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Friday Film Fest: Randy Quaid

Michael (Bryan Madorsky) can hardly wait to have breakfast that was made by his dad Nick (Randy Quaid) sometime in the 1950's

Michael (Bryan Madorsky) can hardly wait to have breakfast that was made by his dad Nick (Randy Quaid) sometime in the 1950's

Parents- 1989

I think there are a lot of people who wish they could have lived in the simpler times of the 1950's but I don't think they could live without today's modern technology, so for a movie that takes place in the past, it's good to fantasize for an hour and a half.

Nick and Lily Laemle (Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt) along with son Michael (Bryan Madorsky) have moved from Massachusetts to somewhere in California where Nick has a new job as a supervisor at Toxico.

As the perfect mid-century family get accustomed to their new surroundings, Michael continues to remain silent as his night terrors continue. He also aggravates Nick with refusing to eat.

When school starts, Michael meets Sheila Zellner (Juno Mills-Cockell) who happens to be Nick's boss at the plant.

Sheila and Michael become good friends since the two are the class outcasts, with Sheila being about a year or two older than he, she has much influence over him and manages to get him into trouble on quite a few occasions.

His teacher (Kathryn Grody) becomes concerned about him and has Millie Dew (Sandy Dennis) the school social worker meet with him, following a picture that he drew of his family. He doesn't tell her too much and she calls Lily into her office.

Lily doesn't offer up any information (although guarded) and she does tell her that Michael won't eat whatever she makes him. It's something that she can't understand.

In an effort to bond with him, Nick takes Michael to work with him where he meets his boss (Graham Jarvis) and tells them both what his department is working on.

Later on, when Michael still refuses to eat, Nick tells him that he's being watched, just like Michael's doing to him and that he had better watch himself. Since he's instilled a little more fear into Michael, Michael wakes up in the middle of the night and sees his parents covered in blood.

One day when Michael comes home from school, he finds Sheila sitting in the tree and he asks why she wasn't in school. She blows it off and manages to invite herself into the house against Michael's protests.

The two manage to destroy the kitchen and end up in the basement where they manage to get drunk. Nick tells him that he's not allowed to see her again.

Michael's teacher becomes more concerned as the days go by and she and Millie talk about him in her classroom, while he hides in a closet. Millie calls him into her office and after meeting with him, she drives him home from school.

She tells him that everything he's imagining isn't real and after he runs away from her, she's locked in the pantry of the kitchen where she's murdered.

Later that night, Nick and Lily are barbecuing and once again, Michael won't eat as Nick becomes increasingly angry at him. He tells Michael that because of him, they have to move again, but then thinks that it would be a good idea if they moved into the mountains.

Michael attacks him and manages to escape from him, but when he's not looking, Lily also attacks him and the two fall to the floor dead as the house is engulfed in flames.

Following the death of his parents, Michael is being tucked into bed at his grandparents (Warren Van Evera and Helen Carscallen) where he thinks his personal nightmare has ended, but just may be the beginning.

Feet Samuels regrets his future decision after giving Hortense Hathaway (Madonna) some diamonds

Feet Samuels regrets his future decision after giving Hortense Hathaway (Madonna) some diamonds

Bloodhounds of Broadway- 1989

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It's New Year's Eve 1928 and New York City's hopping as a group of misfits are ready to welcome in the new year.

But getting to midnight and beyond will be a struggle for all of them.

During the day, most of the characters are hanging out at Mindy's Diner, a favorite place for hoodlums and those who work the speakeasys.

The Brain (Rutger Hauer) is accompanied by Regret (Matt Dillon) and John Wrangle (Alan Ruck) who brings in his bloodhounds into the diner for a meal. Across the diner, Feet Samuels is having lunch with his friend gossip columnist Waldo Winchester (Josef Sommer) when Hortense Hathaway (Madonna) comes in but is thrown out of the establishment.

Feet's in love with her and feels bad that he didn't get her inside, but he needs to pay off his loan with The Brain, while Marvin Clay (John Rothman) tries to pick up Lovey Lou (Jennifer Grey) but her heart belongs to Regret. When Regret sees him trying to pick her up, he and Marvin get into a fight.

Later, Marvin is found dead and Regret becomes the prime suspect as John works with Inspector McNamara (Gerry Bamman) letting his bloodhounds guide him through the city, but before leaving Mindy's, a hit is put out on The Brain and he's stabbed.

Waldo asks Feet how he had gotten so much money to pay off his loan and he tells him that he sold his body to Doc Bodeeker (Robert Donley) since he's doing an experiment and needs Feet's big feet. Feet regrets his decision because he's still in love with Hortense, but she acts as though he's not around.

Feet and Waldo go backroom gambling and Regret joins them.

After a great winning streak, the three head to socialite Harriet MacKyle's (Julie Haggerty) estate for a party. Feet gifts Hortense with diamonds that he's won while gambling and while Hortense loves the adoration and diamonds, she doesn't tell him how she feels.

Regret and Feet leave the party and head to Big Shelley's (Herschel Sparber) for some more backroom gambling. Big Shelley makes up his own rules when he's losing and the two grab their winnings and make a quick exit.

Harriet becomes infatuated with Basil (Ethan Phillips) and believes that he's a ruthless gangster, as Miss Missouri Martin (Anita Morris) spins a tale about him. With each lie she tells, the more intriguing he becomes to her.

As the night progresses, The Brain, who has refused medical treatment, is transported to many of his girlfriend's homes who don't want anything to do with him. Eventually, the flower girl, Widow Mary (Madeline Potter) takes him in.

Hortense and Lovey Lou leave the party so that they can do their show at Missouri's, while Regret's still being tracked by the bloodhounds.

They track him to Maud Milligan's (Dinah Manoff) place, but he's been long gone and watches the show at Missouri's. Lovey Lou confronts him in between sets because she saw him leave Harriet's party with her and knows that once her boyfriend Crunch Sweeney (Tony Longo) finds out, he'll kill him.

Hortense finally confesses her love to Feet and tells him that she wants to quit being a showgirl and material things don't matter to her. She wants to settle down and have his children and after getting money from the jewels, they'll have enough money to settle down in New Jersey.

As the sun comes up on a new year, everyone gets what they want, but in a few months, they's have to cope with the stock market crash of 1929.

General Merlin, bug exterminator, comes to Mountain to get rid of the bugs as reported by Shannon (Katherine Heigl) and Steve (David Lipper)

General Merlin, bug exterminator, comes to Mountain to get rid of the bugs as reported by Shannon (Katherine Heigl) and Steve (David Lipper)

Some Things Never Die (aka Bug Buster)- 1998

Sometimes there are movies that shouldn't be made, and this is one of them since I'll never get the time, I spent watching it back. Even now I'm trying to scrub it from my memory.

Shannon Griffin (Katherine Heigl) has been having recurring dreams of having her body covered in roaches and hates bugs. What she doesn't know is her dreams are about to come true as she sulks about having to move away from her friends.

After losing his job, her father Gil (Bernie Kopell) buys a resort in Mountainview and as she and her mother Cammie (Anne Lockhart) tag along, she tries to get him to change his mind, but he thinks the lodge will change their lives for the better.

The night before the Griffin's arrive, Steve (David Lipper) and Veronica (Meredith Salenger) take a dip in the lake, and she tells him about the local legend of how something came up from the bottom of the lake and attacked the then sheriff's son. He doesn't believe in the myth, but she's attacked by something.

Since she isn't seriously injured she goes to see Dr. Laurie (Brenda Epperson) the next morning and Dr. Laurie fixes her up to the best of her ability and sends a culture to her old teacher Dr. Fujimoto (George Takei).

After meeting Shannon, Steve takes her to lunch and Veronica shows up. She tells her that she and Steve are dating and scares her off.

At certain points whenever Shannon is watching television, she gets a kick out of the commercials of exterminator General George S. Merlin, but doesn't know that she'll be meeting him soon, once he's called in to help with the growing bug problem.

Following the death of a band member while performing at the lodge, Deputy Bo (Ty O'Neal) tells Sherriff Carlson (James Doohan) that he took matters into his own hands and called General Merlin since the bugs keep killing innocent people.

Shannon gets mad at Steve when he stands her up, but when he finally does show up, he tells her that he was at Veronica's because she needed him due to her injury from the other night and since Shannon has acted like a brat throughout the movie, she changes her tune when she finds out that her dad has sold the lodge.

General Merlin arrives in town and knowing the past history of the mountain town, he, Dr. Laurie, Shannon and Steve head to the caves where they meet the mother of all bugs for a showdown.

This was a spur of the moment movie decision since Quaid will be popping up in future Friday Film Fests (in November) which have better storylines and for him, this was basically a paycheck movie since he's probably in the movie for about fifteen minutes.

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