitCo Entertainment, an L.A.-based contemporary music company. Dixie's partnership with the company solidified her place in the music industry, and after sharing the news on her Instagram account, teamed up with Lil Mosey and Blackbear to create a remix of Be Happy, and even collaborated with Liam Payne on Naughty List.

Next for Dixie was the release of her single One Whole Day on December 4th, 2020. Despite her partnership with Wiz Khalifa, the song received mixed reviews, partially due to the lyrical content not meeting the standards of her last release. It remains her second most popular song, and on December 25, she released her song Roommates, a tune about voices in your head, and received good reviews from fans and other listeners alike. After the less than good reaction on One Whole Day, Roommates gave her the space to continue working on what she described as her "debut album", and since then has hinted at a new music release sometime in April 2021.

Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler, otherwise known as Jxdn, is a TikTok who became popular through the app in 2019 and joined a group called the Sway House. In February 2020 he released his first single Comatose and was signed to DTA Records because of the success of his first song. He then continued to release Angles and Demons and So What in May-July 2020. His music career expanded into late 2020 and he eventually announced his debut album to premier in 2021.

Musical Groups

While we haven't seen a band or musical group sprout from TikTok, the creation of many content houses and social media groups could mean the establishment of one. We've seen partnerships between TikTokers but we can be hopeful that in the future a larger and more long term collaboration can come out of this-if they can set aside any TikTok drama that seems to be very popular on the app these days.

The hype house, one of many content houses that start the career of many a young musical artist

The hype house, one of many content houses that start the career of many a young musical artist

What to Expect

While some artists have definitely been more successful than others, TikTok has shown to be an exciting start to a young musician, actor, or entrepreneur's career. We can be hopeful that more influencers will branch out to other industries and produce new music, and especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which allows for plenty of time and demand for such. Hopefully we will see more creativity coming from the rising world of TikTok stars!

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