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Friday Film Fest: Rosie O'Donnell

Mae (Madonna) and Doris (Rosie O'Donnell) aren't happy about the competition

Mae (Madonna) and Doris (Rosie O'Donnell) aren't happy about the competition

A League of Their Own- 1992

Sports movies usually aren't my cup of tea, but when you get a good cast together mixed with a good script, you're sure to hit a homerun at the box office.

While this movie focuses on the relationship between Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and her sister Kit Keller (Lori Petty) it's the minor characters who really make up the movie.

Besides the Kit and Dottie storyline, another storyline which really should be the basis of the movie, follows Mae Mordabito (Madonna) and Doris Murphy (Rosie O'Donnell) as "the bad girls" of the All-American Girls Baseball League. Plus, Mae craves the attention, and all Doris wants to do is play ball.

When they first get to Chicago for tryouts, they think that they'll be the queen bees and easily get chosen, until Doris throws a ball at Dottie, and she catches it without a mitt. At that moment, they realize they have some stiff competition ahead of them.

Once the two are chosen for the Rockford Peaches, the high jinks begin when they're told there will be no smoking, drinking and men, and they have to conduct themselves like proper ladies by attending charm school.

It's something they find hard to do since Mae's a taxi dancer at Doris' fathers dance hall and Doris is the bouncer.

In an effort to blowoff some steam, Mae messes with their chaperone, Miss Cuthbert's (Pauline Brailsford) dinner and while she's at the boarding house getting sick, the team sneaks off to the Suds & Bucket for some drinking, smoking and meeting men.

While Doris hates the league uniform and having to get all dolled up, she also has to deal with two fans (Douglas Blakeslee and Joey Slotnick) who have huge crushes on her. In her Doris way, she tries to ignore them with eye rolls, but does like the attention bestowed upon her.

However, with the jealousy that Kit has for Dottie, tensions begin to boil over, which Doris gets tired of as she and Kit get into a physical fight.

When Dottie's husband Bob (Bill Pullman) comes home from the war disabled, she decides to leave, but Ira Lowenstein (David Strathairn) doesn't want her to go. He knows of the tension between the sisters and Dottie tells him that she'll stay as long as she can be traded to another team.

Instead, Kit's traded, fueling the sibling fire and Dottie does decide to leave with Bob and head back to Oregon.

With the Peaches and the Racine Belles (Kit's new team) in the World Series, Kit wants to win the title but is faced with a problem once Dottie returns for the final game, pitting sister against sister.

It all comes to a head when everyone is reunited years later as the ladies are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and the much older characters still show off their skills to their fans.

There's no stopping Gina when she gets going as Willie (Timothy Hutton) discovers

There's no stopping Gina when she gets going as Willie (Timothy Hutton) discovers

Beautiful Girls- 1996

When you need a friend to tell it like it is, it's no wonder Gina Barrisano is the best friend for many of the women of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts.

As the local beautician, Gina knows everyone's secrets and it doesn't matter what time of the day or night it is, they know that they can confide in her and while they may not like her advice, she knows what she's talking about.

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At the moment, she's trying to help Sharon (Mira Sorvino) cope with her failing relationship with Tommy (Matt Dillon) who's still involved in an open secret relationship with his high school ex Darian (Lauren Holly). Sharon's been living the drama for years but can't seem to shake Tommy.

One night at the salon, the two are talking with their other friend Sarah (Anne Bobby) when they decide that Sharon should throw Tommy a surprise birthday party. At first, Sharon doesn't think that it's a good idea, but then eventually warms up to it.

They think that the party would be a good idea since it would show Tommy just how much she cares for him, and it serves as a metaphor for all of the hard work that she puts into the relationship. It's a last-ditch effort, but she's willing to try.

On the night of the party, a different side of Tommy comes out just before they get to the party and while Sharon has hidden it for most of the relationship, he is abusive to her emotionally and when Darian shows up uninvited, he leaves with her, giving Sharon that extra push.

But, before the party, we get a glimpse of how well Gina knows men and while at the drugstore, she runs into Willie (Timothy Hutton) and Tommy, while she shops. She tells them what women want and how they become slaves to men by always having to look beautiful for them and doing whatever they can to save relationships.

Honestly, she's the sanest character in the movie and doesn't hold anything back. No matter how much Willie and Tommy protest, she helps to dig their graves.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Rosie O'Donnell attend Carol Brady's gardening club auction hoping to score a good trinket

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Rosie O'Donnell attend Carol Brady's gardening club auction hoping to score a good trinket

A Very Brady Sequel- 1996

You may have forgotten that Rosie O'Donnell's in this sequel, but as the queen of pop culture, she makes an uncredited appearance in it.

While the sequel is kind of creepy, it focuses on Carol's (Shelley Long) long lost husband and the $20 million dollar horse that graced the Brady living room for decades.

Summer vacation is beginning, and Greg (Christopher Daniel Barnes) and Marcia (Christine Taylor) are battling for the attic as their bedroom. When it can't be resolved, the two share it with a sheet dividing the attic and a little attraction developing between the non-related siblings.

Jan (Jennifer Elise Cox) makes up a boyfriend, Peter (Paul Sutera) goes to work with Mike (Gary Cole) while Bobby (Jesse Lee) takes over Peter's former private eye gear with Cindy (Olivia Hack) assisting.

One night the doorbell rings and standing at the threshold is Roy Martin (Tim Matheson) claiming to be Carol's husband.

The Brady's invite him to stay, and he soon finds himself regretting it since they come to him with all of their problems, not realizing what his true intention is: to get the horse and run.

While he can't find any trace of the horse, Alice (Henriette Mantel) finds some "spices" in his room and makes some spaghetti sauce with them.

After he eats the spaghetti, he begins "tripping with the Brady's" as the cartoon of The Brady Kids plays in his mind.

When he discovers that the horse had juice spilled on it and it was sent to the antique cleaners, he heads to Carol's Women's Garden Club Charity Auction where she tells him that it might fetch $250.

He quickly heads to the auction and gets into a bidding war with Zsa Zsa Gabor as a glammed-out Rosie asks why she would spend so much money on a horse. After winning the horse, Zsa Zsa won't deal with him and she and Rosie head off to lunch with the ladies.

Roy takes it upon himself to steal it and after being caught by Carol, the two head off to Hawaii, where he's going to collect the $20 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the Brady's who are left behind are tied up to the iconic staircase and after being released head to save Carol. On the plane, they sing one of Greg's songs and are told to sit down.

But there's a major continuity error here, since Carol mentioned in The Brady Bunch Movie that they used all of their money to go to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon. Where did the money come from?

The Brady's have a showdown with Roy and at the mansion of Dr. Whitehead (John Hillerman) and refuse the reward money and return to the studio for Mike and Carol's marriage renewal, with Jan's date George Glass (Michael Lundberg).

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