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Friday Film Fest: Peter Gallagher

Michael (Peter Gallagher) Cathy (Daryl Hannah) and Lina (Valerie Quennesen) the morning after

Michael (Peter Gallagher) Cathy (Daryl Hannah) and Lina (Valerie Quennesen) the morning after

Summer Lovers- 1982

It was one of those hot, humid summer nights about a year after this movie came out that I was flipping around the channels on the newly installed cable that brought us into the twentieth century. The movie, itself, was quite controversial at the time and was receiving a bevy of negative reviews.

I had to watch it, but in the end, I was really surprised just how good the movie ended up being.

Michael Pappas (Peter Gallagher) and his girlfriend Cathy Featherstone (Daryl Hannah) have just graduated from college, and they treat themselves to a summer abroad in Greece. With the money that they've saved up, they figure that they can bum around the islands for two months.

At first, everything is fine as they explore and really get to know one another as they start to shed their inhabitations.

One day as Michael goes into town, he spots Lina (Valerie Quennessen) and becomes obsessed with her. From their rented villa, he can see hers and when he spots her again, he starts to follow her, and they end up at a nude beach.

Cathy has been spending time around the island taking pictures and later she suspects something is wrong with him, so he confesses about having slept with Lina. As she comes to terms with this news, he goes to Lina, and she decides to go out by herself.

She meets Bob (Steven Fazekas) an American traveling alone, and after he asks her out, she declines the offer and instead goes to the home of Yorghos (Vladimiros Kiriakos) who likes American women. Uncomfortable, Cathy leaves and when she gets back to the villa Michael is waiting for her.

The two argue and the next day she goes to Lina's villa where the two meet and Lina vaguely gives Cathy an overview of her complicated life.

Lina invites her and Michael to the dig that she's working on and the three go for drinks which lead them into different directions with Michael in the middle.

Eventually, Lina joins them as a friend and then one night, she and Michael kiss in front of Cathy. Uncomfortable once more, Cathy watches and then eventually she and Michael kiss in front of Lina.

The three wake up the next morning and Michael asks how Cathy is and she tells him that she's fine.

Lina moves into the villa with them as the three build a strong sexual relationship and Lina introduces them to her friends who are in the entertainment business.

Sometime in the middle of the summer, Michael and Lina receive an unexpected visit from Cathy's mother (Barbara Rush) and her friend (Carole Cooke) who've arrived in Greece while on a cruise. Cathy comes back to the villa and tells her that Lina's moved in and that she's never been happier.

Mrs. Featherstone invites Michael and Cathy to dinner and Lina joins them and picks up on the subtle remarks that are being said. After dinner, the trio go to their favorite nightclub and the next day, Lina disappears.

Michael and Cathy ask the islanders if they've seen her, and they all tell them that she hasn't been seen in a few days. They decide to end their vacation early.

If you've seen this movie, there's a little bit of foreshadowing to it when Gallagher and Hannah are skinny dipping. She tells him that she's always wanted to be a mermaid and nearly a year to the day, Splash premiered.

But the one thing this movie has is a killer soundtrack (which if you're lucky to find it, grab it) which is very hard to find and goes for a lot of money.

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Bob Freeman offers Willie Husband (Brian Wimmer) a stogie before he destroys him

Bob Freeman offers Willie Husband (Brian Wimmer) a stogie before he destroys him

Late for Dinner- 1991

I really have no clue why this movie isn't as popular as it should be. It's a true classic that has an amazing storyline, acting and to be honest, it's one of those that really draw you in and hold your attention.

It's 1962 and Willie Husband (Brian Wimmer) and his brother-in-law Frank (Peter Berg) have been driving all night to escape from the police. Willie's been shot and is close to death and Frank, who's slightly mentally challenged urges him to hang on.

Since Willie's lost a lot of blood, Willie passes out at the wheel and have a slight accident where Frank meets Dr. Dan Chilblains (Bo Brundin). They go to his lab and while passed out, he tends to Willie and then learns that Frank is slowly dying of kidney disease.

The doctor calls his colleagues who reluctantly come to the lab and prepare the two for a new procedure that Dr. Dan has invented, where he can freeze humans without killing them. Dr. Chris Underwood (Donald Hotton) is against performing the procedure on the strangers due to ethics.

Twenty-nine years later during a thunderstorm, a truck crashes on the freeway, which causes the lab to flood and awakens the pair.

As Willie tries to put the pieces together, they find a note from Dr. Dan along with clothes and $100. They miss tunning into the third colleague Leland Shakes (Kyle Secor) who's now running the lab.

Since both are hungry, they go to a fast-food restaurant where the patrons look at them as if they're from another planet.

Their mission is to go to Santa Fe (their hometown) to let Joy (Marcia Gay Harden) that they're fine. Willie has a sinking suspicion that she's going to be mad at him, but Frank only thinks that they've been gone for four days.

They get back to the house and while looking through a window, he sees Joy, their now grown daughter Jess (Colleen Flynn) and a man kiss the two.

Still outside, they see Jess (thinking it's Joy) leave and follow her to her house.

On the porch, Willie explains to her who they are (but they haven't aged) and she thinks that someone is playing a cruel joke on her. He fills her in on details that she would know and explains to her that he accidently killed land developer Bob Freeman, who was scamming people out of their homes.

Jess tells him that the man he saw Joy with was her boyfriend Albert (Drew Snyder) but their relationship is of a somewhat casual type.

The next day, Jess sits Joy down and tells her about Willie and Frank. She doesn't want to believe it, but when the two show themselves, she can't help but believe. Since both men haven't aged, Joy feels old, but Willie tells her that she's still the most beautiful woman in the world.

Frank is able to have a kidney transplant, thanks to Joy as a matching donor and the rest of the movie shows home movies of current day, 1991.

If only in his mind, Gillian (Michelle Pfeiffer) consoles a very depressed David on her birthday

If only in his mind, Gillian (Michelle Pfeiffer) consoles a very depressed David on her birthday

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday- 1996

With a lot of grief and self-inflicted guilt, college professor David Lewis wants to move on, but he can't. And for this near last weekend of summer, it's going to be extremely difficult since it's the birthday/anniversary of his wife Gillian's (Michele Pfeiffer) tragic death.

Their daughter Rachel (Claire Danes) has come home from the mainland after spending time with Gillian's sister Esther (Kathy Baker) and her husband Paul (Bruce Altman). Unbeknownst to David, she wants to take her away from the island so that she can start healing, even though Rachel's acting like a typical teen girl.

Since David's decided to turn their summer cottage into their permanent residence, Rachel is excited about spending more time with her friend Cindy (Laurie Fortier) and for David, he feels closer to Gillian.

On the ferry to the island the next day, Esther and Paul have brought a friend, Kevin (Wendy Crewson) to spend the weekend as well. Kevin doesn't really know the reason for joining them, but Esther hopes that she and David will hit it off.

David has made plans for the weekend and his primary goal is to bring down nine-year-old Megan Weeks (Rachel Seidman-Lockamy) at the sandcastle competition. She's been winning the last three years and this year; David drew up blueprints on his creation.

But before any of this can happen, they have to endure an awkward annual dinner party in which Kevin finds out what happened to Gillian, which causes her and Cindy to feel uncomfortable as the four argue about Gillian.

After everyone has gone to bed, David goes about his nightly ritual of going onto the beach where he meets her to discuss his problems and while she listens, she subtly tells him that he needs to get on with his life and "play with the live girls."

Rachel meets a boy (Freddy Prinze, Jr) at the beach, and he invites her to a party, leaving Cindy home with the adults. Paul tries to seduce her, and she plays along but isn't interested in him as he tells her about the status of his and Esther's marriage.

Kevin doesn't know how to handle the situation that she's been forced into, and Esther tells David that she's filed for custody for Rachel.

When Joey brings Rachel home, she's drunk and goes to bed, but later that night is visited by Gillian, which brings her joy and a little bit of confusion since she doesn't know if she's dreaming or if its real.

At this point, Esther doesn't care what David thinks and Rachel agrees that she'll go back to live with her and Paul.

Feeling for her father, she tells him what he doesn't want to hear, and he takes everyone to the dock for their departure. He and Cindy go back to the house and Rachel's given him strict instructions to watch him and report back to her.

Back at the house, David gets a rare daytime visit from Gillian and she tells him that she has to go and that he needs to get on with his life. He agrees and races to the dock just in time before the ferry leaves. promising Rachel that he'll try to move on.

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