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Friday Film Fest: Nicolas Cage

As one of Brad’s Buddies, Nicholas Coppola flips some burgers

As one of Brad’s Buddies, Nicholas Coppola flips some burgers

If you go into the Special Features on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High DVD, you’d be surprised to find out that Nicholas Coppola was considered for the role of Brad Hamilton.

However, at the time of filming, he was a minor and wouldn’t have been able to work the long hours, but he still managed to make it into this classic teen movie and as they say, a star was born.

While not the focal point of the story, he does pop up here and there, especially in the scene where Brad (Judge Reinhold) has his classic fast food meltdown.

Randy and Julie (Deborah Foreman) try to form a relationship even though the odds are against them

Randy and Julie (Deborah Foreman) try to form a relationship even though the odds are against them

Now that he was an adult, he changed his last name to Cage and starred opposite Deborah Foreman in yet another teen classic, Valley Girl.

This really isn’t my favorite movie because a lot of the scenes are long and drawn out, but the story revolves around Randy and Julie who spot each other at the beach.

Randy’s friend Fred (Cameron Dye) is standing in line at a concession stand and overhears Julie’s friend Loryn (Elizabeth Daily) talking about this party in the valley that their other friend Suzi (Michelle Meyrink) is having. Fred remembers the address and tells Randy.

After a full day of shopping and laying around at the beach, everyone heads over to Suzi’s for some sushi and dancing to the current Top 40 Hits.

Fred and Randy crash the party and are thrown out by Julie’s boyfriend Tommy (Michael Bowen) and his crew.

Randy climbs into the bathroom and hides in the shower waiting for Julie and when she finally comes in, he convinces her to leave the party.

She talks her other friend Stacey (Heidi Holicker) into coming with her and against her wishes goes into Hollywood with the boys.

Randy and Fred take them to their favorite club and they have a good time, even though Stacey won’t admit it.

During drivers education, Loryn tells Julie that Tommy was upset that she left, but doesn’t tell her that Tommy also made a pass at her.

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Julie breaks up with Tommy and reluctantly starts dating Randy because her friends have turned against her since Randy’s a “punk.”

Taking a look at herself, she thinks her friends are right and breaks up with Randy only to get back together with Tommy since Prom is right around the corner.

Of course the big question is who does Julie really like?

Ben decides to make it five o’clock for the rest of his life

Ben decides to make it five o’clock for the rest of his life

There’s a lot of people who really don’t like Leaving Las Vegas because they say it’s too depressing of a movie.

True, it is a depressing movie, but it’s also about love. And love (no matter what form it’s in) is always depressing since it doesn’t last forever.

Ben has lost everything and rather than try to fix his life, he decides to ditch Hollywood and move to Las Vegas where he can drink himself to death. He can die naturally or on his own terms.

Also having left Los Angeles is Sera (Elisabeth Shue) who lives her life as a prostitute in a perfect little apartment in a quiet complex.

Sera leads a quiet life and watches as she fears that her abusive pimp Yuri (Julian Sands) will find her. Eventually he does, but he‘s running too until he’s murdered.

Ben and Sera meet and he hires her, but he can’t sexually perform and invites her to spend the night with him, just to talk. He ups the price and tells her that she can help herself to as much alcohol as she wants.

He tells her of his plan and sells his car and moves into another motel. She invites him to move in with her, much to the dismay of her landlady (Laurie Metcalf).

As they get to know one another, they slowly begin to fall in love and its too late for either since Ben is beyond help and Sera is starting to lose everything following her rape and robbery by some college students.

Ben has moved out of her apartment and after the landlady finds out Sera, she evicts her.

With mere hours left, Ben calls her and tells her where he’s at and she rushes to the motel where he dies in her arms.

As I said, this is a love story and finding love in the most unexpected places and things.

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