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Friday Film Fest- Susan Sarandon

After losing her casino job, Sally (Susan Sarandon) seeks out Lou (Burt Lancaster) for the money he owes her

After losing her casino job, Sally (Susan Sarandon) seeks out Lou (Burt Lancaster) for the money he owes her

Atlantic City- 1980

Susan Saradon has had two very iconic roles in her career. The first as Janet Weiss (A Heroine) in 1975's The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the second as outlaw Louise in 1991's Thelma and Louise but I think this was the movie that put her on the Hollywood star map.

As Sally, the estranged wife of Dave (Robert Joy) and sister to pregnant Chrissie (Hollis McLaren) she's trying desperately to shed her image and become a blackjack dealer in Atlantic City, but soon Dave and Chrissie roll into town and her life becomes stressful once again.

In between dealer classes, Sally works at the casino's seafood bar shucking oysters and when the duo show up, she takes them back to her apartment and tells them that she's not going to help them financially. Dave lets her know that he has money and just needs a place to stay for a few days.

Even though she's mad at the two of them, she agrees to let them stay only because Chrissie's pregnant with his baby.

Living next door to Sally is Lou (Burt Lancaster) a former gangster who worked for Cookie Pinzer and now takes care of Grace (Kate Reid) his widow. Both live in the past and the bedridden Grace hasn't been out of her apartment in years.

After dropping Grace's poodle off for grooming, Lou hits the streets where he's a numbers runner and drops off the money at Fred's (John McCurry) bar. Dave comes in with the cocaine that he stole from a payphone booth in Philadelphia and tries to get connections from Fred.

Fred won't do business with him because of his appearance, and he recognizes Lou. He asks Fred about Lou and after dismissing him when Lou tried to talk to him, he tells Lou that he had heard of him in Las Vegas and how dangerous he was.

This strokes Lou's ego, and he takes Dave back to his apartment where he measures out some of the cocaine. Lou's intrigued and he goes with Dave to a poker game hosted by Alfie (Al Waxman) at a hotel.

Rather than deliver the cocaine himself, he gives it to Lou and makes the transaction.

Meanwhile, Sally's instructor, Joseph (Michel Piccoli) tells her that the place to be is Monte Carlo and he gives her a cassette so that she can learn French.

Fred and the thugs from Philadelphia track down Dave and chase him through a mobile parking garage and kill him. Sally, who's back at work, has to identify his body and Lou introduces himself to her.

She doesn't know what to do (or how to tell Chrissie) so Lou makes all of the arrangements and watches as the thugs attack her outside of the apartment building. Grace goes ballistic at Lou as they walk up to their floor, only for Sally to find out that her apartment has been ransacked.

Since Lou had watched Dave measure the cocaine, he takes over and drops off more at Alfie's hotel room and picks Sally up from work. The two go to lunch and she takes him by a house that she's going to share with other dealers.

Lou confesses to her that he's been watching her through the window when she gets home from the casino and the two of them have a brief affair. Eventually Sally finds out why Dave was murdered, and she wants the money.

Once she's back at work, she's called to the personnel office and is fired based on Dave's past crimes, and she sees Lou at a blackjack table. She causes a scene as the thugs hang out in the background and just as they're about to pounce, she's physically thrown out of the casino.

Sally manages to track Lou down at the bus terminal and gets him off of the bus.

As they walk back to the apartment building, the thugs return, and Lou kills them and takes their car. They head out of Atlantic City and check into a motel where the shootings make the eleven o'clock news.

The next morning, Lou calls Grace and brags about the slaying and he watches as Sally goes through his wallet and takes the car keys. She tells him that she has a craving for pizza, and he tells her to be sure to ditch the car.

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When Lou gets back to Atlantic City, he has Grace make the final delivery to Alfie and the two stroll the boardwalk just as another building is being demolished.

Detective Suarez (Raul Julia) and Judith Singer compare notes following the murder of Dr. Bruce

Detective Suarez (Raul Julia) and Judith Singer compare notes following the murder of Dr. Bruce

Compromising Positions- 1985

Following her appointment with Dr. Bruce Fleckstein (Joe Mantegna) Judith Singer almost becomes a suspect in his murder since she was one of his last patients to see the lecherous dentist alive.

Of course, before her examination is over, he makes a play for her, but she manages to make her way out of the office before anything can happen.

When she finds out about the murder, her friend Nancy (Judith Ivey) fills her in on some gossip about his patients and she tells her that her neighbor Peg Tuccio (Mary Beth Hurt) was his last patient for the day and the police are looking at her as the prime suspect in the murder.

Judith goes over to Peg's house, and as a former journalist, asks her casual questions about the dead doctor and she tells her that he was having an affair with his nurse. And after Peg is cleared of the murder, the murder weapon is found outside her house.

Bob (Edward Hermann) Judith's husband, tells her that Dr. Fleckstein was involved in a lot of illegal activities and was being investigated for distributing pornography across state lines. This intrigues her and Nancy suggests that they go to his funeral.

While most of the mourners were patients of his, Nancy points out his wife Phyllis (Anne De Salvo) and her brother Dicky Dunck (Josh Mostel) and his wife Brenda (Deborah Rush). None of them seem to be mourning that much.

Judith goes to her former office and pitches a story to her former editor (Tanya Berezin) but is turned down. Her editor tells her that a lot has happened in the seven years that she gave up her career and doesn't think the story is newsworthy.

However, Judith has other plans and interviews Phyllis, Brenda and Dicky with a different angle on the story. She also interviews a few of Dr. Fleckstein's patients and finds out that he had been lying to them as he managed to take Polaroids of them in various positions.

Detective David Suarez (Raul Julia) is the lead on the case, and he tells Judith to stop doing her own investigating since it's too dangerous for her. He also becomes quite attracted to her and wants her to leave Bob. She tells him that they can help each other with solving the case and to trust her (even though she won't give up her sources).

After their house is broken into and "MYOB" is written in the kitchen, she tells Bob that she's been investigating the murder and Suarez threatens to arrest her for withholding information.

With Judith feeling neglected due to Bob's career, she tells Nancy that Suarez makes her feel important and doesn't know why Nancy has had multiple affairs. She tells her it's for the passion.

As things begin to get complicated for Judith, Suarez brings the Polaroids over and she finds out that one of the suspects, Mary Alice Mahoney (Joan Allen) has been cleared by the District Attorney, even though she didn't want to talk about the affair.

Suarez agrees to let her go to a meeting with one of the suspects and he tells her where to meet so that they can wire her, but she doesn't make it to the restaurant where the meeting was going to take place and when she doesn't show up, Suarez manages to find out where she went.

After escaping her potential murder, Judith writes the story and is given other limited assignments for her former employer which she loves.

Alexandra (Cher) Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Jane indulge in a bowl of cherries and try to figure out the mysterious Daryl Van Horne

Alexandra (Cher) Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Jane indulge in a bowl of cherries and try to figure out the mysterious Daryl Van Horne

The Witches of Eastwick- 1987

Be careful what you wish for because you may get what you want.

During a boring school function, Alex (Cher) Sukie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Jane all wish for the same thing. Something to end the boredom of principal Walter Neff's (Keith Jochim) long winded speech. And as the three wish, a sudden storm appears causing everyone to scatter for safety.

Later that night, the three get together for dinner, drinks and conversation at Alex's and they fantasize about the perfect man. They each mention what they'd like in a man and since it's the day of Jane's divorce being finalized, they do it for fun, but at the same time manifest a stranger into Eastwick.

He buys the historic Lenox Mansion and becomes the talk of the town, but no one can remember his name until most of the town is at a recital where Jane gets flowers from him. All at once the townsfolk remember his name Daryl Van Horne (Jack Nicholson) and Jane's pearl necklace breaks which causes Felicia Alden (Veronica Cartwright) to fall down a flight of stairs breaking her leg.

She begins to spout that evil has come to town.

While out bike riding, Alex is the first to meet him and he invites her to lunch and seduces her. She later tells the girls that it was the best sex that she's ever had.

With Felicia in the hospital, she tells her husband Clyde (Richard Jenkins) that evil is now everywhere and that it's coming for her. The doctor (Lansdale Chatfield) tells him that she's suffering from bits of bone traveling through her bloodstream and may have gotten to her brain. She tells him that Felicia will be fine once it dissolves, but just as Sukie comes to visit, she starts to go insane.

As a music teacher and cellist, Jane is always practicing her instrument and one night Daryl appears at her house. He tells her about witches being burned at the Lenox Mansion and that he was drawn to Eastwick as he opens up his violin case.

The two play their instruments and soon end up in bed.

While manipulating their minds, Alex brings Sukie to the mansion so that she can do an exclusive interview with him. She's not sure why he said that he wanted to let her do the interview since the newspaper isn't that big.

Jane's already lounging at the mansion when they arrive and notice the change in her and she becomes quite defensive when he starts to pay attention to Sukie. She believes that they're a couple and as the four play tennis (which is kind of a stupid scene) another unexpected storm appears after the tennis ball reaches the clouds.

Clyde's concern for Felicia comes to a head when she freaks out in church and the antics up at the Lenox Mansion hits the front page of the newspaper (along with town gossip). Sukie tells Clyde that what was written is wrong and since Felicia owns the newspaper, she has Clyde fire her.

Alex and Sukie agree that they should discontinue seeing Daryl, but Jane disagrees, since they've become more of a family.

Based on events in town, the three become scared of Daryl and after fighting amongst one another, they all agree to stop seeing him and just end it.

Daryl calls Alex first and she tells him they need to take a break and through his protesting she hangs up on him. He next works on Sukie and goes to her house during a storm with a basket of fruit.

She refuses to let him and and asks him to go away.

Jane, who couldn't bear children, finds out that she's pregnant with his child and goes to tell him, but when she gets there, she sees herself on the multiple televisions and his arm. The fruit that he brought Sukie rots and when Jane and Alex go to her house, they see her in terrible pain.

After being admitted into the hospital, Alex goes to Daryl and tells him to make it stop and they'll do anything. Sukie's pain is gone within a matter of seconds.

Once Sukie's released from the hospital, the three go back to him and the next morning they cast a spell on him and are successful in banishing him back to the netherworld.

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