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Friday Film Fest: Julieanne Moore

Psycho Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) acts civil to Marlene (Julieanne Moore) at Claire's surprise birthday party

Psycho Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) acts civil to Marlene (Julieanne Moore) at Claire's surprise birthday party

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle- 1992

I'm not saying that people in Seattle are crazy, but there was a time when a few movies were set in that city and the main characters were missing a screw or two.

Claire and Michael Bartel (Annabella Sciorra and Matt McCoy) are expecting their second child and Claire goes to a highly recommended OB/GYN (John de Lancie). During the exam, Claire is uncomfortable as he's unprofessional and when she gets home, she tells Michael.

Conflicted about filing a complaint, she does so, and as other victims come forward, Dr. Mott commits suicide, leaving behind his pregnant wife Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) who ends up having a miscarriage.

Following the birth of their son, Claire and Michael are looking for a nanny and one day, Peyton just happens to show up as she runs toward the school bus with daughter Emma's (Madeline Zima) jacket.

Peyton gives Claire an elaborate story of how she had heard about the Bartel's and how her husband was murdered, followed by the loss of her son.

Claire invites her to dinner that night and Peyton seems to be a good fit for the family.

When Michael and Claire go out with their friends the Craven's (Kevin Skousen and Julieanne Moore) Emma tells Peyton that Michael and Marlene have known each other since they were little and were once dating. Peyton files that information in her brain.

Emma also tells her that she's being bullied by a classmate (Justin Zaremby) and takes matters into her own hands since Claire didn't seem to do anything to stop the bullying.

With one problem solved, Peyton sets her sights on handyman Solomon (Ernie Hudson) after he saw her breast feeding the baby. She tells Claire that she doesn't trust him around Emma and that she should keep an eye on him.

Since Claire has been down the last few weeks, Peyton suggests to Michael that they have a surprise birthday party for her and while he likes the idea, he suggests that she get in touch with Marlene.

Michael and Marlene end up meeting to discuss the party and Peyton has planted a seed that the two are having an affair. This puts Claire of the edge after she drops some laundry off at the dry cleaners and when she and Emma get home, she accuses Michael of the affair as the guests her the argument.

As a high-end real estate agent, Marlene notices that the Mott home is still on the market and after taking a look at the listing, she notices something familiar and heads to the library to further investigate.

After learning of Peyton's true identity, she tries to get in touch with Claire and after going to the house, Peyton thwarts her attempt to talk to her.

Peyton overhears Michael and Claire discussing a trip to get away without Peyton and in her mind, she thinks of Claire as destroying her now perfect family and she needs to get rid of her.

Once Claire is released from the hospital, she goes to Marlene's office and retraces what she had set out to do and then discovers that Peyton is Dr. Mott's widow. They throw her out of the house and tell her that they'll send her belongings to her.

Now that she's gone full psycho, do you think that's going to stop Peyton from trying to claim her "family"?

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Frank (Ray McKinnon) tries to be professional while Bettylou's sister Elinor wants all the details of her arrest

Frank (Ray McKinnon) tries to be professional while Bettylou's sister Elinor wants all the details of her arrest

The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag- 1992

Librarian Betty Lou Perkins (Penelope Ann Miller) is kind of having a bad day.

When things get a little loud during story hour, her boss Mrs. Armstrong (Marian Seldes) gives the children books to read, and Betty Lou reminds her that they don't know how to read. They then go to Betty Lou's office where she's set up a display to showcase new books at the upcoming fundraiser. Mrs. Armstrong is appalled at the thought of having books next to food.

She also asks if Betty Lou has handed out flyers for the fundraiser and she tells her that she hasn't and hadn't planned on it since she's making a special dinner for her husband Alex (Eric Thal) since it's their anniversary. She brushes off Betty Lou's plans and tells her to hand out the flyers.

After going to the grocery store where she meets attorney Ann Orkin (Alfre Woodard) she gets a call from Alex telling her that he won't be home. He's working on a new case and wands to impress his boss Herrick (Andy Romano).

She takes their dog Scarlett out for "a girl's night" and while driving sees Alex's car in the Neat Nook Motel parking lot. Curious, she pulls in and listens outside the room while he and his partner Frank (Ray McKinnon) discuss a murder that happened earlier that afternoon.

The next morning, Alex asks about his shirts, and she tells him that she forgot about them, and he leaves her to fix breakfast. He tells her that he probably won't be home for dinner.

Frustrated, she and Scarlett go to the park, and she finds the gun that was tossed out of the window and into the water. She grabs it and gets to a payphone to call Alex, but he doesn't have the time to talk to her.

Her sister Elinor sneaks up behind her and she suggests that they go shopping.

Inside the women's bathroom, she takes out the gun and it accidently goes off. That in turn leads her to her arrest.

Once behind bars, her cellmate Reba (Cathy Moriarty) tries to control her but changes her tune when she tells her that she was responsible for the murder of Amos Lansing (Stanley Tucci). Reba is fascinated with the story that she weaves, but questions some of the holes in it.

Betty Lou hires Ann to represent her and she confesses that she's her first client. It doesn't matter to her because someone is at least paying attention to her.

After spending a couple of days in jail she's released and heads to the library fundraiser where Mrs. Armstrong freaks out over the size of the crowd. She thought there would be about 20-30 people but now that Betty Lou is a local celebrity, more people turned up.

At the fundraiser, Charlene Barnes (Faye Grant) confronts Betty Lou because she's taking all of the credit for being Amos' mistress. Charlene leaves and Ann tells her that they need to talk somewhere quiet.

They go to the bar, and she lets her hair down by dancing and drinking.

Alex has followed them and after being in a fight, he tells her that he wants a divorce and later at another bar, he meets Reba.

Ann is kidnapped by Cajun mafia king Beaudeen (William Forsythe) and after getting in touch with Betty Lou, tells her that he wants the tape that Amos had. With all of the publicity regarding the murder, he thought that she was having an affair with him and knows about the tape.

Now that she's been getting some attention, she wishes that she hadn't made up the elaborate story since Ann's life is in danger.

As Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) gets ready for the prom, Margaret lingers in the back taunting her to stay home

As Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) gets ready for the prom, Margaret lingers in the back taunting her to stay home

Carrie- 2013

With three versions of poor Carrie's trip to the prom, there's always going to be a debate as to which version is the best. Personally, I like all of them because each is different and brings in elements from the book.

As this version starts, Margaret White is giving birth alone to Carrie (Chloe Grace Moretz) and having thought that she was dying, tries to stab the baby but at birth Carrie has her inherent power.

Fast forward to Carrie as a senior in high school in the pool while the rest of her gym class is playing volleyball. The ball comes to her and just for a brief second, she feels like she belongs when her spike accidently hits Sue (Gabriella Wilde) in her head.

Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday) starts to laugh and then turns on Carrie. Moments later while in the shower, Carrie gets her first period and Chris records it on her phone.

It's decided that Carrie is to go home for the remainder of the day and as she gets into the car, Chris and her group are watching it.

Carrie doesn't want to go in the house with Margaret and when she does, she stands up to Margaret and tells her that what Margaret is "quoting" from the Bible isn't true after Margaret finishes knocking her head against the bedroom wall.

In this version, Tommy (Ansel Elgort) and Sue are sexually active, and she later tells him that she felt sorry for Carrie and while she's confessing to him, Chris is at her house uploading the video with her boyfriend Billy (Alex Russell) and Tina (Zoe Belkin).

While in Mr. Ullman's (Jefferson Brown) class, he picks on her along with the other students, except for Tommy and Sue. She later asks Tommy to ask Carrie to the prom.

Chris is suspended from school when she won't let Ms. Desjardin (Judy Greer) look at her phone. Ms. Desjardin also tells her father (Hart Bochner) that this isn't the first time Chris has caused problems.

Tommy persists in asking Carrie to the prom and when she finally agrees, she goes to look for a dress, but ends up buying material to make one.

On the night of prom, Carrie silences Margaret by banishing her to her closet and at the prom she and Tommy are crowned King and Queen, winning by one vote.

Backstage Chris pulls the bucket of blood and when she and Billy run out of the school and wait as the emergency vehicles pass, he tells her that they're heading out of town, never to return.

On her way home, Carrie causes some destruction and after bathing, Margaret tries to kill her once again but is unsuccessful as Sue comes to help Carrie as the house starts to collapse.

Carrie forces Sue out of the house after telling her that she's going to have a girl and Sue is then testifying regarding the prom disaster.

I think what this version has is a more, independent Carrie who does start to gain confidence in herself and this time we also see Margaret working at a dry cleaner as a seamstress.

The house itself is brighter and Margaret inflicts more wounds upon herself than in past versions.

Also, there are prom survivors, but I don't know what school district they live in since the prom isn't scheduled until June 22. I don't know if this is a year-round district or if they maybe live in a colder climate and are making up snow days.

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