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Friday Film Fest: Shelley Long

Following an argument, Kathy (Shelley Long) hitches a ride with Woody (Tom Cruise) Spider (John Stockwell) and Wendell (John P. Navin, Jr.) to Tijuana for a quickie divorce

Following an argument, Kathy (Shelley Long) hitches a ride with Woody (Tom Cruise) Spider (John Stockwell) and Wendell (John P. Navin, Jr.) to Tijuana for a quickie divorce

Losin' It- 1982

Oh, the early '80's!

It was a time when slasher movies reigned at the box office, cable was being installed all around the country and teen sex comedies were populating big screens everywhere.

In all of the teen romps, the boys were looking for action and they would go to any length to get what they wanted, even if they had to go out of the country to get it, so, on a Friday after school in 1965, a group of friends decide to head to Tijuana, Mexico for action.

But before school lets out, let's go to the morning of the "big day" when as they're getting ready for school, they "borrow" money from their parents (remember doing that?).

The boys, Woody (Tom Cruise) Spider (John Stockwell) Dave (Jackie Earle Haley) and Dave's younger brother Wendell/Wimp (John P. Navin, Jr.) head off and along the way they stop off at a small grocery store, where the owners Larry (Kale Brown) and Kathy (Shelley Long) are in the middle of an argument regarding Larry's infidelity.

While the two argue, the boys decide to do some five-finger shopping since the two take their argument into the parking lot and Kathy tries to get away in their deliver van but crashes it. Seeing the boys, she hops into their car and tells them to drive.

When she finds out that they're heading south of the border, she tells Larry that she's going to get a divorce.

Upon arriving in Tijuana, they drop her off outside a lawyer's (James Victor) office and he starts to work on her paperwork, while the boys head to a shop so that Dave can have some work done on his car. As they drive, they're followed by the sheriff (Henry Darrow) who likes Dave's car.

The sheriff and Spider exchange words and the sheriff tells him that he'll probably see him later but hopes not to. Ahh, the foreshadowing.

Once the boys leave Chuey's (Hector Elias) shop, leaving Wendell behind, they head out for a night on the town and in teen romps, they drink and meet some working girls.

After getting the paperwork from the lawyer, Kathy wanders around and tosses her wedding ring into a fountain and when she sees the locals jump in after it, she jumps in to get it and then runs into Woody and Spider at a bar.

Spider and Woody have a fight and Kathy goes after Woody. The two share a dance and a bottle of tequila and check into a seedy motel, while Spider goes to another bar for the infamous donkey show. He gets into a fight with a marine (Rick Rossovitch) and they end up in jail.

After checking out of the motel, Kathy sees Spider in the back of the sheriff's car, and they head to the jail. They come up with a deal to get him out and when they tell Dave it involves his prized car, he would rather leave Spider in jail.

As with any teen movie, there's a chase through town and a food fight as the sun comes up and hearts are broken.

Lucy engages in a tug of war for daughter Casey (Drew Barrymore) with ex-husband Albert (Ryan O'Neal)

Lucy engages in a tug of war for daughter Casey (Drew Barrymore) with ex-husband Albert (Ryan O'Neal)

Irreconcilable Differences- 1984

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Albert (Ryan O'Neal) and Lucy Brodsky have a marriage made in Hollywood. Both work as a team (he a director and she a screenwriter) and they have the perfect daughter, Casey (Drew Barrymore) who wants to divorce them.

But let's go back again to the beginning.

Lucy is driving cross country in her boyfriend Bink's (David Graf) car, and she meets Albert at a gas station after splashing him with mud earlier in the day. He thought it would be a good idea to hitchhike across the country until it took him six days to get through three states.

He asks her if she would drop him off at the airport in St. Louis and she hesitates, but feeling guilty, she takes him.

Later, she asks him if he wants to drive the rest of the way with her and the two fall in love.

Once in Hollywood, producer David Kessler (Sam Wannamaker) invites Albert and Lucy to his house for a screening of his latest movie and after the screening, he has them stay behind and wants their honest opinion of the movie. After giving him their "review", he hires Albert to direct a project that he's been working on for years.

As Albert struggles to write the movie, Lucy begins to help him and once the movie is made becomes a box office hit. David hires them for his next project and while most of the cast has been cast, they can't find a leading actress until Albert spots Blake Chandler (Sharon Stone) working at a hot dog stand. He immediately hires her.

Blake moves in with the Brodsky's, much to Lucy's dismay, so that they can train and teach her with the movie. During dinner one night, Lucy discovers that the two have been having an affair and she and Casey move out.

With a big ego, Blake wants Albert to turn Gone with the Wind into a musical since she's always wanted to be Scarlett O'Hara. Due to issues, Albert produces Atlanta with his own money. It's a box office flop.

After their divorce, Lucy sees herself in a grocery store window reflection on New Year's Eve and when she gets back to her apartment, blows the dust off of her typewriter and begins writing a bestseller.

She ends up buying Albert's mansion and after a visit with Casey, he finds out that her book is being turned into a movie and wants to know if a director has been hired. He also gets upset about the book Casey's reading and she leaves.

Later that night, he goes to the mansion, and they discover that Casey isn't there. They find her at Maria's (Hortensia Colorado) house sleeping with her kids. Maria tells them that Casey sometimes comes home with her, and she told Maria that she had permission to spend the night.

Albert and Lucy go for drinks, and they end up sleeping together (as all ex's do) and he asks about the movie. Lucy is upset with him and throws him out of the house, where Casey and Maria see them physically fighting and then the two fight over Casey.

Although Casey's divorce makes headlines, will the family get back together when Lucy gets her custody days mixed up?

Romance writer Lizzie Potts' plan backfires when Emily Pear (Jamie Gertz) confronts her

Romance writer Lizzie Potts' plan backfires when Emily Pear (Jamie Gertz) confronts her

The Boyfriend School- 1990 (aka Don't Tell Her It's Me)

With slasher and teen sex comedies behind us at the end of the '80's romantic comedies were the hot movies and by this time video stores were the place to be on a Friday night since almost everyone had a VCR, but some of these movies really never had any big interest.

This one comes to mind since it's a cute, yet predictable movie that no one has really heard of.

Cartoonist Gus Kubicek (Steve Guttenberg) is recovering from Hodgkin's Disease under the meddling eye/care of his romance novelist sister Lizzie. As his cheerleader, she wants to make sure that his life is just as perfect as hers.

Emily Pear (Jamie Gertz) is a writer for a local magazine and her editor Trout (Kyle MacLachlan) gives her an assignment to interview Lizzie, since a big romance writer's conference is in town. She really doesn't want to do the story but goes ahead with it anyway.

After meeting, Lizzie invites Emily over for dinner when she finds out that she's single. She thinks that she would be the perfect fit for Gus.

While they wait for Gus, Emily meets Lizzie's toddler daughter Annabelle (Sally and Caroline Lund) who utters one word, "uncle" and is known to the family as Piglet since she puts everything and anything in her mouth and is then scolded by Lizzie with facts and figures.

When Gus sees Emily through the window, he knows that she won't like him, and he sneaks into the house and accidently runs into Emily who's half-dressed since Piglet dropped an oily bolt onto her white dress.

Gus ends up staying for Lizzie's inspired Japanese dinner and her husband Mitchell (Kevin Scannell) offers up the first course- jellyfish salad. They wait until Emily tries it and she runs out to get sick.

A few days later, Gus calls Emily to ask her out, but she declines and when he tells Lizzie, she goes into matchmaker mode.

Before Emily left Lizzie's house, she gave her copies of her books and Emily starts reading one of them and thinking its trash throws it across the room. As she lays there, she grabs a dictionary and after reading the definition, grabs the book and is up all night reading it.

Lizzie comes over the next day and finds out that Lizzie had lied to her about not having a boyfriend. She tells her that she's been seeing someone (Trout) and after a short breakup, they're back together.

But Lizzie reads between the lines and transforms Gus into one of the guys on the cover of her books.

Emily stops one night to get gas (.99 a gallon!) and Gus pulls up on a motorcycle. Since she's distracted, she accidently fills up the tank and when she goes inside, finds out that the station is being held up.

Gus comes in and manages to become the hero and when Emily asks his name, he tells her it's Lobo and she takes him back to her apartment to tend to his wounds. The next morning, he leaves behind his necklace.

He tells Lizzie and while driving to get his motorcycle, he spots Emily at the gas station and when he walks up to her, they go for a ride.

Emily's hooked and she now wants "Lobo" but his cover is almost blown when she has him take her to Lizzie's house to return the books. Annabelle keeps calling him uncle and when Mitchell comes home, he mentions the motorcycle, but Lobo tells him that he's from New Zealand.

Later that night, Trout breaks up with Emily as Gus watches through the window.

After Trout and his new girlfriend/receptionist Mandy (Madchen Amick) leave, he starts to tell Emily who he really is, but doesn't. The next morning, she finds out and throws him out of her apartment.

But, since it's a rom-com, you know the two will get back together with the help of Lizzie.

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