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Friday Film Fest: Kathy Najimy

Costume Designer for The Sun Also Rises Tawny Miller (Kathy Najimy) puts everyone in turbans, including Celeste Talbert (Sally Field)

Costume Designer for The Sun Also Rises Tawny Miller (Kathy Najimy) puts everyone in turbans, including Celeste Talbert (Sally Field)

Soapdish- 1991

Everyday we live our lives in our own little soap opera, but what if you're an actor on one, what happens when the lines become blurred?

This is the case in the parody of all soaps.

Celeste Talbert (Sally Field) is America's favorite soap star and every years always brings home the top acting prize in her category. Her co-stars hate her and in real life, she's not all peaches and cream.

In fact, when she comes home following an awards ceremony, she finds out that her lover has left her and went back to his wife. He's left her with explicit instructions on how to care for his plants and she thinks a good soaking in bleach will do the trick.

Heartbroken, she confides in her best friend and head writer, Rose Schwartz (Whoopi Goldberg) about how life off and on camera has been changing.

She thinks that producer David Barnes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and actress Montana Moorehead (Cathy Moriarty) are busy plotting something (which they are) while she's shocked that her niece Lori Craven (Elisabeth Shue) has arrived in town, she's even more shocked that she wants to become an actress, which Celeste tries to discourage.

As the show takes on a new, young, hip vibe which Edmund Edwards (Garry Marshall) hopes to create, Celeste has to endure new costume designer Tawny Miller (Kathy Najimy) who thinks everyone should wear a turban, cool designer fashions (even the homeless) and tight form fitting exercise wear for Celeste's onscreen husband Bolt (Paul Johansson).

While things become complicated on set, David tracks down actor Jeffrey Anderson (Kevin Kline) working at a dinner theater in Florida. He tells him that the show is interested in bringing him back and over drinks, Jeffrey tells David that Celeste was the one who had him fired in the first place for unknown reasons.

Rose catches word of the return of Jeffrey and asks David how could it happen, when she wrote him off the show originally where he was decapitated. David just tells her to figure it out.

With Jeffrey on set once more, Celeste becomes more flustered and tries to hide her feelings for him, especially when he takes an interest in Lori.

When she can't take it anymore, all hell breaks loose while Leeza Gibbons and crew from Entertainment Tonight film the backstage drama.

But does David and Montana's plan backfire?

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of The Sun Also Sets.

Sister Mary Patrick and Deloris (Whoopi Goldberg) have their doubts at a street fundraiser

Sister Mary Patrick and Deloris (Whoopi Goldberg) have their doubts at a street fundraiser

Sister Act- 1992

When Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg) witnesses the execution of Ernie (Max Grodenchik) at the hands of her married lover Vince LaRocca (Harvey Keitel) she hightails it out of Reno with the help of Lt. Eddie Souther (Bill Nunn).

Lt. Souther is afraid that Vince will get to her before she can be the star witness at his trial, so he tucks her away safely in a convent.

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The lounge singer isn't too happy about spending the next two months or so at the convent, and neither is Mother Superior (Maggie Smith). At their first meeting, the two don't get along and its Sister Mary Patrick who welcomes her into the fold.

The upbeat sister takes to the now Mary Clarence immediately and after an evening of silence, she starts to show her the ropes.

When she's asked about her previous life, Deloris tells the other sisters that she comes from a very progressive sect known as the Sisters of Moonlight and they were based in Reno, where they would minister to gamblers, newlyweds and prostitutes. Mary Patrick and Mary Robert (Wendy Makkena) find this interesting.

They find it even more interesting when Mary Clarence sneaks out and goes across the street to a biker bar. Mary Robert is the first to follow, then Mary Patrick.

The three have a good, but short time and when they get back to the convent, Mother Superior is waiting for them.

She tells Deloris that with her background, she should spend her time with the choir and as long as she doesn't have to do anything else, she agrees to it.

With a choir that can't sing, Mary Patrick asks about her music background that she's learned about and Deloris decides to give some pointers. Choir director Mary Lazarus (Mary Wickes) thinks that Mother Superior is making her step down with the help of Deloris.

After their first service, some neighbors come in to check out the new sound coming from within and after the service, Mother Superior is upset since says that Deloris is making a mockery of everything, but Bishop O'Hara (Joseph Maher) comes to congratulate her for making the service more entertaining and mentions that attendance was up slightly.

Under the direction of Deloris, the choir becomes popular in the neighborhood and they sisters begin to revitalize the area. Their efforts are covered the national news and Vince's wife Connie (Toni Kalem) tells him to watch the story, but he doesn't.

Souther is upset after he sees Deloris trying to hide from the camera and goes to her to tell her that this isn't a joke, and she should start taking the situation seriously.

Bishop O'Hara comes to the sisters and tells them that the Pope is planning on stopping by when he's in San Francisco.

After a detective (Guy Boyd) tips off Vince, he sends his henchmen Joey and Willy (Robert Miranda and Richard Portnow) to bring Deloris back to Reno. They kidnap her and Mary Robert, but she tosses Mary Robert out of the car and tells Souther where they're heading.

She tells the other nuns about being kidnapped and Mother Superior tells them who Mary Clarence really is and what her purpose was in being at the convent. They decide that they have to rescue her and guilt a pilot (Kevin Bourland) into flying them to Reno.

Vince tells the boys to kill Deloris, but they can't, and she manages to escape and hide throughout the casino, with the other sisters also looking for her.

In the end, everyone gets what they wanted and Deloris becomes a media sensation.

If there wasn't a happy ending, well, there wouldn't be a sequel which reunites Deloris and the sisters.

The funny thing here is that it (and Jeffrey) were both written by Paul Rudnick and this one is a hundred times better.

After belittling the audience member with a bad perm, Debra Moorhouse (Sigourney Weaver) poses for an uncomfortable picture

After belittling the audience member with a bad perm, Debra Moorhouse (Sigourney Weaver) poses for an uncomfortable picture

Jeffrey- 1995

To be perfectly honest, I've never been a fan of this movie since I don't know what it wants to be.

Jeffrey (Steven Weber) is an unemployed gay actor who earns a living as a cater-waiter in New York in the mid 1990's. As he tries to satisfy his libido during the AIDS crisis, his partners prefer the safest of sex (wrapping themselves in cling wrap, masks, up to the minute test results) possible.

He decides to give up on sex and relationships and focus his energy into working out at the gym, until he meets Steve Howard (Michael T. Weiss) a bartender/trainer.

It's an immediate attraction between the two and Jeffrey runs out on the possible prospect of a relationship.

As he questions his decision with his friend Sterling (Patrick Stewart) the older gent tells him that even though Steve may be HIV positive, he's committed to his partner Darius (Bryan Batt) a chorus boy in Cats who is also positive. But Darius doesn't let his illness stop him from enjoying his life.

Sterling invites Jeffrey over for dinner but doesn't tell him that Steve's been invited and once he arrives, he runs out again.

The two run into again while they're both working a benefit for AIDS and agree to have a date, which Jeffrey cancels.

Still not finding satisfaction in his life, he starts to attend Sex Addict meetings and on a spiritual level, goes to a seminar hosted by Debra Moorehouse (Sigourney Weaver) an over-the-top postmodern evangelist who hurls insults at the audience.

Jeffrey wanders through life not knowing what he should do and decides that the best place for him is to move back home to Wisconsin where he thinks that he will possibly meet the man of his dreams and have a fulfilling career.

While billed at as a comedy, everything about this movie is quite cringeworthy (which by today's standards would never get remade) and honestly, it's not funny considering all of the cameos.

Jeffrey's not a likeable character, however Stweart is definitely having fun in his role and he's basically the saving grace in the movie. Everything is perfect and Batt is perfect as his lover, since the two playoff of one another perfectly with their comedic timing.

If this were a light romcom or drama, I think it would have been a much better movie.

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