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Friday Film Fest: Robert Englund

Marty (Robert Englund) and Sheila make themselves comfortable at JNH's table

Marty (Robert Englund) and Sheila make themselves comfortable at JNH's table

A Star Is Born- 1976

Every couple of decades this movie is reimagined, but the problem with it is that it's the same movie. The only thing that seems to change is which branch of the entertainment industry it focuses on.

As the third remake, this one is probably the best out of the four.

Starting with John Norman Howard (Kris Kristofferson) in concert, we get a glimpse of the chaos of the backstage world of a rock concert and of course the drug and alcohol usage of a fading rock star.

Following his concert, John Norman doesn't feel like going back to his hotel room to rest. He wants to go out so that he can relax and winds up in a bar where The Oreos (Venetta Fields and Clydie King) are performing with lead singer Esther Hoffman (Barbra Streisand). The act is interrupted when John Norman makes his entrance.

Esther walks off the stage and puts the microphone to his mouth and then tells him that he's ruining their set. He apologizes and she returns to the stage and begins her next song but is interrupted once more when audience member Marty (Robert Englund) and his date Sheila plop themselves at the table.

Marty tells John Norman that Sheila's a big fan of his and he should get onstage and sing a song to her. John Norman tries to shut Marty up since he's trying to watch the show, but Marty becomes more belligerent and the two start physically fighting.

Esther usherers John Norman out of the club and she has his driver drop her off at her place. He wants to come in and she tells him no, but he tells her that he'll be back in two hours for breakfast. She says three and right on cue, he shows up with a pizza.

He takes her to his afternoon concert and while she takes it all in, she's both excited and scared at the same time and following an onstage accident, he's rushed to the hospital leaving her to find a way home. Those who were around him suddenly "forget" who she is.

A few days go by and when he's "accosted" in his backyard by radio host Bebe Jesus (M.G. Kelly) he shoots at the low flying helicopter.

John Norman goes to the radio station to "make peace" and after another altercation with the disc jockey, he happens to run into Esther and the girls following their part in a cat commercial.

Furious with him, she ends up going with him to his house and later while she tinkers with his piano, he comes up with lyrics to the music she's written, and they end up spending much more time together.

He begins to mentor her and when he thinks she's ready, he sets up a recording session, but she's not comfortable with his band and she doesn't like his manager, Bobby (Gary Busey).

At an important benefit where he's the main attraction, he stops just shy of his performance and brings her onstage. The audience eventually falls in love with her and following the performance her life changes.

However, she doesn't want to go it alone and proposes to him and they end up getting married by a Justice of the Peace (Maidie Norman) outside of the courthouse in Tucson.

They head off to his undeveloped ranch in the desert and spend the next few scenes building it together.

She begs him to go on tour with her, but he won't and then changes his mind, but at the advice of his friend Brian (Paul Mazursky) he tells him not to go so that he doesn't tarnish her reputation.

While Esther's star rises, his continues to fade as the focus is put on her, and after winning a Grammy Award, she's embarrassed when he arrives at the ceremony drunk. This is the beginning of the end for him.

He comes home one day to find a half-naked girl, Quentin (Marta Heflin) swimming in his pool. She tells him that she's a stringer for Rolling Stone and wants an exclusive- with Esther.

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When Esther comes home, she finds the two in bed and she beats on John Norman, telling him to fight back (something that she told him earlier caused her first marriage to fall apart).

The two head back to their house in Tucson and everything seems fine in their relationship until he leaves in the morning to pick up Brian at the airport.

With a beer in hand and excessive speed while driving, you know what's going to happen and following his death, Esther claims herself as Esther Hoffman Howard while singing a song that he had wrote for his new album which was never produced.

Freddy's the man of your dreams, if you live on Elm Street

Freddy's the man of your dreams, if you live on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street- 1984

A few months before Englund entered the dreams of the kids on Elm Street, he was known as the sweet alien Willie in the V miniseries (and subsequent short lived television show) who would harm no one.

That all changed!

The parents of Elm Street have a secret and the next morning, Tina (Amanda Wyss) mentions to her friends Nancy and Glen (Heather Lagenkamp and Johnny Depp) that she didn't sleep good due to a nightmare. Nancy finds it strange that she had a nightmare as well.

That night, with her mother out of town, Tina invites Nancy and Glen over to keep her company. They talk about the dream and compare notes, but Nancy describes the man in greater detail.

The three are jolted when they hear something outside, only to discover it's Tina's boyfriend Rod (Nick Corri) and the two of them head off to Tina's mother's bedroom room for sex. Glen thinks that he's going to sleep with Nancy, but she puts a stop to it.

Tina's awoken by the sound of pebbles against the window and when she gets out of bed, she doesn't see anyone outside and is then viciously murdered while Rod watches. He escapes from the scene through the window.

At the police station, her father, Lt. Thompson (John Saxon) demands to know what was going on at Tina's house and Nancy tells him about her being uneasy following the dream and that, even though Tina and Rod had an argument, he wouldn't kill her.

The next morning, Nancy gets ready for school and her mother (Ronee Blakley) thinks she should stay home. Nancy thinks that its best for her to go to school and while walking, Rod jumps her and takes her into the bushes. He confesses that he had nothing to do with Tina's murder and is then ambushed by Lt. Thompson.

On edge during class, Nancy falls asleep and dreams of Tina and follows the trail of blood and winds up in a boiler room. In the dream, she wakes herself up by touching a hot pipe with her forearm.

After leaving school, she notices the burn on her arm and goes to see Rod in jail.

Later that night, Glen comes over and enters through her bedroom window and she has him watch her as she falls asleep. She wants to conduct an experiment and warns him not to fall asleep.

In her dream, she goes to the police station and is then chased by Freddy. She scolds Glen for falling asleep and then races to the police station only to find Rod dead.

Her mother takes her to a sleep clinic since Nancy refuses to sleep and during her session, she has another violent dream, and this time brings out a fedora. She demands to know what her mother knows.

With Fred Krueger written on the brim of the hat, her mother refuses to answer any questions and later that night, she takes Nancy into the basement and tells her the story about Krueger. Nancy tells her that he's not dead and that he's coming for her.

Again, Nancy hopes that Glen will help her out, but once again he falls asleep and following his death, she sets traps throughout the house and calls over to Glen's house to tell her father to come over in twenty minutes.

She has a showdown with Krueger and is able to bring him into the real world where he continues to cause chaos until she releases the energy that she's put into the dreams.

But, as we know, realising the energy wasn't enough.

"Miss Quinn" (Candice De Visser) interviews Warden Kane at the asylum for the criminally insane

"Miss Quinn" (Candice De Visser) interviews Warden Kane at the asylum for the criminally insane

The Funhouse Massacre- 2015

If you're looking for a fun filled horror movie (that really is comedic and not so terrifying) then you have to spend some time at Land of Illusion, this year's Halloween scare fair.

Reporter "Miss Quinn" (Candice De Visser) arrives late to the Statesville Asylum for the Criminally Insane, a very remote building housing the five top criminals in the state of Ohio. She apologizes to Warden Kane and he begins to give her a tour of the facility.

At the diner that they work for, Morgan (Matt Angel) is outside wrestling with how he should ask Laurie (Renee Dorian) out. Although the diner employees are going to head to Land of Illusion, he kind of hopes that its a date for them and is afraid that she'll reject him.

The group leaves once horror nerds Mikey and Randall (Michael Reid and Leigh Parker) get to the diner and while they're waiting to park Gerardo's (Erik Chavarria) truck, the two tell about the legends associated with the attraction. Of course, the story has a lot of a friend, of a friend behind the stories, but what they don't know is that the stories are true.

Featured at the scare fair are Animal the Cannibal (E.E. Bell) a chef who would feed customers actual customers; Dr. Suave (Sebastian Siegel) the hot dentist who always found a cavity to drill; Walter Harris (Clint Howard) the taxidermist who likes to rearrange his victims; wrestler Rocco the Clown (Mars Crain) who'd kill in the ring and Mental Manny (Jere Burns) a sadistic prophet who claims the mass killing was a suicide.

They all manage to make it to the fairgrounds after they escape from Statesville and kill their replacement actors. What really gets them mad is how the scenes were set up. And they're not happy.

When Sheriff Kate (Scottie Thompson) is called to a motel, she scolds bumbling Deputy Doyle (Ben Begley) for contaminating the crime scene and makes him stay at the station to answer incoming calls.

Soon calls come in and he thinks that they're prank calls and goes back to playing his video game.

Following some quick sex in the ladies' bathroom, diner employee Christina (Chasty Ballesteros) meets her fate, while her boyfriend Jason (Sterling Sulieman) gets into a tussle with one of the killers. The friends scatter as the real killers go on a killing spree.

Once Sheriff Kate gets a phone call, she and Deputy Doyle head to Statesville where they discover the staff murdered. She scolds him once again he tells her that he thought all of the calls that were coming in were pranks.

Even though there are a lot of laughs, there are also a lot of twists and turns, so this is about as much as I can say.

Dorian and Begley also do double duty with the movie since they're the writers behind this, and they really did a great job creating these characters and telling a story that doesn't get boring.

But, Begley does steal the movie though since his Deputy Doyle is more like Deputy Dewey (from the Scream franchise) on acid.

I would definitely hate for the two of them to have to protect me or anyone else for that matter in an emergency.

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