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Friday Film Fest: Whoopi Goldberg

Just before their co-workers baby shower, Terry (Whoopi Goldberg) and Cynthia (Carol Kane) try to decide if their boss is testing Terry

Just before their co-workers baby shower, Terry (Whoopi Goldberg) and Cynthia (Carol Kane) try to decide if their boss is testing Terry

Jumpin' Jack Flash- 1986

Workplace movies have always been favorites of mine and it seems like whenever I watched this it's always been on a Sunday night. I'm pretty sure it was to decrease the hatred for Monday morning and the long work week ahead.

Bank employee Terry Doolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) is at a somewhat dead-end job with long hours and a boss (Peter Michael Goetz) who's always on her back since she prefers to make friends online. She also has a big problem with her computer always picking up a woman exercising.

After being told not to interact with her clients, she and her co-workers are getting ready to have a baby shower for Jackie (Renn Woods) when a message pops up on her terminal. Tempted, she answers while Cynthia (Carol Kane) tells her it could be their boss.

Terry answers anyway and advises the person on the other end that it's against company policy to interact online. With the mention of Yankee pot roast pops up, Terry realizes that she may have been set up.

She's curious about the person on the other end and learns that his name is Jack (Jonathon Pryce) and the two start chatting afterhours. She finds out that he's trying to get back to America and needs contact information.

Reluctantly, she agrees to help him and soon begins her own dangerous adventure.

Jack sends her to his apartment for a list of contacts and she manages to get in touch with Mark Van Meter (Jeroen Krabbe) and when she doesn't know what he's talking about, she does know that he was murdered almost in front of her eyes.

After being fished out of the water and being questioned at the police station, her new co-worker Marty (Stephen Collins) comes to bail her out.

After not finding any information regarding Van Meter's death, Marty directs her to the obituaries, and she sees the fake notice. She goes to the cemetery and meets Liz Carlson (Annie Potts) and takes her home.

Liz fills her on a few more details and later she brings Jack up to speed.

Jack finds out that Terry is a woman and can't get her any more involved with helping him get home, but after she protests, she tells him that she can go to the Queen's Anniversary Ball.

Amid suspicion, she tells the receptionist that she's the entertainment and Liz also spots her, telling everyone that the two are cousins, by marriage. Liz once again helps her since she has a stake in Jack's safe return. Her husband is with him.

She manages to break into the computer and the next night, exit information begins to download, but Jeremy Talbot (John Wood) manages to put a stop to it.

Terry warns Jack that the information he has is nothing but a setup and with her life in danger, she continues to help Jack, with the help of his former lover Lady Sarah Billings (Sara Botsford).

With Terry's job now on the line, the heavies show up and a shootout between the good and bad guys happens and Jack receives the correct exit information. He tells Terry that he owes her dinner.

Jack doesn't show up and feeling neglected leaves the restaurant, but on the bright side, Terry does receive a promotion and she has to wonder about Jack, but does she?

Days before the famous bus boycott, Odessa heads to the Thompson's to work

Days before the famous bus boycott, Odessa heads to the Thompson's to work

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The Long Walk Home- 1990

The Cotter's and the Thompson's are literally two families that live on opposite sides of tracks in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama.

Odessa Cotter is a maid trying to give her children Selma (Erika Alexander) Franklin (Jason Weaver) and Theodore (Richard Habersham) a better life while husband Herbert (Ving Rhames) works just as hard to make the dream a reality.

While Odessa cares for Miriam's (Sissy Spacek) family, she has a special place in her heart for Mary Catherine (Lexi Faith Randall) and vice versa (the movie is told through Mary Catherine's eyes and the events of the bus boycott).

Problems begin when Miriam drops off Odessa, Mary Catherine and her friends for a picnic in an all-white park. She's spotted setting the table by an officer (Haynes Brooke) and he begins to harass her in front of the girls.

When Miriam hears about the incident, she reports the officer, and he comes over apologize to Odessa and the girls.

Later that night while hosting a party, Miriam's brother-in-law Tunker (Dylan Baker) jokingly tells his brother Norman (Dwight Schultz) that he needs to watch her since she's getting a little wild these days. Miriam brushes off his comment and tells Norman what happened at the park.

Following the arrest of Rosa Parks, a bus boycott is called for and on the first day, Odessa calls Miriam and tells her that she's going to be late for work. Since Miriam desperately needs her, she tells her that she'll pick her up at the market.

As the boycott continues, Miriam starts to pick up Odessa twice a week and she tells Mary Catherine not to say anything to Norman.

At Christmas dinner, Tunker has Norman ask Odessa how she gets to work. She skirts the truth protecting Miriam and Claudia (Cherene Snow) tells him that she drives with her husband. Norman accepts her response and both she and Miriam breathe a sigh of relief.

One day, Norman stays home from work and asks where Odessa is. Miriam confesses to him that she picks her up on occasion and he tells her to call her and make her walk to work.

When she gets there, the two have a sit-down conversation and Miriam starts to reflect on her past and tells Norman that night that she will continue to pick up Odessa, whether he likes it or not.

Miriam learns of a carpool and begins to shuttle others to and from work.

Tunker, who has known about this all along, takes Norman to the hub of the carpool and sees Miriam there with Mary Catherine. He learns that the intent of that night is to bring the carpool down and Tunker tells him that the other men who are on the way, don't care that Miriam and Mary Catherine are there.

The other members of their "organization" show up and begin causing trouble with those there and they force Odessa to start walking through a path that they've cleared, while they taunt her.

As the movie ends, more information on the boycott is put on the screen as the adult Mary Catherine (voiced by Mary Steenburgen) tells us what became of her and how Odessa was a big part of her life.

If you plan on watching this movie. please remember that the language is very raw.

While keeping her "partners" identity a secret, Laurel gives a rundown to a client, while her assistant Sally (Dianne Weist) gets set to organize a box of work

While keeping her "partners" identity a secret, Laurel gives a rundown to a client, while her assistant Sally (Dianne Weist) gets set to organize a box of work

The Associate- 1996

Whenever I need a quick pick me up and a touch of winter, this is my go-to movie since it puts me in a better mood.

Laurel Ayres is a hardworking Wall Street executive and is in line for a hefty promotion, but her "partner" Frank (Timothy Daly) manages to steal the thunder from her due to his scheming unethical business practices.

He manages to keep her on the very far edge of the loop and while she does all the work, he swoops in and takes all of the credit and by doing so, he gets the promotion and since he's now her boss, she decides to start her own consulting business.

Starting her own business has been tough on her as she fields rejection after rejection only to be dismissed by her business contacts and their "partners."

Just as she's getting ready to throw in the towel, she gets an unexpected visit from Frank's assistant Sally (Dianne Weist) at an off moment. When the two of them worked together, Laurel was often frosty to Sally, yet she respected and watched Laurel carefully in the office.

While Laurel tries to get rid of her, Laurel's phone rings and Sally dutifully answers it making Laurel mad. After taking the call, Laurel receives one more rejection and tells Sally that she's going to call Frank, but Sally calls one of her secretary friends and sets up a meeting between Laurel and tycoon Donald Fallon (Eli Wallach).

Fallon tells Laurel that he doesn't do business with people that he doesn't know and, on the spot, makes up a "partner" Robert Cutty. She leaves the proposal and a few days later she gets a check messaged to her for quite a bit of money.

With money in hand, she sets up an office and begins taking business away from her former employer, Walter Manchester (George N. Martin). Walter puts Frank on the case to investigate Cutty.

Laurel meets with Sally to thank her for putting her in touch with Fallon and uses the old, "if there's anything I can do" routine to send her away, but Sally stands firm and tells her that she's quit and is looking for a new job. Not wanting to let her secret out, she goes ahead and hires her after Sally throws "the partner" speech back at her.

As the two begin working with one another, Laurel realizes just how valuable Sally is and at lunch one day, Laurel spots Aesop Franklin (Austin Pendleton) come into the diner and starts to overhear his secret business meeting.

When the two leave, Laurel calls Fallon's right hand woman Camille (Bebe Neuwirth) because she knows that Camille can't keep a secret. By the next morning, word of Aesop's meeting has hit the front page of the business section.

Laurel tracks Aesop down and brings him into the office after a red eye flight and when she finds out that she's been invited to Fallon's Pre-Thanksgiving party, she takes Aesop along.

At the party, columnist Cindy Adams (Lainie Kazan) starts to poke around about Cutty and Laurel comes up with yet another story about him and why he's so elusive.

With a lot of business coming her way, Sally confronts Laurel about the existence of Cutty and as Cindy becomes more suspicious Laurel comes up with a way to "kill off" Cutty.

Her attempts don't work as Frank gets closer to exposing her as she and Sally are arrested on Christmas Eve for the murder of Cutty. She confesses to everything but then the charges are dropped, and she goes into hiding.

When Cutty is named Man of the Year, Laurel decides to come clean and exposes herself to those in attendance while promoting acceptance.

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