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Friday Film Fest: Kevin Bacon

Jack (Kevin Bacon) tows the line while getting some sun at the beach

Jack (Kevin Bacon) tows the line while getting some sun at the beach

Friday the 13th- 1980

Fridays in the summer are what everyone lives for, but for a group of summer camp counselors, their lives are about to be over.

Camp Crystal Lake has been closed for almost a quarter of a century as Steve Christy (Peter Brouwer) is trying to open it up once again. Past attempts by the Christy family to reopen it had been plagued by "mysterious" circumstances.

As he chops wood, counselor Alice Harding (Adrienne King) hangs a gutter, and she tells him that she doesn't think that she's going to hang around, since she has some unfinished business in San Diego. He wants her to stay around for at least another week and help get the other counselors settled in.

In town, Annie (Robbi Morgan) arrives and hitches a ride with trucker Enos (Rex Everhart) and he tells her it's in her best interest that she forget about the job and go home. She thinks that he's just as crazy as his friend, Ralph (Walt Gorney) who tried to warn her about the curse.

Driving to the camp are Jack (Kevin Bacon) his girlfriend Marcie (Jeannine Taylor) and their friend Ned (Mark Nelson). Once they get to camp, Steve puts them to work before they introduce themselves.

With a storm brewing, Steve has to do some errands and leaves them. He doesn't think that it'll take that long and gives instructions to the other counselors Bill (Harry Crosby) and Brenda (Laurie Bartram) about finishing other chores. Since they're waiting on Annie, he tells Alice to get her into the kitchen ASAP.

After Steve leaves, the counselors shore up their chores and spend some time in the lake before they try to come up with dinner. Little do they know that Annie's been killed and is somewhere in the forest.

They get a visit from Officer Dorf (Ron Millkie) to let them know that Ralph might come out to spread his gospel about the camp.

Ned, feeling left out, takes a walk along the beach and sees someone in a cabin and goes to it, while Jack listens to Marcie about a recurring dream that she's had for years. She tells him that it's storming out and the water turns to blood.

Just as it starts to rain, the two head for a cabin and have intercourse.

In the main cabin, Bill, Alice and Brenda start to play a game of strip Monopoly and indulge in alcohol and marijuana.

While the counselors are being killed one by one, Steve is waiting out the storm at a diner and flirts with waitress, Sandy (Sally Anne Golden). She refuses his tip but tells him that a night on the town would be better. He heads off into the storm and gets stuck alongside the road.

Brenda goes to her cabin, while Bill and Alice find it strange that the others aren't around. She has bad vibes and she and Bill decide that they're going to leave, but before they do, the power goes out once more and he heads to the shed to take a look at it.

Alice falls asleep and when she wakes up, the storm has passed, and she goes looking for Bill, only to find bodies instead.

In the early days of cable, this movie was always on in the middle of the night (after the bar closed) and since I didn't have cable at the time, my best friend did, and we would catch bits and pieces of it.

Since I was not a horror fan, I decided on August 13, 1982 to watch it (I think part two was premiering on cable that day) and while we didn't go to the bar, we started watching this and during one of the suspenseful scenes, the window in another room slammed.

We looked at each other and went to the bar.

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Gail Hartman (Meryl Streep) has to figure out a way to get rid of Wade and save her family while on the water

Gail Hartman (Meryl Streep) has to figure out a way to get rid of Wade and save her family while on the water

The River Wild- 1994

Tom (David Strathairn) and Gail (Meryl Streep) are having problems in their marriage due to her high expectations of him. And once again, he's messing things up when he needs to work rather than go on a white-water rafting vacation that was promised to their son Roarke (Joseph Mazzello).

Since Tom has decided to stay in Boston, Gail keeps her promise to Roarke and they fly out to her parents where she leaves her young daughter with them.

As she and Roarke are getting to leave, he meets Wade and the two seem to hit it off right away. After introducing himself to Gail, he tells her that he and his friends Terry (John C. Reilly) and Frank (William Lucking) are going fishing and they'll probably see each other on the water. The three-set sail and just as Gail and Roarke get ready to leave, Tom shows up, but brings along his work.

Gail, a former guide on the water, paddles along and they do pass the others who are on shore. Wade asks who their other passenger is, and Roarke tells them it's his dad. Wade seems a little troubled by this.

When Gail's finished setting up camp for the night, Tom tries to get romantic on the rocks, but they know it's not going to happen and the next day, they see Wade and Terry. They tell the Hartman's that Frank took off and now they're stranded since neither knows how to guide the raft.

Wade falls overboard and Tom jumps in to save him, but Wade tries to drown him and begins to have doubts about Roarke's new friends. He tries to tell Gail, but Wade always seems to be near her and later that night at their camp, Gail and Tom give Roarke his birthday presents. Seeing that they don't have anything for him, Wade gives him two hundred dollars and Tom tells him that Roarke can't accept the money.

Roarke once again hates Tom and goes to his tent and just before it starts to storm, Gail bathes in the calm water, but she sees Wade staring at her from shore. Now she's starting to wonder what his intentions are.

She tells Tom that they need to ditch them, but Roarke has other plans as he takes off with them in their raft. They decide that when they stop for lunch, they'll play it cool and grab him and take off.

Things don't go as planned and after puncturing their raft, Wade and Terry command the Hartman's and now they're hostages. Roarke no longer has respect for Wade since he struck Tom and made their dog, Maggie, run away.

As the group rests on shore, Ranger Johnny (Benjamin Bratt) paddles up in his canoe and tells them that he's been trying to get to them for the past few days since the roster seems to be wrong. He remembers Gail from when she used to hang around with his brother and they tell him that Wade and crew had some problems and they've joined up together.

Gail and Tom come up with a plan to overtake the two fugitives, but for his safety, Tom runs away from the camp as Wade still has plans to make it past the gauntlet, the most dangerous part of the river where three other rivers empty and there's a two hundred- and ninety-five-foot drop into churning water.

Wade tells Gail that he's killed Tom and they're heading to the gauntlet, but Ranger Johnny spots them again and he kind of has an idea of what Gail's up to regarding the gauntlet.

Tom, while following the raft on shore, manages to get ahead of them and is able to send out smoke signals letting them know that he's okay. In record time, he manages to set up a "Nancy Thompson" trap in which he can save Gail and Roarke.

Personally, I've never wanted to go white water rafting and this movie gave me the power to say no, whenever the idea came up.

Detective Ray Duquette has just a few more questions for Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards)

Detective Ray Duquette has just a few more questions for Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards)

Wild Things- 1998

In the past, I've always talked about how the '90's really didn't have that many good movies, but this is a part of only a handful that is truly a really good movie. If you like movies with twists and turns, then you'll love this (and skip the sequels).

For those with money, Blue Bay, Florida is the place to live, and they don't take lightly to the "swamp trash" that live nearby, but for those seeking thrills and excitement, a quick trip to the everglades can never really hurt anyone.

As part of "senior seminars" popular guidance counselor Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon) has arranged to have Detectives Ray Duquette and Gloria Perez (Daphne Rubin-Vega) come to the school and give a talk on sex crimes.

When Duquette gets up to speak, he's interrupted by Suzie Toller (Neve Campbell) as she leaves the auditorium. Rival student Kelly Van Ryan (Denise Richards) says something to her friends, and they laugh at her as she leaves.

Following a sailing class, Sam points out a sailboat to student Jimmy Leach (Cory Pendergast) and tells him that's the only type of sailing a "true sailor" should have. Kelly comes up to them and asks if he can give her a ride home and while she's being seductive, Sam asks Jimmy to come along.

They spot Suzie having car problems and he asks if she needs a ride. Kelly makes a snide remark to her, and Suzie tries to control her temper.

After a day in the glades, Kelly and her friend Nicole (Toi Svane) go to Sam's house so that they can wash his car, as part of the senior class car washing fundraiser. Just as they get there, Sam's current girlfriend, Barbara Baxter (Jennifer Bini) is leaving after spending the night with him.

The girls spend time washing his car (and playing with the water) so that when they're finished, Kelly tells Nicole to leave, and she wanders into the house dripping as Sam looks for the coupon. Later she runs out of the house with torn clothing.

On Monday morning, Sandra Van Ryan (Theresa Russell) gets a phone call from the school, which interrupts her having sex with the gardener, Frankie (Eduardo Yanez) letting her know that Kelly's not in school. She calls Sam and then hears Kelly skeet shooting in the backyard. She later tells Sandra that Sam (a one-time lover of Sandra's) raped her.

And this is where the movie starts its rollercoaster ride.

Since Sam is now on trial for rape, he's hired Ken Bowden (Bill Murray) to represent him, knowing that he wouldn't get fair representation from an attorney in Blue Bay. The trial is turned into a media circus and becomes an even bigger circus as a bombshell is revealed by one of the witnesses.

Unfortunately, at this point, I can't really give out too much information since it does become a mystery with a lot of twists and turns. It had been a while since I watched this and I learned more again, which makes it an even better movie.

However, you do have to stick around during the final credits, since the movie isn't over when some deleted scenes are used as a filler for events that happened in the movie.

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