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Friday Film Fest: Paul Rudd

Josh (Paul Rudd) and Cher (Alicia Silverstone) share a late-night snack after coming home from a party

Josh (Paul Rudd) and Cher (Alicia Silverstone) share a late-night snack after coming home from a party

Clueless- 1995

I've often said that during the 1990's there weren't a lot of great movies, but then there were times that a gem came out, which still holds up today.

Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) is your typical Beverly Hills teenager, going through typical teen drama with her best friend Dionne (Stacey Dash). They go to school and when not at school hang out at the mall.

Things change for Cher when her stepbrother, Josh (Paul Rudd) starts to spend more time at the house while attending college. She's not too happy about it, but uses him when her father, Mel (Dan Hedaya) finds out that she's gotten driving tickets while on her learner's permit. Since Josh is a licensed driver, he can accompany her while she heads to the mall.

At school, she renegotiates the grades on her report card and with Mr. Hall (Wallace Shawn) not budging on changing his grade, she and Dionne do a makeover on history teacher Miss Geist (Twink Caplan) and eventually set the two up. Cher doesn't stop there though.

When new student Tai (Brittany Murphy) joins the Bronson Alcott High School family, she takes her under her wing and hopes to set her up with popular boy Elton (Jeremy Sisto) after he asks for a copy of the picture she took of Tai. Dionne hears through the grapevine that he has the picture taped in his locker and it looks like all systems are go for this teen relationship.

Things take a turn for Cher when another new student Christian (Justin Walker) comes into the picture. Immediately Cher wants to be his girlfriend and starts to send herself candy, flowers, etc., in an effort to get him interested in her.

When Christian meets Mel, he's told that he has a gun and a shovel and probably won't be missed and has Josh follow the two to a party that Josh's frat brothers are having.

While a lot of the high school crowd is in attendance, Cher thinks that it's nice of Josh to pay attention to Tai, since Elton has moved on and is with Amber (Elisa Donovan) Cher's rival.

Since Christian hasn't shown any signs of affection for Cher, she learns through Dionne's boyfriend Murray (Donald Faison) that Christian is gay, but it doesn't bother Cher since she has a dedicated shopping buddy, who turns out to be quite protective when Tai gets in too deep with a couple of boys at the mall.

Following Tai's "near death experience" everyone wants to hang out with her and her popularity soars, while Cher is pushed off to the side in the student ranking department. She's so preoccupied with her declining popularity that she fails her driver's test and can't talk her way out of failing.

When she gets home, Tai and Josh are hanging out and she tells Cher that she likes Josh and could she put in a good word, but the two have an argument and she utters the best line in the movie, "You're a virgin who can't drive."

After Tai leaves, Cher needs to do some retail therapy in order to clear her mind and realizes that she's in love with Josh, which is kind of creepy.

Since it's California and they're all young, rich and good looking, you know that things are going to work out just right.

Tommy Doyle calls into the Barry Simms show warning Haddonfield that Michael will be coming back

Tommy Doyle calls into the Barry Simms show warning Haddonfield that Michael will be coming back

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers- 1995

Obviously if you're a Halloween fan, you already know that this is Paul Stephen Rudd's first credited movie role (even though Clueless was the first to open) so if you were ever confused about why it says "introducing" in the credits, this is the reason why.

Anyway, its Halloween once again and while Haddonfield hasn't celebrated the holiday in a while, this time it's going to be a little more personal for the Strode family.

Tommy Doyle is living across the street from the Strode house in Mrs. Blankenship's (Janice Knickrehm) boarding house, along with Tim Strode's girlfriend, Beth (Mariah O'Brien). He spends most of his time watching the house in the hope of catching Michael Myers aka The Shape (George P. Wilbur).

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On October 30, Michael's niece, Jamie Lloyd (J.C. Brandy) is giving birth to Michael's baby and following the birth, she has help from Mary (Susan Swift) and is able to escape the compound where she's been held for the last few years.

She manages to steal a truck and makes it to the bus terminal where she calls into The Barry Simms Show and asks if Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is out there.

It just so happens that Dr. Loomis and Tommy are listening to the broadcast and each listen intently to her plea, before she hides the baby and meets her demise in a barn.

The next morning, John Strode (Bradford English) is upset at the neighborhood kids as they've yet again been pranking the house on Halloween.

After getting ready for work, he and his daughter Kara (Marianne Hagan) have an argument about her return to the family home after a five-year absence, only this time with her son Danny (Devin Gardner). As a college student, this was the best thing that she could have done since she's financially strapped.

Beth, Tim (Keith Bogart) and Kara head to school and while on campus, Beth makes a comment about Kara being jittery and when she drops her books, a disturbing drawing by Danny falls out. He's been having bad nightmares about a man in black and has also been hearing his voice, much like Jamie, but sans voice.

Anyway, Tommy listens to the tape he made of Barry's show and is able to figure out that Jamie was at the bus terminal the night before. He goes to the terminal and finds the baby.

Since the baby is less than twenty-four hours old, he hurries to the emergency room so that he can be checked out and runs into Dr. Loomis and they make a quick getaway and head back to Tommy's room where he tells Loomis about the cult of Thorn and that Michael will be coming back.

Loomis frightens Deborah Strode (Kim Darby) and tells her about Michael.

Upset, she calls John and tells him that she's packing everyone up and leaving the house since she doesn't want harm to come to her family, but she becomes a victim of the Strode slashings.

Tommy finds Danny after he's frightened by the man in black and he takes him back home. When Kara gets home, she finds them and the three go back to Tommy's room where he tells her about Michael and how he survived the attack years earlier.

Over at the college, Barry Simms (Leo Geter) begins his broadcast and finds out about the Strode house and just how close they are. He quickly decides to broadcast from the house, but never makes it.

Seeing that no one is home, Beth and Tim sleep together and Danny sees The Shape outside. Kara looks through Tommy's telescope and sees Beth getting murdered and goes over to the house when she discovers Danny missing.

With Danny being lured to the Strode house, Kara makes her gruesome discovery and back at Mrs. Blankenship's, she, Danny and the baby are kidnapped by the man in black.

Tommy and Dr. Loomis head to Smith's Grove and search for everyone while trying not to become victims of the cult and Michael.

Had anyone known back when this movie was in production, it would have been good if the producers had tried to get original Tommy Doyle, Brian Andrews to reprise his role and therefore in the most current timeline.

Kevin mocks a drunken Lucy (Courtney Love) on New Year's Eve after an argument

Kevin mocks a drunken Lucy (Courtney Love) on New Year's Eve after an argument

200 Cigarettes- 1999

Upon my first viewing of this movie, I, like many, hated it, but slowly, I started to gain a fondness for this ensemble comedy which take place on New Year's Eve 1981.

Kevin and his best friend Lucy (Courtney Love) are sitting in the back of Disco Cabbie's (Dave Chappelle) taxi on their way to the bar for some pre-midnight celebrating. It's also his birthday, just broke up with his girlfriend, Ellie (Janeane Garofalo) and decides that he should have had a birthday party.

Lucy has the cabbie stop at a store and she gets him a carton of cigarettes as a birthday present, but before coming back into the cab, the cabbie offers up some advice to Kevin.

Even though it's somewhere between eight and eight-thirty, Monica (Martha Plimpton) is on the edge of a nervous breakdown since no one has arrived yet for her party. Her best friend Hillary (Catherine Kellner) sits there bored while Monica rants.

Cindy (Kate Hudson) stands outside her apartment building debating on whether to get into the taxi, but the cabbie tells her that she has to because she'll never have this moment again and will never know what could have happened if she doesn't meet her date Jack (Jay Mohr).

Kevin and Lucy argue as they get to the bar and Lucy tells Kevin that the bartender (Ben Affleck) is interested in one of them, so Lucy starts to flirt with him, while Kevin continues to rant and complain about the holiday.

Best friends Caitlyn and Bridget (Angela Featherstone and Nicole Parker) are on a mission since it's a curse to be alone on New Year's Eve, and Bridget won't let her date Eric (Brian McCardie) go, but Caitlyn is interested in him and pulls out a few subtle tricks in an effort to get him, that is until Bridget tells her that he's bad in bed.

Strolling the streets of New York are Val (Christina Ricci) and Stephie (Gaby Hoffmann) as they try to find Val's cousin's apartment building. Stephie is afraid to step foot on Avenue B since she's heard bad things. Val reminds her that they have fake ID's and cash, so no one will be bothering them.

That is until they see Tom (Casey Affleck) and Dave (Guillermo Diaz) and the two-start following them. They seek refuge in the bar Satan's Pit.

Jack and Cindy's date isn't going great and during dinner at an Indian restaurant, Jack runs into Cheryl (Jennifer Albano) and her friends. He told her that he was going to be out of town and he just hopes that Cindy doesn't see her when she comes out of the bathroom.

Hillary gets bored and before she leaves Monica's cool loft apartment, Monica bribes her that she can have the first guy who enters the party. When that doesn't work, she tells her that she can have her ex-Eric.

As the time draws nearer to midnight, Bridget has dumped Eric, while she and Caitlyn make a play for the bartender, who's obnoxious and then both girls dump him as they hurry to the party and to meet men.

Val and Tom hit it off briefly while Stephie pretty much complains and wants to go home. She finds out that Val lied to her and now she's really mad once she finds out that they can't catch another train home.

Cindy and Jack decide to end their date since she told him the real reason why she decided to go out with him. At first he was flattered but his ego quickly becomes bruised following her truth.

Eric ends up at Monica's place and the two argue after he tells her that Bridget just broke up with him. She tells him the real reason behind their breakup and Hillary comes back and starts making her move on him.

As the characters makeup and breakup all of their lives come together for the big party that everyone's at, but at 11:59, the screen goes black as the countdown begins.

Thankfully the credits don't roll since we get to see who ended up with who and how the storylines are ended for them.

But, what about the party?

Disco Cabbie fills us in on that (along with his commentary) since he took Polaroids of what went on in the beginning minutes of 1982.

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