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Friday Film Fest: Tom Hanks

Robbie (Tom Hanks) confronts his demons while playing in the local caverns

Robbie (Tom Hanks) confronts his demons while playing in the local caverns

Mazes and Monster- 1982

When a Grant University student goes missing, the local police suspect possible foul play, but can close friends prove that the police are wrong?

At the beginning of the school year, Jay Jay (Chris Makepeace) Kate (Wendy Crewson) and Daniel (David Wallace) are down one player in their Mazes and Monsters fantasy group. They agree to post an ad for a new player and Robbie (Tom Hanks) is enticed to learn more about the game.

He does tell the three that he used to play quite frequently but having flunked out of school, he‘s hesitate about joining, but changes his mind since everyone is at level nine.

Everything is fine at first but when Jay Jay’s character is killed, he would have to go back to the first level of the game with a new character. He, nor his friends want to start over and Jay Jay comes up with the idea of playing the game in real life and suggests using the local caves as the location to play.

They realize that if they get caught they can be expelled from school but decide to take their chances.

Jay Jay becomes the master controller and the objective is to find treasure deep within the cavern.

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After the first night of playing, they all agree that is was good for Jay Jay to suggest this venue.

Following a party, one of their own goes missing and Lt. John Martini (Murray Hamilton) doesn’t hold out much hope since a search of the cavern could result in finding a body.

The remaining three also fear that they could be implicated in a possible death so they decide to begin their own search for the missing student.

While this is an alright movie, the ending scenes were filmed at the World Trade Center and gives a look into various parts of the building.

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