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Friday Film Fest: Patricia Arquette

Elaine Parker (Brooke Bundy) is furious once again at Kristen (Patricia Arquette) since she's up again in the middle of the night

Elaine Parker (Brooke Bundy) is furious once again at Kristen (Patricia Arquette) since she's up again in the middle of the night

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors- 1987

During the 1980's horror reigned supreme and franchises were soon born out of these genres, and they also became a launching pad for many of today's top actors.

While this franchise doesn't recognize the second movie, this movie brings back Nancy Thomas (Heather Langenkamp) as an expert in dreams. She's hired to council a group of troubled teens who have been having nightmares starring Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund).

Nancy finds out about Freddy when she goes to Kristen Parker's (Patricia Arquette) house to gather some belongings. Kristen's mother, Elaine (Brooke Bundy) doesn't have the time to pack her up, so she sends Nancy upstairs to do it. While in her bedroom, she sees a paper mache boarded up house that Kristen has been making.

After asking her about the house, Kristen tells her about the man in her dreams as do the others.

Nancy tries to convince Neil Gordon (Craig Wasson) that Freddy is real and that the teens are in danger, since she lost her friends to him and his murderous ways. After hearing her story, he believes her following the deaths of two of the patients (Bradley Gregg and Penelope Sudrow) even though Dr. Elizabeth Simms (Priscilla Pointer) insists the deaths were suicide.

If there's one thing that Nancy discovers about Kristen is the fact that she can bring people into her dreams and when Dr. Simms discovers everyone sleeping in the room where they hold group sessions, she fires Neil and Nancy (who's only been on the job a few hours!).

As Neil and Nancy discuss Freddy, Nancy takes him to a bar where her father (John Saxon) is quietly getting drunk. He knows where the Elmstreet Mob buried Freddy and against his will, Neil forces him to take him to the burial spot.

With Neil tracking down the remains, Nancy sneaks back into the hospital and gathers up the teens for another group hypnosis. She tells them that they may not survive, and all are eager to rescue Joey (Rodney Eastman) who's being held by Freddy.

With everyone under hypnosis, Kristen is able to bring them into her dream as they're taunted by Freddy and while some will live, some will die as they fight him to the finish.

On their first date, Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) takes Kathy to the carnival amd reveals his secret

On their first date, Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) takes Kathy to the carnival amd reveals his secret

Ed Wood- 1994

Even though this isn't a Christmas movie, it's always going to be one for me since I had been out Christmas shopping when I decided to buy it and had I not, I doubt that I would have ever watched this Tim Burton classic.

Ed Wood (Johnny Depp) always seems to find the positive in the negative and after a play he's written bombs (he praises the praise he received for the costumes) he has his girlfriend Dolores (Sarah Jessica Parker) call producer George Weiss (Mike Starr) to set up a meeting.

After hearing two secretaries talking at the studio, he works for talk about the upcoming Christine Jorgenson movie, he feels that he can direct the movie due to his personal "connection" to the material.

When he meets with George, he confesses that he likes to dress in women's clothing and George writes him off, but then changes his mind after he tells him that he can write and direct a movie for him within a matter of days.

He gives Dolores a copy of the script and she learns of his fetish and agrees to be in the movie but is mad that people will know about their lives.

Ed gathers up his motley crew together and they film Glen or Glenda starring Bela Lugosi (Martin Landau).

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As Ed continues to write and direct bad movies, Dolores leaves him and Bela begins to depend on Ed more and more, not only for work, but for friendship.

Due to his heroin addiction, Bela has an overdose and while in the hospital, Ed meets his future wife, Kathy O'Hara. The two-start talking and on their first date go to a carnival where they get trapped in the spook house.

While they wait for the ride to start up again, Ed tells her about his fetish, and she shrugs it off making way for a long-term marriage. She also welcomes his friends and enjoys helping him with his movies.

Following the death of Bela, Ed continues working on the movie Plan 9 From Outerspace and following the premiere asks Kathy to marry him that night as they leave the theater in the rain since the convertible's roof won't go up.

And with being positive, he tells her that the rain will probably stop once they're in the desert or even a few blocks away.

Is Sandra conning husband Jake (Dermot Mulroney) or is he conning her?

Is Sandra conning husband Jake (Dermot Mulroney) or is he conning her?

Goodbye Lover- 1998

I could kick myself for not watching this movie years ago. It's been on a DVD that I recorded off of a tape and whenever I've watched the DVD, I've always danced around this movie.

That is until I started this series.

Sandra Dunmore is a successful real estate agent, who gets inspiration from Tony Robbins, Martha Stewart and is obsessed with the soundtrack from The Sound of Music. She's a good Christian woman who faithfully attends church while having an affair with her brother-in-law Ben (Don Johnson).

Her husband Jake (Dermot Mulroney) has been in and out of rehab and is once again in a spiral since the pressure of working with Ben is getting to him and he suspects Sandra of having an affair.

Sandra, however, is getting bored with Jake and when she's at a client's house (they're supposed to be out of town) she has Ben over where they have wild/fantasy sex until the owners show up unexpectantly. She tells them that Ben is interested in the house, and she'll get back with them.

Later, she asks Ben to kill Jake and she begins to get more aggressive with him and he starts to rebuke her sexual prowess. After a few times of being stood up, she threatens him that she's going to tell Jake.

And that she does.

A drunk Jake calls Ben and tells him that he knows all about the affair and he's going to kill himself by jumping off of his apartment's balcony. Ben hurries over to the apartment and sees Jake sitting on the railing debating whether or not to push him.

At this point the movie takes on many twists and turns, but you're hooked from the beginning as Sandra brings a tape to Ben at church and he plays it while the two are fornicating in the organ room.

Ellen DeGeneres plays the cynical detective Rita Pompano who's hellbent on putting Sandra behind bars and Ray McKinnon is her "sidekick" Rollins.

This is one good movie that'll keep you saying, "What?"

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