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Friday Film Fest: Phoebe Cates

Trapped in the desert David (Willie Aames) and Sarah (Phoebe Cates) laugh at chimps Doc and Evie

Trapped in the desert David (Willie Aames) and Sarah (Phoebe Cates) laugh at chimps Doc and Evie

Paradise- 1982

Following the success of The Blue Lagoon in 1980, same themed movies had to rush into production to try to capitalize on its success and this is where this movie comes in.

While it has the same plot (just a different location) the movie is still pretty bad.

In 1823 Baghdad, Sarah (Phoebe Cates) and her servant Geoffrey (Richard Curnock) are a part of a caravan headed to Damascus and while in a market, the Jackal (Tuvia Tavi) spots her and wants her to be a part of his harem.

David McBride (Willie Aames) and his missionary parents (Aviva Marks and Neil Vipond) ask if they can join the caravan and later the travelers are murdered by the Jackal, with the exception of David, Sarah and Geoffrey.

Once they realize that they're safe from harm, the three begin their journey again across the desert.

As they become tired and hungry, they find a cave and hang out there for a spell.

One of the items that Sarah managed to salvage was her father's medical book, which comes in handy when Geoffrey gets sick, and she looks at the drawings of nude people. David finds the drawings sinful, yet he has spent some time watching Sarah shower in the warm waterfall in the cave.

He sees people at a camp and Geoffrey goes to the camp but doesn't return.

David goes down to the camp and finds Geoffrey's body. The Jackal is running the camp and they set off to find Sarah.

The two flee just in time and they eventually find an oasis where they discover love and sex. David also builds a pretty nice house to boot, which is destroyed by the Jackal and his men.

While there is no plot to speak of, the rest of the movie is about them discovering their sexuality and avoiding the Jackal.

Cates did have minor success with the movie's theme song as it was a hit overseas, and while she dismisses this movie (from what I've read) her career would start to take off in the coming years.

Everyone makes mistakes, but at least she had gotten her foot in the door!

Annie and her sister Marsha (Pamela Bellwood) are at odds about the future Annie's predicting

Annie and her sister Marsha (Pamela Bellwood) are at odds about the future Annie's predicting

Baby Sister- 1983

Cates made her television movie debut with this film, and I was thinking that it would have been more of a thriller than a drama.

Family outcast Annie has dropped out of school before the end of the semester and is returning to Los Angeles during a heatwave. She hasn't told anyone that she's dropped out and at the bus station, she calls her sister Marsha (Pamela Bellwood) to come and get her.

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After Marsha drops her off at her apartment, she goes back to her gallery and while in the hallway, Marsha's boyfriend, David (Ted Wass) opens the door for her bare chested, giving her some eye candy.

Later that night, Marsha asks her if she's told their father about dropping out of school and she tells her no. She tries to call him but he's not at home and lets Annie stay with them.

The next morning, high strung Marsha wants to know what Annie's plans are. One of the first things she asks is about a job and asks David if there are any openings at his clinic. He tells her no and asks about her gallery. She tells him that she can barely afford her assistant, Jessie (Jill Jacobson).

Annie's plans are to get a job and an apartment- like that day.

So, she goes to an employment agency in a tube top, cut-off jeans and no experience. The employment counselor (Ed Hooks) suggests that she go to college.

Before she goes on an interview that afternoon, she stops at the gallery and Marsha tells her to change her clothes and asks about the job. She doesn't get it, but miraculously a receptionist position has opened up at the clinic.

As a thank you, Annie gives David some flowers and finds a house to rent.

She takes Marsha to show her, and she disapproves of the area and plus it's pretty rundown. Annie loves it though since it's not pretentious and very vintage.

After borrowing some money from her, Annie pulls into the parking lot of a health club with a beaten down car. Again, Marsha doesn't approve, but David has been her silent cheerleader.

With Marsha distracted with her first show at the gallery, David and Annie begin to grow closer (and you know what happens). Before they sleep together, David has come over to the house to do some handywork.

Annie tells him that she had wanted to be a painter, like her late mother, and tells him that she witnessed her death. He encourages her to start painting again and she tells him that she hasn't picked up a brush since then.

For her father's (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) birthday, she paints for him, and Marsha tells him where the painting would look perfect at. He tells her that it won't fit in anywhere since the other paintings were done by their mother.

Crushed, Annie runs out of the house and her running away is the focal point of the story, since she blames herself for her mother's death. She thinks that she killed her and has been carrying around the guilt since childhood.

With days before the gallery show (and Marsha has convinced herself that everything will be fine following it) David and Annie have fallen in love, but Annie doesn't want to hurt Marsha.

She decides to go back to school and on the night of the opening, she goes back to the clinic and talks to David. Their talking changes to other activities while Marsha waits for them at the gallery and the clinic is broken into.

Of course, the burglary leads to tragedy which will change all of their lives.

Buzz (Robert Rusler) gets a kick out or Carson's horrifying carnival ride experience

Buzz (Robert Rusler) gets a kick out or Carson's horrifying carnival ride experience

Shag: The Movie- 1988

Probably one of the most underrated and overlooked movies is this fun little flick that turns the tables on buddy movies.

As the summer of 1963 comes to a close, four best friends decide to getaway for one "last celebration of friendship" before heading in different directions.

Carson is in the final days of singlehood as she's getting ready to marry Harley (Tyrone Power, Jr.); Pudge (Annabeth Gish) just wants to dance and find romance; Melaina (Bridget Fonda) wants to leave her religious roots for something exciting and Luanne (Page Hannah) tries to keep the group together by being mature.

Under the guise of going to Fort Sumter to "tour homes" the girls kidnap Carson and head to Luanne's summer home in Myrtle Beach.

While on the way, they have their first run in with Buzz (Robert Rusler) and his friend Chip (Scott Coffey) as they each drive-in opposite directions. Buzz and Carson lock eyes as they drive away.

At the house, Luanne gives strict instructions not to touch anything and not to use the phone since no one knows that they're there. They get ready to go out for the night and Melaina announces that she's not going to go to college, which upsets Luanne. She thinks it's alright for Carson not to continue her education since she's going to be married.

The girls hit the town and run into Buzz and Chip, but they also run into locals Nadine (Carrie Hamilton) Suette (Leilani Sarelle) and Big Bob (Jay Baker) who takes a liking to Melaina.

Big Bob and Melaina leave, in which a chase on the beach begins.

While not a part of the chase, Pudge, Carson, Buzz and Chip go to the amusement park and then to the drive-in for some food, while Luanne finds Melaina drunk and covered in toilet paper and shaving cream singing hymns.

The next day, Buzz and Carson go fishing, Pudge teaches Chip to dance and Luanne, guides Melaina with her talent for The Sun Festival Queen competition. As queen, the winner gets to spend time with recording artist Jimmy Valentine (Jeff Yagher).

Luanne lures Jimmy to the house until the false pretense that her father is having a party and when there's no party, it's up to Chip to get the word out to invite people. Naturally, things go wrong, and the house is filled with partygoers while Carson and Buzz are on Luanne's yacht.

As the weekend comes to a close, relationships begin, end and the girls decide on new paths that they're going to take in life.

This is just a really fun movie, predictable and a really good soundtrack.

It's one of those movies that you like all of the characters, and you can't root for just one since they're all really likeable.

This is one of those go-to movies when you need something light and just want to forget about your troubles.

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